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10 actors of the series "er": then and now


Almost 25 years ago, aired a television series Ambulance, tells about the work of doctors of ambulance. The heroes of this film they fell in love, parted, saved lives and kept the audience in constant suspense, making as if chained to sit closely near the screen.

Fans of the series rejoiced in the victories of the heroes and crying over their failures. Offer you a slightly ponostalgirovat and remember 10 of the most colorful characters of the Ambulance.

10. John Carter (Noah Wylie)

John Carter is the only character that appears in this series from the first to the final seasons.

In 2004-2005 he was not involved in the filming of the new series, to spend more time with family, but later he appeared in some episodes, but already in the status of a guest star. Along with the rest of the stars of the show, he took part in filming the latest series of the Ambulance.

In addition to the famous TV series about doctors, one of the successful projects in the creative biography of Wiley is an adventure trilogy of the librarian-scholar: Librarian: quest for the spear (2004), the Librarian 2: Return to King Solomon's Mines (2006) Librarian 3: Curse of Udovol bowl (2008).

9. Abby Lockhart (Maura Tierney)

The American actress, gained fame for her role of Abby Lockhart in the television series Emergency, for which the actress was nominated for the prestigious Emmy award.

For all time of existence of the series, her character managed to make a career, becoming a doctor. Maura Tierney starred in 10 seasons mnogoseriyki and left the project in 2008. Later she appeared in one episode last season.

After shooting at the Ambulance, the actress began to actively act in films. The most prominent of her roles were working in the films "Amanda", Oh, mom, "Preprofessional".

8. Luka Kovac (Goran Visnic)

Visnic starred in body ofthe TV series about doctors for nine years, simultaneously taking part in other shows.

He played a major role in the detective Thriller On the bottom, voiced one of the characters of the cartoon Ice age, starred in the Comedy the Last will and horror Under hypnosis.

7. Cleo Finch (Michael Michelle)

The most famous role of this actress on TV was Dr. Cleo Finch on the television series Emergency. This way she embodied on the screen from 1999 to 2001.

In cinema Michael Michelle is most known for the role in the movie How to lose a guy in 10 days. Also she has a rather vivid images in paintings Sixth player (1997), Ali (2001) and the Damn season (2002).

6. Peter Benton (Eric La Salle)

This project was probably the longest for La Salle. But after work in the television series, the actor was out of work.

He tried to try his hand at directing, including in the TV series Law & order: Special victims unit. The last time the actor appeared on the big screen in the film Logan 2017. Then he appeared on the red carpet unaccompanied by ladies.

5. Elizabeth Corday (Alex Kingston)

Work on the project Ambulance continued until 2009. The English surgeon Elizabeth Corday made the actress a real star.

In 2008, Kingston participated in the legendary film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel Pride and prejudice. Parallel Alex was involved in the creation, later became the very successful TV series C. S. I.: crime scene investigation.

In the same year Alex played Professor river song in two episodes of the fourth season known mnogoseriyki Doctor Who, which was called silence in the library and forest of the dead. Since then, the actress has been periodically returning character of the series.

4. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes)

For the implementation on the screen is bright and memorable image of an experienced physician Kerry weaver, the actress was honored with two Emmy nominations.

Laura Innes is a quite successful Director of television. In every film Laura Innes tried to choose the episode where she performed as an actress.

3. Mark Green (Anthony Edwards)

Edwards remembered by the mass audience as a performer as Dr. Mark Greene on the television series Emergency, which, among other things, brought him a Golden globe award in 1997.

This character embodied the image of a lovable good-natured doctor, endlessly devoted to his cause, who can make mistakes and to doubt the correctness of their actions.

Mark green the only one of the main characters of the show who dies in one episode (the reason for this was a malignant brain tumor).

Also, the actor remembered by the viewer due to the participation in the films Rapid changes in the school Ridgemont high, top gun, etc.

2. Carol Hathaway (Juliana Margulies)

This actress first appeared on screen in a leading role thanks to the TV series Emergency. Here she played one of the Central characters nurse, Carol, who among other things was the lover of Doug Ross.

In this famous television series, the actress starred for six years until the end of the 90-ies, and in 2009 she decided to return to the project in the same role.

During this long break, Julianne could not only succeed on the stage, but to appear before the viewer in more than one cash feature films.

Became especially popular crime drama Traveler, family history of Evelyn and the horror movie Ghost Ship.

1. Doug Ross (George Clooney)

His first bright role, the future star was just in the Er, where he participated as a performer one of the main roles.

Like other actors of the series, returned in the final season. His character is smart and incredibly charismatic Doug Ross, his actions are very often guided by impulse, feelings, and not to the service Charter, as a result he has a recurring problem.

After the departure of George Clooney from the project, his career went up sharply. He is actively starred in films that were hits and not once was nominated for the prestigious cinemarati.

The directorial debut of actor was the picture of confessions of a dangerous mind (2002). A year later, Clooney played a major role in the film Syriana, for which he was awarded the Oscar.

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