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10 useful tips that solve everyday household problems


Small household accidents happen to everyone, but someone comes out of the situation with dignity, and someone starts to get nervous and worry. You just have to be smart, and then the solution quickly there.

Our grandmothers and mothers always had little tricks that facilitate their lives. Modern people rely solely on the Internet. That's just at the right moment, he forgets that there you can find a lot of useful information.

There are situations when the help is needed when on the Internet, however. For example, at a picnic or at the cottage.

Below are 10 useful tips that solve everyday household problems. Select those that you like and try to memorize them.

10. Scratches on the glass

New gadgets are shining clean, pleasing their owners. Is a few weeks, the phone and tablet will not look as attractive as before. Minor and major scratches, scuffs spoil the appearance.

To return the phone to its former "luster", use the following method. Take some toothpaste apply it on a cotton pad or soft cloth and start to RUB it into the scratches.

Before that, it is advisable to check the effects of toothpaste on a small area, so there are no surprises. Use the regular toothpaste of white color gel for this purpose is not suitable.

You can substitute toothpaste with baking soda or baby powder. The principle of operation is exactly the same. All these products have an abrasive effect, they gently grind the screen, restoring its original appearance. After the procedure wipe excess funds with a napkin.

9. Gum in your hair

Happens in life many strange and ridiculous situations, so it is not surprising that this advice also appeared in the compilation of helpful hints. At least if you have a child, you probably came face to face with chewing gum in her hair.

Most people grabbed for the scissors, but this method is best left for later. If you use our method, a pair of scissors, you do not useful.

Apply on gum vegetable oil. Wait till she soaked, and then begin to act. The gum should easily slide off of the hair, not without your efforts, of course.

After these experiments, it is desirable to wash my hair. Besides vegetable oil you can use mayonnaise, hand cream.

8. Headache

Headache may be at any possible moment. The easiest way to take the pill, but if you found that the pain was over, or just don't trust drugs, use the following method.

In a glass of water add two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar and drink this mixture. Another way to relieve a headache – ginger tea. To prepare it is very simple: add pieces of chopped ginger root in water and boil 10 minutes. Tea is able to reduce pain even with a severe migraine.

If the pain is throbbing fit massage forehead with a slice of lime. Will also help inhalation with lavender oil. Can mix a little lavender oil and peppermint to make a light massage of the temples.

7. Pain in the side

If you decide to go Jogging, but the pain in my side that negates all your plans, a simple life hack. Imagine that while running, you have stabbed in the side. What will you do?

Most people will stop, clutching his side and try to catch my breath. This method works well, but if you can't afford to stop, can do better.

Continue to run slowing the pace. Breathe deeply, exhale should be the same with the kick, the opposite side of the pain. That is, if the pricks left side, breathe out when stepping on the surface of the right leg, and Vice versa. Don't breathe too often, breathe out through two or three steps, choose for yourself a comfortable rhythm.

6. Burn language

If you've burned your tongue with hot food, to reduce the pain by using ice or cold water. Another effective method sugar or honey.

Take in a mouth a teaspoon of sugar or honey, keep the product in your mouth as long as possible, did not immediately swallow. The pain quickly subsides. While the language does not heal, do not eat sour and salty foods. Otherwise, irritation will increase, the language will be hurt even more.

5. To separate the yolk

To separate the yolk from the white is very simple. Be sure to remember this secret, if you love to cook.

If you need to separate the white and the yolk of only one egg, come up with nothing. Carefully crack the egg and pour it from one half to another protein will drain in the bowl, and the yolk remains in the shell.

If you want to separate some eggs, use the following method. It will be much faster and easier. Break the eggs in a bowl, take an empty plastic bottle, squeeze out air and grab her yolk. He will be inside the bottle. You can easily put the yolks in another bowl and use them as directed.

4. To remove the bruise

If you need to get rid of a bruise will help the Apple cider vinegar. It includes useful components that stimulate the processes of recovery and regeneration of cells.

Just moisten a cotton ball in vinegar and attach it to the bruise. If Apple cider vinegar is not, you can take a normal, just have to water it down.

If you are going to do a compress for a child, be sure to try the solution before making lotion. He must be weak, otherwise you can burn delicate baby skin.

3. To get rid of sleepiness

Regardless of whether you slept well the night before, no, after lunch is usually attacked by sleepiness. To struggle very hard, especially if you work at a computer. There is a little trick which will help you to Wake up.

Hold your breath for as long as you can stand. Then take a slow exhale. This technique deceives the body, the heart starts pumping, you feel energized.

To be fresher, often ventilate the room and be sure to drink clean water.

2. Sneezing at the wrong moment

Nothing funny here, no, such situations also often occur. If you deliver a speech or, conversely, listening to someone else's presentation, discuss your raise with the boss, and maybe get the order "For merits before Fatherland" in the Kremlin and feel like I have to sneeze, use the following method.

Press language to the sky, the desire to sneeze and retreat. There is another way. Strongly press your finger under your nose will immediately sense that all signs have disappeared. For the extra gesture you can apologize, but you are splattered man who is next to you.

1. Ink stain on clothes

If you accidentally stain your favorite shirt or dress with ink, it seems that nothing can be done except to wait for the man from the ad "Tide". Better not to tempt fate, it is unlikely that he knows about your problems.

Take regular milk, soak a small rag and put it on the spot. Leave a favorite thing alone for at least half an hour, and then potarite it as usual. The stain should go.

This method is suitable if the stain is old. If it is ingrained in the fabric, milk will not help. Use a spot remover or take the thing to the dry cleaners.

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