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10 feats of Russian women during the war


The great Patriotic war has become a real challenge for the Russian people. Indifferent was not. Everyone tried to contribute and a little closer to victory.

Men fought, the elderly, women and children worked in the rear – this is war modern man.

In fact, women also took an active part in the hostilities. Most of them were among the physicians, they pulled the wounded from the battlefield, not thinking about mortal danger.

There were also those who fought with the enemy on equal terms with men. According to official data, their number exceeds 800 thousand. Tank, gunner, communications, sniper, scout is not feminine "profession", but by warriors went ahead, they did not consider themselves the weaker sex.

In this article we will talk about them, Russian girls who performed feats in the name of victory, sparing his life.

10. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

This is the first girl to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. However, this title Zoe received posthumously.

When the war began, she was 18 years old. Kosmodemyanskaya became a fighter reconnaissance and sabotage parts. Recruits warned that the outcome of the task, they will likely die.

Zoey had the opportunity to leave special forces, but she remained. After a three-day training, the group Zoe got the job. For 5 days they had to burn 10 villages to deprive the Germans of the opportunity to place their camps in the villages.

Saboteurs were ambushed. After some time Zoya got caught too. The girl was tortured, beaten, but she didn't. Kosmodemyanskaya was hanged.

Before her death she gave a speech, Zoe urged the Russian people to put aside fear and fight for their Homeland.

9. Marina Raskova

This girl has decided to link their fate with heaven, when the war nobody thought. She studied at the specialty "air navigation" and graduated from pilot school.

In 1937, the Marina has made the feat. She set a world record, made the biggest haul flight. A year later, she again repeated the feat.

When the war began, the Marina has offered to organize the women's air regiments. For this she had to use his personal contacts.

In 1941 he created the aviation group, which consisted of three regiments, bomber, and night fighter-bomber. Girls from the last regiment the Germans called "night witches". They were headed by Raskova.

In 1943, the brave pilot was in a plane crash.

8. Maria Tsukanova

About Maria Tsukanova, little is known. This girl is the only one which was awarded the title hero of the Soviet Union in the war with Japan during World war II.

Tsukanova has worked at the plant for the production of mines, was a nurse and Telegraph operator. The girl wanted to fight against the Germans, but because of age she refused.

In 1942 she enlisted in the Navy. Mary received the specialty range finder and Communicator. Only in 1944 Tsukanov took a battalion of Marines.

In 1945, she accomplished the feat. During the liberation of the Korean port of Seishin Tsukanov saved 52 commando. The girl twice wounded, but she refused to leave the battlefield.

Her company was forced to retreat, but Mary stayed. She and several other fighters to cover the retreat. Under fire from her machine gun killed more than 90 of the Japanese. Maria was captured she was brutally tortured. She was buried in a mass grave in the town of Chojin.

7. Manshuk Mametova

In 1942 Manshuk a volunteer went to the front, she worked in the Kazakh shooting team. She became a clerk and then as a nurse.

She did not stop there. She studied the design of the machine gun. She was a good shot, learned it in College. Manshuk was transferred to a small part.

In 1943, during heavy fighting near Nevel, it wiped out about 70 enemy soldiers. The girl was left alone, in the defense of the dominant height of her comrades were killed.

She did not panic and inflicted heavy damage. The girl died a heroic death.

6. Yevgeniya Rudneva

Eugene studied in the third year of the mathematical faculty of Moscow state University. The war started, she decided to go to the front. She graduated from Navigator school. Rudnev became a Navigator night bomber regiment. On account of its 645 night missions. Eugene destroyed the enemy and caused him great damage.

In 1944, she was on a mission. The plane was shot, it was on fire. Navigator Evgeny Rudnev and the pilot pan Prokopyeva died.

5. Zinaida Portnova

When the war started, Zina was 15 years old. The girl went on summer vacations in the village Zui in the Vitebsk region. This area was occupied by the Germans.

In 1942 she joined the underground organization "Young Avengers" and became a member of VLSM. Portnov distributed propaganda leaflets.

She worked in the dining room where they prepared food for the German officers. Zinaida was given the task to poison the food. She brilliantly coped with the task. Killed about 100 Germans, but she came under suspicion.

The Germans forced her to eat the poisoned soup, but Portnova managed to survive. She fled the village and became a partisan. In 1943 she was captured. During the interrogation, she managed to seize the gun and shoot the investigator and two Germans. In 1944 it was shot.

4. Ekaterina Zelenko

Catherine called the only woman kamikaze in history. She graduated from the aviation school, was a test aircraft and aircraft equipment.

Catherine participated in the battles from the first days of the war. Made 40 sorties, participated in 12 air battles.

In 1941, Zelenko took off on a reconnaissance flight. The plane was damaged when it was carried out a second flight. Despite this, Zelenko decided to fly again.

The aircraft attacked opponents. She was able to knock out one plane. Once out of ammunition, and Catherine went to RAM. She destroyed the enemy, for this he sacrificed his life.

3. Tatiana Marcus

Tatiana was a regular girl. At first she worked in the personnel Department and then worked in the tram and trolleybus Park. She moved to Kiev after the city in which she lived, was captured by the enemies.

Upon arrival in Kiev, she immediately engaged in clandestine activities. She worked in the officers ' mess and poisoned food. Tanya was a very beautiful girl, her appearance attracted the attention of many German officers. She received the attentions of the Germans, and then killed them.

On account of its several dozens of dead officers and soldiers. Tatiana caught. The torture continued for 5 months, but the girl gave nobody. She had been shot.

2. Nina Onilova

Nina was born in a peasant family, brought up in an orphanage. She worked as a seamstress. When the war started, she joined the ranks of the red army.

She received the nickname Anka-machine-gunner. She watched a film about Chapaev, and dreamed of becoming a gunner. She came to the front as a medical orderly, although at that time, skillfully shot with a machine gun.

Once Onilova showed up, she replaced the dead machine gunner. The girl was transferred to the machine gun platoon. In 1941 she took part in the fighting near Odessa, where they caused heavy damage to the enemy.

In 1942 he participated in the defense of Sevastopol. In battle, she got seriously wounded, she died at the age of 20 years.

1. Lyudmila Pavlichenko

American journalists called Pavlichenko "Lady Death". The girl studied to be an historian, was fond of shooting. Before the war, she decided to undergo sniper course.

When Lyudmila learned that the war started, she immediately went a volunteer to the front. In June 1942, Lyudmila hurt. At this point she destroyed 309 of the officers and soldiers of the enemy.

She also taught snipers, passed on their experience to new recruits. After a severe injury Ludmilla never came back to the front.

She became an instructor at the sniper school. Ludmila is one of the few lucky enough to survive until victory. She died at the age of 58 years.

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