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The 10 richest women in the world to 2019


In the latest list of the wealthiest people, which was published by Forbes, there was a record number of women. They hold leadership positions, run companies and enterprises create their own brand and the brands. Some of them seriously compete with men for influence in business circles.

We have gathered for you information about the 10 most affluent women in 2019, according to the magazine Forbes.

10. Charlene de Carvallo-Heineken

Charlene 63 years, and the state has $15 800 000 000. The company Heineken, she was appointed as a Board member of the Corporation, as well as her husband.

Charlene the owner of the largest percentage of shares in the amount of 23%. He went to her as an inheritance from his father, F. Heineken.

The first brewery "Heineken" was founded half a century ago, in Amsterdam, Holland. Since then it is successfully developing, supplies the market with over 200 varieties of beer, premium drinks for dozens of countries.

9. Abigail Johnson

Her 56 years, and her income is estimated at $15 900 000 000. The main source of income Abigail – asset management and investments.

The opportunity to own such means Abigail Johnson appeared thanks to her grandfather. Edward Johnson in 1946, became the founder of the investment Fund.

Abigail joined the company in 80-e years, having graduated from Harvard. Initially she took a job as a analyst. The last few years it is Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Today, the Fund manages assets with a total amount of 2.3 trillion dollars, and Abigail, according to various reports, belongs from 21 to 24% of the shares of the Corporation.

8. Iris Fontbona

Iris 75 years, and his wealth of $16 300 000 000 is due to the mining industry.

Iris von bona – widow Andronico of Luksika, who became rich by founding the case for the extraction of ore and the company that produces beverages. He owned the biggest business Empire in Latin America, which included mines, processing plants, banks, telecommunication companies and factories for the manufacture of beverages.

After his death, all as in $ 10 billion and the business went to his wife and five children. They skillfully controlled by inheritance, as Andronico always attracted children and beloved wife to the business, and for them has always been work.

7. Georgina Rinehart

Georgina 64 years, and her condition was $17.4 billion. She hails from Australia and owns large-mining company Hancock Prospecting.

After the death of Georgina's father, his case was passed to her by inheritance, however, in that time the company was on the brink of ruin. Georgina managed to not only grow the company from his knees, and bring it to the market leaders.

For a long time she pleaded with my own children, because by will Hancock each of the grandchildren were to inherit part of a trust. Georgina was able to help the court to defer that decision until 2060.

Also, it owns 23 farms on cultivation of cattle in Australia.

6. Lauren Powell Jobs

The widow of Steve jobs, 54 years old, and her fortune is estimated at $18.4 billion, the Major share of the profits Lauren receives from corporations Apple and Disney.

After her husband Steve jobs, founder of Apple, has passed away, his shares passed to his wife, Lauren Powell jobs, and then she was a Disney shareholder with the largest shareholding of 4%.

In 2017, bought most of The Atlantic and has initiated several education programs in the United States.

5. Ian Huayang

In its 36 years, she is considered the most wealthy woman in China. His fortune of $21.9 billion, Jan earned thanks to his shares in Country Garden Holdings Ltd. This proportion 10 years ago, I moved from her father.

The way Ian as a businessman was accompanied by UPS and downs: in the first year, she led the firm father to the stock market and increased income from her several times, then lost half of the state.

Several successful large deals 2018, significantly increased the income of the family business, Jan and the company focused on the construction of a new generation of housing that fully meets the needs of the people.

Project Forest City is Country Garden Holdings projects in cooperation with Malaysia, according to preliminary estimates will cost $100 billion.

4. Jacqueline Mars

Mrs. Mars is 78 years old, and her fortune of $23.7 billion, She owns most of the shares of the Corporation Mars, which owns the production of much-loved chocolates.

The history of the company started by her grandfather in his house, and today the company is the largest manufacturer of chocolate products in the world.

In 2017, ended the takeover of a company producing animal feed, and now Whiskas, Pedigree and other famous names are also available under the brand Mars.

Jacqueline joined the firm of his father back in the 80-ies and was engaged in the launch and promotion of new products.

3. Suzanne Klatten

Frau Klatten 55 years of age and their income in the $25 billion it received through the BMW and pharmaceuticals. She is the proud title of the most wealthy women of Germany.

Suzanne together with his brother Stefan have a share of 50% stake in BMW, the cost increases due to sales in the United States.

She Klatten is the sole owner of Altana Pharma. In addition, it has shares in companies engaged in the installation of wind turbines, production of graphite and carbon additives for the earth.

2. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

Francoise – the successor of LOreal. She won the right to manage the family business as a result of long litigation with her mother.

Francoise 64 years, and her condition is $42.2 billion Inheritance françoise and her brothers received in 2017, but in fact managed the company since 2011, as Liliane Bettencourt has been declared incompetent due to senile dementia.

Today françoise controls not only the LOreal brand , and several others: Maybelline, Garnier, Biotherme, Redken, Vichy, Lancome, and a whole range of perfumes.

1. Alice Walton

The most secure woman according to Forbes was Alice Walton. She is 68 years old and she owns a fortune of $45 billion, which brought her a chain of popular supermarkets Walmart.

Alice – the one and only heiress of Sam Walton, who founded Walmart. Alice is constantly developing company, brings to market new products.

So, in cooperation with the firm Tasty launched a line of accessories for the kitchen, as well as preparing for the presentation, several clothing brands.

Walton is actively involved in the political life of the country, by sponsoring certain political leaders.

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