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10 stars childhood and adolescence which can terrify


We used to see these people rich, famous and prosperous. Millions love them, quote them, they try to imitate.

These stars contracts for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some even became owners of their own stars on the walk of Fame.

Looking at them today, it is hard to imagine that their childhood and youth can not be called happy. We have collected 10 stars who suffered a terrible childhood.

10. Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is a very tactile actor with remarkable talent. His childhood cannot be fully described as awful, but it kept a big secret. And salt-that is, how did the secret get out.

It turned out that Jack's sister actually was his mother. She was 17 when she got pregnant and could not accurately be called the father of the child. Then her mother, actually the grandmother of the boy, called him her son and raised him as a son.

It turned out that after her death, and dug up this fact, one of the reporters, Nicholson knew nothing.

9. Woody Harrelson

Audiences love woody Harrelson for the talent and always striking role. He played in such films as "the Illusion of deception", "the Hunger games", "True detective", "Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri" and others.

Fortunately, he chose a career as an actor and did not go in his father's footsteps. After all, when woody was only seven years old, his father was imprisoned – he was a hired killer.

Even after 10 years, father killed circuit judge, and received two consecutive life terms. Woody – the middle son, he has two brothers.

8. Eminem

If to speak about difficult childhood, comes to mind Marshall Bruce Mathers, known as Eminem. In his texts a lot of genuine pain and real stories.

He was only six months when his father left his wife and child, never to appear in their lives. Mother, Deborah Mathers, raised the son, as it turned out. And I wasn't too good. She often broke into a little Marshall and raised his hand.

In addition, in search of work, she moved from state to state, dragging the son behind. Marshall had to change schools for the school where every time he suffered all the pleasures of beingness a beginner.

Eminem recalls how he was regularly beaten, in the classroom, the hallway, the bathroom and courtyard.

7. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron in childhood had to eat all the "charms" of life in the family of the alcoholic. Her father drank a lot and often behaved inappropriately. It got to the point that her mother could never fully feel safe.

One day in a drunken stupor, the father of Charlize grabbed a gun and started shooting, aiming at his wife and daughter. Fortunately, the weapon was not only a man, and mother was able to protect herself and her daughter.

As a result, he died. Later in the interview, Charlize Theron said he believes the mother of the heroine and in her place would have done the same.

6. Demi Moore

The biological father of demi threw her mom is still pregnant. Soon she found a new man, but addicted to alcohol, and together they often drank to unconsciousness.

Intoxicated stepfather often scolded and beat the children. It was difficult to find work, and so the family demi frequently moved from place to place. Therefore the girl find it difficult to make friends and build relationships in the school.

At 16, demi dropped out and went to a modeling school, and later, after the neighbor Nastassja Kinski, decided to try himself in the movie.

Start earning, demi repeatedly offered the parents a treatment for addiction, but they refused. She reconciled with her mother only at the end of life of a mother.

5. Michael Jackson

One of the reasons for his success Michael Jackson was considered strict discipline, established by his father. And it's Michael who suffered the most.

Johar, used brutal and sometimes strange methods of education: he beat the children, punished them. At a rehearsal of the quintet "the Jacksons", except with a belt, Joseph didn't. Michael told me that we should have done something wrong, and the father then skillfully brought the children into hysterics.

One day the boys forgot to close the bedroom window, and Joseph climbed back in the scary mask, screaming and growling. Since then, Michael has dreamed of the horrors that steal monsters.

Education Joseph left an indelible mark on the personality of Michael Jackson.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was born and raised in Canada. His mother was a singer, but after having children I left my career. All in the family had four children. Jim's father Percy lost his job when the future actor only went to school.

Percy was forced to take to the plant, which produces tires and metal rims. The salary was so low that after class the wife and children went to help my dad, washed the floors, cleaned toilets. This period Jim was going through a very hard and became an introverted kid.

When Percy lost the job, the whole family lived in the van. Did not make life easier and neurosis mother. She was a hypochondriac and was constantly invent new diseases.

Hollywood was the dream of Jim and it a chance for a better life. Fortunately, his talent was acknowledged, otherwise he would be forced to return to the plant.

3. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is a talented actor, known to spectators on films "transformers", "the Lovely bones", "Max Payne".

But in his youth, mark was a very troubled child. According to him, he had about three dozen police record. The brand can be called a racist, he has repeatedly been arrested for attacking Vietnamese.

One day he was walking with a club in his hand (looks like it was the norm to Dorchester, in Massachusetts) and attacked Vietnamese, shattering his skull. Mark did not even bother to deny his guilt.

In addition, he had problems with cocaine and other drugs. Becoming a well-known hip-hop artist, mark was not satisfied, and at a party got into an argument with Madonna and had a fight with her agent.

2. Drew Barrymore

The famous drew Barrymore began very early. His first role she played in 11 months, but the real fame came to her in 7 years, when she participated in the filming of Steven Spielberg.

Little drew has not coped with the unexpected success that had fallen on her. She started Smoking at 9 years old, 11 years is addicted to alcohol. Then went to drugs. For the first time in a rehab center drew got in 14 years.

In 1990, her father and mother was deprived of parental rights, and Barrymore herself took up the head and never went back to the rebel way of life.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a popular American TV host, producer and public figure. Publisher Forbes has recognized her as one of the most influential women in the country. But to reach such heights woman, especially black, was not so easy.

Early childhood GNSO spent with my grandmother, who was much occupied with the girl, drove to Church, but was punished for misconduct from the heart.

Oprah later moved in with his mother, who was even less supportive of his daughter. It was the most difficult years in her life. She was subjected to harassment by the brothers and uncles in 9 years, and was later raped.

In 14 years the Opry ran away from home, got pregnant and had a baby who died shortly after birth. Dissatisfied with the behavior of her daughter, the mother sent her to her father in another city.

Father was very strict, but with a responsible approach to the education of her daughter, helped her get a decent education and be somebody.

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