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10 unexpected facts about music


Did you know about this interesting term as "frisson"? He means waves of pleasure and getting goosebumps from listening to music. Here is such an aesthetic delight!

Science went ahead and started a detailed study of the influence of music on the human condition. It turns out that it can cure serious illnesses, to inspire on feats, change the state of mind and even help to get pregnant.

Of course, we are talking about specific tunes and performers who can reconcile the notes for better perception.

Today we will tell you about 10 incredible facts about the music, which was hardly known to you.

10. With a melody of delicious food

It turns out that under the influence of music waves some of the dishes can be delicious. So the Oxford researchers conducted an experiment in which revealed that sound can affect the taste of the food about the same as the appearance of the finished dish and its flavor.

The study revealed that low heavy bass contribute to reveal the bitter components in the dish, while the high trill of a piano, violin or flute can actually "sweetening" ingredients. Maybe with the new knowledge to try to make a "musical diet"?

9. Develop empathy with the songs of Queen

Researchers from Cambridge organized a group of 4,000 people and drove a number of tests. The results were formed 2 groups: systematizing and feeling-into subject people.

So that individuals who are prone to empathy (sensitive to the emotional background of others) were those who listens to Queen, as well as the creativity of Norah Jones, Jeff Buckley.

Organize the people who analyze the stereotypes and templates before you make a decision, prefer music products Sex Pistols and Metallica.

8. Listen to metal and be happy

Studies show periodical Self and Identity (for authenticity of information can not answer – everything should be checked in person), people that listen metal to be happier than others.

The magazine compared the level of happiness of the fans of this trend in the 80s with listeners of other musical genres. Thus, the studies revealed that the metal in my youth a lot more, enjoyed life and felt happy than the current generation, and even were able to quickly adapt to adult life.

Scientists explain this by the fact that this subculture brings people together, where they found support, friends for life, loved ones.

7. Lose at festivals

Turns out thirsty listen to your favorite artists at festivals can get through about 25 km for a couple of days.

So, the typical music fan over the festival weekend may in total amount to burn of the order of 9000 calories, you know?

Maybe that's why Glastonbury is always "inflated" from the abundance of visitors – after all, if a day to pass on average of about 8 km and you burn 3000 calories, then you significantly save on visits to the gym, and listen to the good music.

6. Music is older than we think

It turns out, melody was born before the formation of language in our primitive ancestors. In those days, when people were quite hairy and clumsy, had their own "party" with musical accompaniment.

It turned out that prehistoric flutes were found the caves of southern Germany. Probably, they are carved from animal bones. The age of the finds is around 42-43 thousand years. In both!

5. The impact of music on conjugal duty

The researchers conducted another study and determined that about 40% of the respondents think that beautiful music during the sex act brings even more fun than the real partner.

Presumably, the specific music affects the pleasure centers in the brain that is also responsible for physical sensations during lovemaking.

And another experiment showed that the track Bohemian Rhapsody inspires people so that they listen is the best pastime, than the intimate adventures with your partner.

4. Music for cats

There is such composer David teye, who created the album to improve the quality of cat's life. The laws of biology are arranged in such a way that the first sounds that the person hears in the womb is the beating of the pulse of the mother.

Not surprisingly, the "throbbing" rhythmic music brings us a pleasant and warm emotions. Cats get a similar experience by using the sucking reflex – when beating the milk enters the body of a kitten.

That's why cats like so much human music that can be seen on numerous sifco.

3. How to explain the cover of Unknown Pleasures

Black-and-white tops of the mountains instantly recognizable and as popular as prints or tattoos.

It turns out that they are monochrome image coordinates of the pulsar, which once recorded at the time of death star. Here's a beautiful tragedy was the basis for the cover of Joy Division.

2. Drummers are geniuses

Scientists from the Stockholm Institute has determined that the drummers that are well kept hard rhythm, it is best to answer intelligent questions.

They also have excellent operational skills in decision-making and problem-solving have a positive effect on their team members and the environment. So jokes about the "dumb drummers" at least inappropriate.

1. Nirvana to help planning pregnancy

The composition of this epochal group will help you to conceive! New experiments have shown that in the oocytes, which were next to iPods with tunes of Metallica and Nirvana, fertilization occurred at 5% faster than the other. It was about the eggs retrieved with the help of IVF procedures.

Perhaps we should put soothing melodies and in the process of execution of marital debt. Perhaps the sperm, dancing, swim faster in the right direction.

Here are fresh news from the world of music. Now is the time to consider what formed our own playlist. Maybe through music we will identify their true fears and needs?

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