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10 celebrities who are known for their good deeds


Not many people on our planet think about others, because now a generation of selfish and consumers. But still always been, are and will be people who love to give, to do good deeds, to share with the needy. In return they get the gratitude that is the highest human reward for worthy deeds.

And how nice to know that a generous and sincere people have among celebrities. No, it is not about self-promotion and ostentatious good works to get into once again in the tabloids.

Kindness and humanity are not alien and popular people, even if outwardly they may seem pretentious, ill mannered and spoiled.

Today we will introduce you with 10 famous people who love to do good deeds.

10. Zach Galifianakis

Famous comedian can't remain indifferent to human misery. One day he met a woman, Mimi, who worked in a Laundry. Losing a job, she was forced to stay on the street if not for Zach.

He rented an apartment that pays for old friend still. And he invited her to the premiere of the film "the Hangover: 3" where the woman could see the most popular stars of Hollywood. So Zach influenced the fate of the simple woman of the people.

9. Russell Brand

Another comedian, the Englishman likes to help the homeless. He does not feel a shred of embarrassment, and certainly not hesitate to walk next to beggars and street children, setting the stage for polite conversation.

In the lens of journalists fall into a situation when Brand gives away comrades clothes, share food, help financially.

Famous comedian so often is in the company of drifters paparazzi secretly gave him the nickname "the Garbage man".

However, this moment will never hurt, because he on your own "skin" felt as being a social outcast, when he suffered from alcohol and drug addiction.

8. Lady Gaga

Looking at a former stripper, a lover like vulgar meat dresses, it's hard to see the patron.

However, Gaga has repeatedly called for undeveloped countries, which communicated with the needy children, bringing them to the office and toys. The singer happily played and interacted with young fans, because she sincerely believes that the most important thing in life is to remain human.

Judging by the pictures that made the paparazzi, the African kids are very happy with the arrival of foreign pop singer. And Gaga clearly gets pleasure from communication with the babies.

7. Mila Kunis

Beautiful and lovely actress as it turned out, the girl is responsive. One day, she witnessed how bad was the man. Mila didn't panic, gathered and provided competent medical care, which probably helped save a life.

When I arrived, "ambulance", the actress asked with the data of this person and subsequently paid for his treatment in the hospital, including surgery. Simply and from the heart – should learn!

6. John Cena

A serious athlete who a single gram is spared opponents in the ring, throwing them at different angles. As this bully can be cordial and kind person? It's very simple!

Wrestler compensates for its brutal game of the regular help children diagnosed with down syndrome.

Sin acts as a kind of "magician", participating in the activities of the charity organization "Live the dream".

Rumor has it that on account of big John has accumulated more than four hundred good wishes, which, of course, a matter of respect.

5. Woody Harrelson

The famous pilgrim, a lover of alcoholic beverages and revelry, Yes, Yes, woody goes a lot of gossip. That's just not all people know that this person often helps others.

Of course, this paparazzi to tell is not interesting, because of various scandals and intrigue attract more attention of the crowd to their pathetic periodicals.

It turns out that Harrelson likes to hand out food to the homeless people, and sometimes alcohol to pour. He also distributes old clothes and offers financial assistance.

I think they would be great friends with Russell Brand.

4. Johnny Depp

Depp has had a difficult time – a difficult divorce with the court, skirmishes accountants with financial problems. Budget actor worn out, but that's not stopping him from charity.

Johnny happily clothed in the costume of Jack Sparrow and visits to such hospitals, schools, orphanages, etc.

He loves to bring joy to the kids. Latest mere sight of the beloved actor at least favorite image immediately genuinely happy and forget about their serious problems.

To make people happy – isn't that real happiness?

3. Angelina Jolie

With the name of the actress have long associated good works and charity. Jolie regularly helps children from underdeveloped countries of Africa, of Cambodia, of Bosnia and Vietnam. Despite being a very busy and turbulent career, she became the guardian of several foster children from poor countries.

And she thinks to make a documentary film about the plight of women during military action in Bosnia.

The film "In the land of blood and honey" is not a way of self-promotion or earnings, as it is filmed in Bosnian language only for people that will not forget the historical events and the roots.

2. Stephen Fry

Steve is not giving away food items or money to the needy, but his participation in society is also important. He does not hesitate to tell on a TV show about his mental illness manic-depressive psychosis and ways of surviving with him.

The actor tries to support people with such disorders consists in charity Stand to Reason, the Director of the society Mind.

In your Twitter profile fry tells subscribers about urgent social and political issues, carries into smithereens the work of journalists, urges to clear your head of bad information.

1. Keanu Reeves

And we will conclude our review of the undisputed good of Hollywood, Keanu ascetic. Journalists and then find the actor for the charitable support it provides to homeless people, the poor and children.

Recently Reeves has once again become a hero. During the emergency landing the passengers started to panic. Keanu was also a passenger on Board and decided to calm the rebellious crowd – poisoned jokes and funny stories, strongly distracted.

And what are his regular discussions with the poor – Reeves gives a large part of the fees for the movie to in normal clothes to sit on the street with ordinary people.

Here's how you make good deeds in this world. Therefore it is not necessary for stars to label that, say, if you have money, then the person necessarily bad. People in our world a lot, so don't meet on clothes.

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