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10 Martian "conspiracy theories" that are hard to believe


The mysterious red planet has long attracted people's attention. Among the other planets of the Solar system, Mars is most similar to Earth and, theoretically, it may therefore be ever colonized by humanity.

Some people now sincerely believe that Mars was once inhabited (because it allegedly left obvious traces of the miraculous canals and the ruins of the cities), but perhaps it's haunted by some mysterious alien race, and now (why not?).

Or, at least, there may well be a secret base of aliens from "a galaxy far, far away". Yes, we still have not found evidence of their presence. But that's only because they (or we?) not yet ready for contact.

Here are 10 of the most popular "conspiracy theories" associated with Mars.

10. All life came to Earth from Mars

As you know, scientists who study space objects is found on asteroids and some satellites of the planets of the Solar system (e.g. on Europa, Triton, Enceladus, Ceres, Vesta, Themis, etc.) not only traces of water, but also organic molecules. In science (and even more so in the pseudoscience) recently, the popular theory of panspermia, according to which life arose on Earth, thanks to "space travelers" – meteorites and comets, "infected" with organic matter somewhere in other galaxies. By the way, this theory has been known in the V century BC, it was described by Greek philosopher Anaxagoras. And modern fans of Mars claim that life on earth "arrived" with the red planet because billions of years ago Mars was alive, flourishing and had real sea.

9. Project Redsun – secret manned mission to Mars

In 2011, the Italian ufologist Luca Scantamburlo launched in circles such as he, "the true believers in aliens" friends a real sensation: supposedly, we all cheat again, – in fact, the earthlings secretly colonize Mars yet since 1971.

Supposedly, one of the participants of the secret mission to the red planet (code named Redsun) American astronaut William Rutledge told him everything in person.

Shortly after the last flight to the moon (the mission "Apollo 17") of the American Agency NASA in conjunction with the USSR launched the project, the outcome of which was to become a permanent station on Mars.

The first (exploratory) group arrived on the scene in late 1971, and the second (composed of two Americans – Elliot, C. and Rutledge, and the Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Ilyushin) – in 1973.

However this proved to the Italian and failed, personnel training flight NASA, which he posted on YouTube, sparked doubts as to their authenticity.

By the way, supposedly Rutledge told Scantamburlo and that the other secret project was discovered alien base on the moon.

8. People have already been on Mars (1979)

In 1976 on the surface of Mars came down 2 spacecraft-"the Rover" Viking-1 and Viking-2. Both of them worked much longer than the planned 90 days – the first before 1980 and the second in 1978, passing on the Ground, a large number of photos and a video with footage of the red planet's surface.

And now, in 2014, one of the us radio show called a woman named Jackie. She claimed that in the late 1970s he worked at NASA, including the processed information originating from "Vikings".

And supposedly in 1979 on one of the videos not only she but her six colleagues clearly saw 2 human figures in light suits (very different from the bulky and unwieldy, which were used at that time by American astronauts).

These people (or someone very like them) were walking in the direction of Viking-1. But, they say, about it and she, and other "nasovsem" were strictly forbidden to speak to anyone.

7. On Mars there is a hidden life

American engineer Gilbert Levin claims that he has since 1976 (that is, since the first experiments performed using the apparatus of the Viking-1, which were taken samples of Martian soil) sure on the red planet, there are organic and, therefore, can be and life.

Like, if the first samples were found traces of microorganisms: the Martian soil showed unusually high for a "dead" planet reactivity, and carbon dioxide it absorbed as if it was something that is able to process and digest it.

Just, unfortunately, further experiments gave a negative (or very unclear and ambiguous) results, and therefore, his colleagues decided that Mars is still uninhabited. But that's not the final conclusion!

6. Mars has a lot of strange objects

In General, due to the "Vikings" and other (newer) devices, people had the opportunity to examine the Martian surface in great detail.

Most of the photos, of course, seen only an endless stone desert, remarkable only for its extreme "roughness".

But, of course, he who seeks will always find some photo supporters of different alien theories, ufologists, etc. saw a considerable number of strange and mysterious objects.

For example, in 2015, in one of those meticulous "maravedi" saw something similar on a fallen column with hieroglyphs, like the Egyptian, and later a woman walking on Mars, fossilized "lizard" Martian "crab", a dinosaur skull, "the skeleton of a humanoid," and even something similar to a gorilla.

No arguments that it's just a game of light and when shooting from another angle all the mysterious creatures immediately disappear, they, of course, will not be accepted.

5. Mars has "Stargate"

Another object of the Martian picture, caused a stir among ufologists, was seen by them in September 2015. UFO Researchers claim that this is something obviously man-made (it's too straight line and too a correct form).

They found the object has been destroyed and half buried under the ground, "Stargate" (no more, no less...), making out, among other things, something similar to the remnants of the failed roof with a round hole in the middle.

4. Mars had a nuclear war

A year earlier (in 2014) John Brandenburg, an American physicist working in the field of plasma particles, said that, quite possibly, once upon a time on Mars there was a nuclear war (or at least there was at least two large nuclear explosions).

What did he do that? And that though very tenuous, but still existent atmosphere of the red planet, there is a high concentration of xenon-129, and its soil too much uranium and thorium.

By the way, Brandenburg (seems to sincerely believe in the fact that Mars clearly are signs of the existence of a highly developed civilization in the form of channels, "the ruins of ancient cities" etc., which we will discuss a little further) I noticed that in the areas where it supposedly was rocked by a powerful nuclear explosions, the remnants of civilization is observed least of all because they destroyed "in the dust".

3. The "face" on Mars and the ancient city of Kydonia

Well, now more about those "residues of civilization".

Back in 1976 one of the many photographs taken "Vikings" attracted particular attention of researchers, because it clearly shows a huge human "face" on the surface of Mars.

And even then, many scientists quite reasonably decided that it was just a shadow, successfully landing on the Martian highlands. Later pictures of the same place have proved that it is, – the person is no longer "revealed".

But supporters of the "conspiracy theory" is, of course, are confident that the new photo was done "wrong" perspective, in order to hide the impressive truth that Mars is inhabited (or was so once). And in fact, this object could not arise by itself, "will of nature", it is clearly man-made.

As, however, and "obvious" remains of the ancient city, which are located just a short distance away from the face, in the area of Kydonia. They say, it quite clearly shows the former layout of streets and squares.

2. On Mars there are pyramids and the Sphinx

All in the area of Kydonia (that is, in the vicinity of the Martian "face" and "ancient town") is still somewhat mysterious objects that proponents of the theory of civilization on Mars like "poke his nose" not a believer in it (read – "very narrow-minded") people.

This pyramid and Sphinx (the assurances of "mirsovetov", similar to the well-known Egyptian – like, and their location, and the ratio of the distances between the Martian up a pyramid-like objects almost perfectly corresponds to "terrestrial analog").

Again, despite the fact that the majority of scholars argues that these mountains are normal, that is "natural", ufologists insist, so geometrically perfect form couldn't take and occur by itself (but still close to the "Martian face"). This is nonsense!

1. Phobos is a space station

In the 1960s, the Soviet astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky argued that the Martian satellite Phobos is hollow inside. He made this conclusion on the basis that calculations of the motion of this cosmic body in orbit were given specific results – it was uneven and crooked.

Moreover, he had the temerity to say that perhaps Phobos is artificial. Ufologists and other "fishers of aliens" immediately happily jumped at the idea, developing it to the point that, in fact, Phobos is not a moon, and an ancient orbital space station, which (may be) used for the protection of Mars from meteorites and asteroids, well after the destruction of civilization on the home planet, of course, died and deserted.

Not so long ago the European space Agency confirmed the findings in Shklov, in the centre of Phobos is (!) natural void, simply because it is formed from the wreckage of several asteroids.

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