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10 signs that you are not love but emotional dependency


Love is the most beautiful feeling, bright and clean. Loving man wishes his partner well. He is able to transcend themselves, will do everything to my beloved man is happy.

In most cases of true love cannot be and speeches. More often the love, passion, sympathy. All of this passes quickly, leaving only memories.

Don't always end so happily. If the person is emotionally unstable, can develop an emotional dependence. It is also very often confused with love. From this condition is not so easy to get rid of.

By the way, psychologists say that emotional dependence is the most frequent reason for which people seek help. A person loses himself, he can't live without their object of adoration. It is day by day ruining his life.

Nobody can help such person to return to himself, but himself. Again, he won't take any action, if it is sure that it is love.

Below are 10 signs that will help to distinguish between love and emotional dependence. Most often this condition affects women.

10. You are too jealous

At all times, jealousy was considered a sign of love. If you are jealous of your partner, do not jump to conclusions. This does not mean that you have emotional dependence. If you maintain common sense and do not see a rival in every lamppost, experience is not necessary.

If the situation is the opposite, and you can't cope with befallen on you feelings, time to think. Jealousy can ruin your life and that of your partner.

By the way, this is the most common reason why murders are committed. If you are very much jealous of your favorite, can't pull myself together, then your relationship is something wrong.

9. You are afraid to lose it

You even imagine can not, what ever is your favorite will leave you, but the thought never leaves your head. You are very afraid that he will meet another woman or just stop loving you and will go nowhere.

If it's love, you will accept any decision of the elect, will not be easy, but you will be able to survive this period.

In the case of emotional dependency are relevant to this situation is completely different. You constantly feel this fear, you listen to phone conversations of the elect, read the message.

You already know the password from email and social networks. You want to favorite people belonged only to you.

8. Your world has narrowed to one person

It is bad if your world is focused only on a loved one. You don't hang out with friends, you're not interested in other people. You want only one thing: what would your partner was there. You have no Hobbies you're not interested.

If that's you, you should think about your life. Even if the partner loves you, he is unlikely to suit such a situation, you will be not interesting for him.

7. You throw everything and cancel all plans for a loved one

A loving person, of course, will be able to cancel all plans for a loved one, but only if one is in danger or needs help.

In any other situation it is better not to do that or soon partner "get on your neck." It will get used that you are always near, ready to come tearing along to it on the first call.

If you understand this, all is not lost. If you are not willing to change, chances are you have a compulsive dependence on that person.

6. You need him

Of course, people who are in relationships, value each other's opinions, but everything is good in moderation. If you don't pay attention to the advice of relatives and friends, believe only to the elect, it is worth considering.

We know many sad stories, where the woman believed her man. He shamelessly used.

Everyone knows to keep a partner close enough to work on his self esteem. If a girl's soft character, she will begin to think that anyone but his "benefactor" it is not needed.

5. Are you worried about how you are perceived by others

Despite the strong attachment to the partner, you care about his feelings, experiences. You are not interested in his inner world, but are worried about the appearance, dress, and manners.

You want to have your pair made a good impression on others. It is important for you that other people have approved of your choice. If you have such thoughts, it is a sure sign of emotional dependence.

If a woman truly loves a man, she won't pay attention to the opinions of others. She's already sure I made the right choice, she doesn't need to seek approval from relatives or friends.

If you depend on the elect, you will try to do everything to make your relationship seem better than it really is.

4. You are aiming to remodel partner

The situation is similar. The woman who found a suitable object realizes that it is far from ideal. Not the kind of man she dreamed of. Unfortunately, she will not be able to accept man with all his flaws and virtues. After all, it is not love, but dependency.

But it is to be hoped that they will be able to alter it. The woman is ready to do everything to ensure that her choice turned into the perfect man.

3. You keep everything under control

The behavior of dependent people appears to be quite controversial. Today they swear eternal love, tomorrow trying to change the character and appearance of the partner, and the day after scandals.

No matter what action is taken emotionally dependent woman, she tries to keep the situation under control.

She wants the partner to listen to her opinion and was only doing what she has to say. If the choice is my point of view, it will use all the manipulation techniques: tears, tantrums, rewards.

2. Do you truly believe that your life will end without it

Things happen in life. People come and go, but you not admit that your man might have something to happen. You believe that if he leaves this world, you go after him. Of course, it is better not to think about it.

If you are financially dependent on their partner, these thoughts do not come to mind. People who love each other are happy, they enjoy every moment and not think what would happen if one of them dies.

1. Your self-esteem depends on it

It has already been noted that man can easily manipulate a woman if he could lower her self-esteem. Not to say that the man does not affect the self-esteem of emotionally independent women. On the contrary, if he regularly pays her compliments, gives flowers, any will feel desirable, most beautiful and sexy woman in the world.

If a man is to humiliate, to call or treat as a piece of furniture, self-esteem decreases. That's only if the woman is emotionally dependent on his chosen, she will tolerate, another will go to collect things.

If you allow your partner this behavior, think about what holds you with this person? If this is not love but emotional dependency, you will not be able to be happy in this relationship. Take yourself together and start life anew.

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