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10 teams of outsiders who suddenly became Champions


Before the start of the new football season in each championship has their favorites and outsiders, the view of which has evolved as a result of performances in recent years.

Before the start of the championship it is obvious which teams will fight for gold and vouchers in the Champions League and which for survival in the elite division.

The surprising history, when a weak club with the first matches begins to demolish all in its path, eventually becoming the champion.

10. "Nottingham Forest" (1977/78)

"Nottingham" for 10 years had already claimed the championship, but in 1967 they did not succeed, followed by a strong decline, which was accompanied by the relegation.

The club was in a fever until 1975, when at the helm stood Brian Clough, breathed in the "foresters," the motivation and the will to win. Immediately catapulting the team into the elite, he is in his first season and led her to the championship, and the following year added to this trophy and the European Cup. Needless to say that from the recent middle peasants of the championship no one expected such speed?

9. "Leeds United" (1991/92)

"Leeds" as much as 7 years spent in the championship before he managed to gain promotion, but all assumed that their maximum in the elite to wallow close to the relegation zone.

At the end of the 1990/91 season the club won the fourth place, that much surprised, but not discouraged. "Just think, jumped higher than his head, next year will roll back" — so think about the fans.

Their opinion was accepted and football experts, but the players themselves "Leeds" and their head coach Howard Wilkinson was the only one who had a different opinion.

No they are not set, but the next season was a triumph and brought the League title, leaving all the skeptics with his mouth wide open. By the way, the team became the last winner of the second division as from next season it was renamed the Premier League.

8. Atletico Madrid (1995/96)

Now Atletico Madrid thanks to the efforts of coach Diego Simeone has turned into a powerful club that is able to compete with real Madrid and Barca in La Liga and even to reach the final of the Champions League.

In the late 80's and early 90's it was different: a couple of times taking 2 and 3 place in "plans" sharply began to fall down and instead of the top 3 could barely get in the top 10.

Fortunately for the fans, to the coaching ascended Radomir antic, who managed to bring order to the team and to build a solid model of the game.

The result was the gold medal of the Spanish League, which for 11 years has taken only "real" and "Barcelona".

7. Lens (1997/98)

Modest French club in the late ' 80s slipped into League 2 and it took him several years to return to the elite. Returning there in 1991, "lance" the first years were just trying not to fly, but gradually rose higher and higher in the table.

In seasons 94/95 and 95/96 they even took the 5th place, but all believed that it is their ceiling. When in the 1996/97 season the club finished in 13th place, no one could not have imagined that next year they will be able to become Champions of League 1, but they did it. This is the only title in the club's history, but the fans believe that not the last.

6. "Kaiserslautern" (1990/91 and 1997/98)

The unique history of the German championship: "Kaiserslautern" in the late ' 80s took place during the second half of the table, but in the season 1990/91 suddenly managed to win the silver bowl, creating a sensation.

After that season they still were able to play at a high level and take second place, behind Bayern all 3 points, but already in 1996 the club was relegated from the top division, but won the German Cup. No one doubted that the red devils will return to the main championship, but few believed that they will again claim victory in it.

Coach Otto rehagel wiped his nose all the skeptics by winning the first Bundesliga 2, and then the top division. This case is really unique because in the history of German football didn't happen neither before nor after.

5. Rubin (2008)

In 2008, the club from the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and before the start of the season, there have been major personnel gain.

The experts before the season started suggested that Kazan will fight for a place closer to the top 5, but they were labeled much higher. Giving a powerful winning streak at the start, the players under the guidance of Kurban Berdyev has gained the perfect confidence.

They believe that they are able to win and they did, winning its first ever gold Premier League.

4. "Bursaspor" (2009/10)

The "green crocodiles" became only the second team not from Istanbul, which has managed to become the champion. Hegemony Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas were interrupted by a modest team that in 2006 alone he managed to get into Superleague.

The first few years the club as if was looking around and learned to play with the best teams of Turkey, and then used the resulting knowledge and finished in first place beating in the last round of "Besiktas", which earned 1 point Fenerbahce.

3. Montpellier (2011/12)

The team that didn't have a big budget or big-name players in the squad, however, managed to win the competition with PSG. After spending a few years in League 1 during which it was not possible to climb even to the five leaders, Montpellier became the champion. No one understood how it happened, but the fact remains.

2. "Leicester City" (2015/16)

The most recent history of fairy-tale championship, which occurred just a few years ago. Claudio Ranieri together with the "foxes" won not only the EPL but the whole world: for "Lester" sick around the globe, knowing that it's a battle of David and Goliath.

Ngolo Kant, Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy, Kasper Schmeichel these and other names will forever remain in memory.

1. "Liverpool" (1963/64)

Finish the most old, but extremely entertaining story of the championship to Liverpool. For the 1963/64 season, the club already had 5 League titles, but the last one was received almost 20 years ago, after the Reds slipped to the second League.

This may seem strange, but five-time Champions were underdogs, which before the season were a betting only the most dedicated fans.

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