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10 sexiest Actresses heroines series


In the modern world it is difficult to find anyone who wouldn't love to watch soap operas. And if this concept were associated only with soap operas and melodramatic boring stories now TV shows give such lethal and sometimes spirited stories that break away from viewing simply impossible.

Sometimes so much attention contribute to the sexy Actresses who play the series role.

10. Olivia Wilde

Having started his career as assistant Director on casting, Olivia began to develop his acting talents.

In 2000, she participated in the filming of several movies. And then in the life of Olivia, the era of the series, and though fairly successful.

Ascent to success started with the role in the hit series "the OC," where she played Alex Kelly. Next came "the Brothers Donnelly" from NBC, where Olivia was once again captivated the audience with her appearance and charisma.

Not to admire its appearance is difficult, because even the editors of Maxim magazine four times put her in the top 100 sexiest women in the world.

9. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson for many years considered a ubiquitous sex symbol. But where did the nickname, and how to be girls who really want to get it?

The recipe is quite simple. You need to follow the example of Pamela and star in some TV series. It is desirable that it screened the exposed part of the body of the girl.

In the case of Pamela in this series became "Baywatch". If you look at the series, it becomes clear why the actress became a sex symbol.

Beautiful female body, which gracefully sits swimsuit, simply can not hurt the soul of the strings in the heart of the audience.

8. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley cuoco is a bright, energetic and cheerful actress who was glorified by the American Comedy series "big Bang Theory".

At first kaley had to play near blonde penny who likes to hang out with your neighbors in the stairwell: scientists, physicists Leonard and Sheldon.

But gradually the character all the more is revealed and it turns out that she is not so stupid as the viewer thought before, and boasts not only a pretty face, but also fast response, good grip and brilliant sense of humor.

And for all this magical transformation we must pay tribute to kaley cuoco.

7. Eva Longoria

Not everyone watched the show "Desperate Housewives", but probably at least once seen Actresses who have played leading roles in it.

Especially eve Longoria, who starred in the series the role of the restless, bold and sexy Gabrielle Solis. Although in reality, Eva is also very charming and seductive, she's hardly like her character.

On the other hand, it is impossible not to pay tribute to the talent of the actress, because of the incarnation of the character Gabrielle on the screen eve was nominated for the award "Golden globe" for best actress in a television series.

6. Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen is quite remarkable and attractive actress. Even very attractive, and will agree with most of the male half of the audience.

But don't forget about the acting talents of Loren. No wonder that she studied at Winchester University in the UK, studying drama and English literature.

In addition to filming in films of different genres, from horror to vulgar comedies, and Lauren feels great in the series.

At the moment, she has managed to star in "Supernatural" in the way of a thief and swindler of Bela, vampire rose in "the vampire Diaries" and Maggie in "the Walking dead".

5. Holly Marie Combs

Even if someone doesn't know this name, you probably saw one of the most stellar roles of the actress and the character Piper Halliwell in the once popular TV series "Charmed".

Thanks to this project the name Holly Marie Combs became known to many viewers in different parts of the globe. But do not think that this acting career ended.

She managed to Shine even in many major television projects, including "the Outpost fencers" and "pretty little liars".

4. Evangeline Lilly

The way Nicole Evangeline Lilly in the film was long. Prior to his career actress Lilly worked as a waitress, a flight attendant.

Her most significant role was the character Kate Austen in the popular series "lost" which mass was broadcast from 2004 to 2010.

This character is so much sunk into the soul of the audience that the actress was nominated for such important awards as "Saturn" and "Golden globe".

In addition, the Evangeline in the Treasury of the labor involved in such films as "the Hobbit" "real steel," "ant-Man" and "Freddy vs Jason".

Whatever image to represent not needed, Lilly, thanks to its charming appearance and inner charm, do it with enthusiasm.

3. Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro is a very famous singer and actress. Many girls grew up on her work and dreamed to be like such a sexy, attractive and charming girl.

Remarkable and appearance of Natalia sinks into the hearts of the audience from the first frame. Of course, those who have never heard of her, must have seen a glimpse of at least one of her works, namely the series "Wild angel", which was particularly popular at the end of the last century.

Despite the fact that the plot of the series is not improbable twists or complex characters, but Natalya thanks to him became known around the world.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Another actress who in the world became famous just because of one series. But what a show it was! We are talking about the worldwide famous American sitcom "Friends".

Of course, the story of friendship and relationships of six friends, three guys and three girls living in new York, opened the way "to the world" for many young actors and Actresses.

Jennifer to "Friends" already starred in different movies, but they were not as visible to many viewers, but because the young actress seriously started to think about how to leave the world of cinema. But after meeting with "Friends", Jennifer plans changed.

1. Emilia Clarke

Emilia, in fact, repeats the creative way of Jennifer aniston, as participation in only one series (but what!) makes it world famous.

But if aniston got the role in the successful sitcom, that Emilia had a chance to get on the set of the series, which in 2010 began to take on the popular fantasy. Of course, on the TV series "Game of thrones" season 8 which not so long ago appeared on the network.

Emilia plays the role of daenerys Targaryen, powerful and strong Queen, who having risen "from rags to riches" plans to win according to the law it belongs to the Iron throne of the Seven kingdoms.

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