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10 most beautiful actors of Korea


Since 1980, the period of formation of cinema in Korea. For him – a period of strong growth in the movie.

The number of produced films turned into quality. At international festivals and competitions of films of South Korea began to arouse professional interest.

Namely, the national style and methods of presentation of artistic material. On the cinematic Olympus Korea began to light up their stars.

10. Lee Min Ho

Was born in 1987. South Korean actor, singer, model. Her parents artist, the son grew up smart and a very shy boy.

The lesson, Taekwondo and football have forged the character of the future men. Sports career did not work due to the injury.

But the young man was seen by managers in search of young talents. Sports acumen and flair did not disappoint. Professional field start to emerge from work in the modeling business, and then film and television.

Beginning acting came in 2002, in small roles. And after the release of the series "Secrets of the schoolyard" thank boiled and raged around.

Subsequent work only confirmed that Min-Ho is strong and versatile, extremely charismatic actor.

9. Sun Joon Ki

South Korean actor and model. Was born in 1990.

In childhood, the boy was involved in skating and wanted to represent the country in international competitions. But life redirected tireless energy of a teenager in a different direction.

He brilliantly graduated from high school and enrolled at the prestigious University. And again, fate intervened. And the young man went to study in the acting Academy.

First role in a historical drama. The role of congenial Pro skater, played in one breath. And then each successive role has only increased the number of admirers and fans of the actor.

8. Won Bin

Alias. Real name Kim do Jin. South Korean actor and model. Was born in 1977. The fifth child in the family. Had to do himself.

The first phase of the athletics and Taekwondo black belt. The case leads him to the headquarters of the TV channel. First movies and first fame. The overflowing energy of this man, you can have it all.

He is a goodwill Ambassador of the Korean Committee of UNICEF. He is keen on sports. She loves to draw. He has a firstborn.

7. With Kang Joon

South American actor, model, singer. Actor new generation. Is extremely young.

In childhood the boy was drawn to the piano. Since parents were not against study abroad, then learning to play on his favorite instrument, he went to Malaysia.

And then he becomes a singer in a band. Acting ability has already become manifest by that time. And the cut began after the filming of the movies.

Agile, flexible young man stands in the threshold of new achievements. He is young, talented, sexy.

6. Song Seung Hun

South Korean actor, model. Was born in 1976.

Surprisingly, all the sources that mention the person's name is unanimous. And expressing your attitude in one word flawless.

It so happens in life that at first the actor received a good General education. This platform, the Foundation formed the Foundation for the future success of the young man.

Shooting in the commercials opened the door to the modeling business, and then to the movies. At first it was the romantic role of heroes-lovers. The audience roared with delight.

But real life, competition in business, brought talented actor for the role of rigid, unique. Paradoxically, the real success in the actor's life came with comedic roles. So understand this fortune. Its winding roads to worship.

5. JI Chang Wook

Popular South Korean actor. Was born in 1987. The boy grew up in a family where the main engine and the inspirer of progress was mom. To go against such an influential person in my life was difficult. But I had to.

The first independent step was that admission to University in the specialty "Theater and Film". Artistic career began with roles in musical theater. And then hardworking actor methodically began to replenish his filmography.

The images were polished to a complete transformation in his character. The actor even came to be called "Multifaceted", as a tribute to the breadth of his role. The paparazzi trail, it seems, every breath of the actor. And trying to get as much evidence of the circumstances of his life. But the actor stresses that his work life is important, and there is no place for anything personal.

4. Lee Jin UK

South Korean actor. Was born in 1981. The actor himself describes himself as a man closed in adolescence.

The student's environment, life of the metropolis, different stories everyday around the stir the young man to such an extent that he had the contacts and the work in the modeling business.

Her acting career is divided as if in two stages. To the army this is mainly the role of the melodramatic romantic people, after began to appear the role of spies, individuals with strong will attitudes.

Fans of his talent argue that his films open up the possibility of brighter, more sensual, more to take its own life.

3. Jang Geun Seok

South Korean actor. Singer, and model. Korean George Clooney. Director. Born in 1987, at the age of five little boy was seen by an agent model of business. Imperceptibly for themselves and for the parents the child became an actor.

Interest in Japanese music led him to emigrate to New Zealand. Learning the English language. Subsequently, knowledge of the culture of Japan allowed him to star in Japanese film and movies the American-Korean production.

Currently, he has a lot of fans both in his country and around the world. On difficult life questions from the audience, the actor responds strongly, keenly, faithfully, through it creates movie image.

2. Jang Dong Gun

South Korean actor and musician. Born in 1972, his role is etched in such extensive projects as a sports drama, medical drama, police film, a historical film.

Stunning filmography and discography. Currently resides in England.

1. Kim Soo Hyun

South Korean actor. Was born in 1988. From childhood closed in himself, a quiet kid from a family of talented musicians. The realization that life passes by his side began to bother youth already in high school.

And then as if there was a connection to the source of cosmic energy. Burst. He received his education at the University Chunan in Seoul, on a speciality "the Actor of theatre and cinema".

In filmography 6 films and participate in the drama. Currently entrenched behind a strong reputation as a talented and charismatic actor.

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