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10 habits that operate on others, like a red rag to a bull


The human being is very difficult. In the process of life, under the influence of various conditions, his habits are changing. People adapt to the changing rhythm of the spheres of life. They try to make them flexible, plastic. But there is a set of attitudes that are difficult to change. Even though they annoy other people.

And while many people are trying to justify the fact that "they are, in their nature", you should not believe them a word. Habit – it will come with time, and therefore it can be easy to purchase and to get rid of. As a rule, addictive, and the generation of new habits takes 21 days.

10. A long look at him in emphasis

A person's gaze has a powerful strength and energy. It how to charm and manipulate. If you long to look away and to look at the person in focus, then inevitably it will cause aggression, irritation.

Psychologically, such a view is perceived as a warning before the attack. Often verbal. If the tactics used in negotiations, it is better to look away for a while or move it on the nose. The positive tone of the conversation and the probability of a positive decision will increase significantly.

9. To lick your fingers when counting the money

Money, like any other thing, they often end up in the hands of an infinite number of people. In the mouth enters an endless amount of dirt.

Side also the aesthetics is questionable. Well, if the time of counting money next to a sponge dampened with water, fingers become wet, dry notes.

8. Snuggle up to strangers in the transport

Free space should be at arm's length. Breathing down my neck to the heels – of course, this behavior usprwire anyone.

In addition, there are the people in nature called "prisiminimai". As a rule, it is young people who are in a crowded transport pressed against the girls, women in short skirts or pants.

It is clear that in the crush it's hard to keep up appearances, but caution is required.

7. To hum or whistle in a public place

If the person is not in the forest, and his entourage are not animals, that noise is strictly not recommended. There are many places provided for the development of vocal data.

Of course, you can say, "don't listen", but whether it is necessary to pull on itself a negative energy? Everyone decides for themselves.

6. To take on a long trip on the train was very flavorful snack items

In the long-distance trains usually have to travel in a confined space. During the journey with fellow travelers develop any relationship. The aroma of the food will quickly fill the room.

Especially carefully it is necessary to treat the eggs, chicken, sandwiches with fish, sauerkraut, different cheeses, sausage.

If food is not stored in vacuum containers, there is a high probability that it will deteriorate. The product is hazardous to health, the relationship with the companion will become strained.

5. Putting the backpack or feet on a nearby seat in the transport

If the person who does is a cowboy, and he had to rest his feet after a big transition, it's probably nothing and not.

Seat is designed to move in the sitting position, you need to use. Otherwise, contamination of surfaces for the seat, will affect the next passenger is negative.

4. To climb out of turn

The person who wants to overcome turn, will inevitably meet with resistance of people standing or sitting in it. In this purposeful view type: "I See the goal, could not get the" feels like rudeness.

The situation may worsen by the fact that "Swifty" has a impressive body weight or sharp elbows. Typically, scrambling up through the closed ranks of the voiced phrase from the series: "I only ask," "I work" or "I Have a very urgent matter".

Of course, sympathy will not. And if you use physical force to stop the disturber, then the effect will be felt very quickly.

3. Stick to companion with senseless talk

In the mentality of Russians have such a feature. They didn't welcome strangers who seek to break into the personal space, pushing their personal boundaries.

Even during the first meeting is unacceptable unwitting prisoner to bother talking or start to get acquainted.

Citizens can get close, if they have a common cause, to stand in line. European etiquette is not recommended in this situation to insist on conversation.

2. Loudly slurp at the cinema

Slurp it so loud to chew or to chew out loud. Without the quotation marks.

In a cinema people come to relax. To come back with food – not recommended. Of course, because others will be distracted from the movie on the same the noise of people eating crisps or "chips".

But what good would it be to consider the starving in any public place. Is personal safety. Eating with unwashed hands could become infected with worms. Any, of which in places of a congestion of people a lot.

Remains on the fingers fat. Clothing crumbs. In addition, after any meal will want to drink. It is easy to imagine the unhappy faces of others, some of which will "work this perevarivaya machine".

1. To write a bunch of messages

SMS is a valuable communication tool. About those who write voluminous posts say, "Unclear thinking, unclear outlines".

The text should be short and to the maximum informative. For more details, you can do call or Internet resources.

Is particularly important to check the written text, and most importantly send it to the recipient, to whom it was intended.

SMS in any case should not replace a real relationship and human communication, especially in conflict situations or particularly important. For security reasons it is prohibited to hold a conversation when driving and when walking.

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