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10 successful Actresses, deprived of outstanding forms


Apparently, in the minds of the vast majority of girls there is a standard, which if you follow, it is inevitably possible to achieve success. Rate is usually done on the data, inherent nature.

The figure should be as "hourglass". Height and weight so not carried away by the wind. Relief forms is strictly required. Otherwise, will help of cosmetic operations, modeling the figure. Famous brands in clothing, linens should complement the "salad" in my head.

In life, there are place kinds of miracles. Most importantly do not be afraid to experiment.

10. Claire Foy

English actress. Was born in 1984. The growth of 1.62 meters. A striking feature of this talented actress is that she lives each moment in the lives of their heroes. Not condemning, not embellishing them.

With a sense of gratitude reinvents their lives. Radical transformation are not for the actress problem. Here the lover of sport, and the paparazzi, and a Thrifty housewife, and romantic lady. Everywhere original, intriguing and talented.

9. Cameron Diaz

American actress and model. Was born in 1972. Growth of 1.74 meters. According to the memoirs of the actress, from her early childhood was shrouded in an atmosphere of love and care. A trusting relationship with their parents are allowed to develop the personality of the child, with virtually no restrictions.

Modeling career opened the door to show business. Lateral thinking, love of life, love of freedom: they went to the Treasury of future success.

With light character, it is easy to converge with people, and if we have to part, it retains friendly relations with them, highly appreciate the time of fellowship, given by life.

8. Alicia Vikander

Swedish actress, dancer. Was born in 1988. Growth of 1.68 meters. Very feminine charm. The emotion that is an integral part of her nature. The main thing is the event and the feeling which accompanies it.

The style throughout. From hair styling to comfort little finger on the foot in an elegant Shoe. The lightness of her figure complement jewelry.

Alicia is a sought-after actress. It is equally exciting be able as the role of the Russian aristocracy and heroines of the militants.

7. Cara Delevingne

British model and actress. Born in 1992, height 1.73 meters. Weight 51 kg. super stylish model fans industry. Sharp look and sense of time clearly felt in it.

Combined with an inimitable sense of humor is already an explosive mixture, which begins to gush contagious laughter.

Freedom in communication, self-confidence educated in one of the most famous aristocratic families of Britain.

On the one hand, to start with "family of sites" not at all difficult. But on the other hand, family tradition a harsh thing worldwide, not only in Albion.

The versatility of the young actress is obvious. Currently started a partnership with Luc Besson. The film "Valerian and the city of a thousand planets" has already conquered the audience.

6. Audrey Tautou

French theater and film actress. Was born in 1976. 1.6 metres tall. Romantic on the external image and internal harmonious installations.

Sincere and spontaneous. Then, as she says, easy casual gives it a deep thinking, confident and self-righteous.

She's repelled all sorts of clichés. Whatever it touched. Rampage of the female form, weight. Romantic on the screen, the same in life. Big-eyed conqueror of men's hearts and an icon of femininity and grace.

5. Milla Jovovich

American actress, musician, model. She was born in 1975. Growth of 1.74 meter the Russian star of Hollywood.

In life, fragile and delicate. On stage, the superwoman possessing superhuman abilities. And the next moment a comedienne. Funny and witty. So light and bouncy that you will admire.

The actress has a small hobby. She loves to dress up. On the one hand, it is necessary under the status. On the other, a purely feminine desire to have a home all of the most favorite clothing of incongruous things, to create hover images for itself, just like that.

4. Kate Hudson

American actress. Was born in 1979. Growth of 1.68 meters. What can you expect from a kid growing up in the Hollywood hills. The only success. Currently, they are going to play 39 roles.

Prosperity in acting it seems, is not an end in itself. A healthy way of life. Food. Fitness. Everything that makes a person beautiful. On this subject also published a book on this subject in my life created its own brand of clothing for fitness activities.

To look perfect, stylish, sporty-elegant, the actress turns out great. Be true to yourself, your dreams and everything will work out.

3. Kristen Stewart

American actress. Was born in 1990. Very young years of life and work in film. The girl with the comet. The most highly paid actress of Hollywood.

Despite the small number of years of life, the actress was able to demonstrate Kinomir the skill of reincarnation. Diva with a nice glossy look to the icons of modernity.

Before the girl was ready to endure any discomfort, even physical, if it was demanded by public opinion. Known for its liberated and allowed to break the wall of conventions that she met. Realizing that isolines from people, itself loses a lot. Including in monetary terms.

2. Natalie Portman

American theater and film actress. Was born in 1981. 1.6 metres tall.

Artistic activities since 1994. The actress played the role in the film "Leon". And even then, it has become evident that rising new star of Hollywood.

Sensual, without hypocrisy. Passionate. Relaxed. Person who can as long as you want, hard to do the hard work in life and in work on the way, bringing it to perfection.

The experimenter in life, striving not to repeat themselves, and to go forward and develop. In this case relying on inner sight. As the vector of the correctly chosen path.

1. Keira Knightley

English actress. Was born in 1985. Growth of 1.7 meters.

Carefree childhood, the child continued to seven years. Girl debuted in the role of just a little girl. Game, incredible mobility, excellent education is preserved for life.

Tall thin elegant figure of the eternal teenager. The sun, glowing from the inside. In appearance – confidence. Lightweight, gusty, with a confident actress.

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