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10 cosmetic products from which women after 40 should give up


Many women use cosmetic products almost throughout life.

But for anybody not a secret that almost all designed for a certain age, some good and appropriate use in adolescence and youth, but some maturity.

What and when should be used often to tell the makeup artists and other experts in the field of beauty.

In this article you will learn about the 10 cosmetic products from which women after 40 years should be abandoned.

10. Budget makeup

Many give the impression that the budget decorative cosmetics, for example, brands such as Maybelline, Golden Rose, Viviene Sabo, Art-Visage, was Very pleased, Max Factor, Loreal, Bourjois is not suitable for daily use.

They are partly right, as its composition leaves much to be desired, the action of such products is short, it may be unstable and cause allergic reactions.

Women after 40 years old best fit luxury cosmetics, Foundation cream or powder will form as needed, not going to emphasize fine lines and other skin imperfections.

Skin care also should not be cheap, as it simply would not provide the desired result. If you need to tidy up the skin and hide fine lines on the face, you should also give preference to luxury brands, cosmetic products.

9. Color ink

Makeup artists are not advised after the age of 40 to use coloured mascara. This product is good and looks interesting on adolescent girls and young women.

Bright eyelashes will attract unwanted attention to the eyes, which in adulthood are not as bright and shiny. In addition, color ink giving the whole look a little frivolous and naive, which is unlikely to appreciate the bosses at work.

Makeup artists believe that in this age appropriate non-ferrous only use brown mascara and paint over her top lashes only.

8. Cloying perfume

Women after 40 should be very attentive to the choice of flavors. Do not buy perfume with strongly expressed unnatural, chemical fragrance, giving sweetness and cloying. Train them Intrusive, in the composition mixed in a small amount of notes, the aroma can fully unfold.

Mature women perfumers advise to buy perfume with a multifaceted and rich aroma, which can gradually unfold on the skin.

It is worth noting that women who are over 40 years old, should abandon the spirits with the aroma of freshness or abundance of citrus notes, because this perfume is more suitable for young girls, giving them a lightness and enthusiasm.

7. Highlighter

Many women know what a highlighter is a cosmetic product to create a "sculpted" face, hiding small wrinkles and other defects on the skin, obtain a fresh and radiant look.

However, the use of this product must also be able. Highlighter not a concealer, it is not able to hide the wrinkles, rather, he can emphasize them. This makeup comes in liquid, creamy or crumbly, it always makes the skin gloss.

In adulthood it is very important to choose the right texture of cosmetics and be able to apply it correctly.

6. Body glitter

Glitter body look beautiful on the elastic tanned skin. Not all women after 40 years old can boast that. The glitter, unfortunately, will emphasize all imperfections of the skin of their laxity, age spots, moles, etc., so it is better to abandon its use.

In addition, the gloss of the body are rarely used in everyday life, most of them applied to the skin, before going to a disco or a party on a particular case.

5. "Flashy" eye shadow

Bright pearl eye shadow gives the eyes Mature ladies tired and unhealthy appearance. Should also abandon the shadows with sparkles in most cases they do not fit the eyelids get clogged in the lines, slide down, give in General a slightly unkempt appearance, and a lady over 40 to look like that is unacceptable.

In this regard, make-up artists recommend for everyday wear to use shades of peach, pale brown, light gray, beige, olive shades.

They will allow you to make the noble, eyes not look tired. It should be noted that the shadow should be matte, not shiny.

4. Scarlet lipstick

Makeup artists developed a number of rules that describe how to apply makeup after age 40. Many of them refuse to recommend lipstick of scarlet color, as it visually makes the lady older.

They also suggest not wearing makeup lipsticks shades of Burgundy, dark purple and crimson. All of these colors strongly old woman.

In addition, experts in the field of beauty not recommended to draw the outline of lip pencil bright colors. For these purposes, use a colorless pencil or one whose tone matches the color of lipstick.

3. Liquid eyeliner

Many women with youth beginning to use liquid eyeliners for the eye black, as it is very convenient, makeup long lasting durability, is always relevant and carefully. This habit they keep for many years, but makeup artists still recommended to give it up after 40 years.

The fact that the liquid black eyeliner applied on the eyelids at this age, able to emphasize all the wrinkles, to indicate the slightest signs of fatigue, including "bags" under the eyes, dark circles, etc. Stylists recommend to replace it with a soft pencil in brown or gray tint.

2. Bright lip gloss

Lip gloss in bright colors out of place in the makeup ladies who are over 40, they score fine lines in the skin of the lips, distinguish them around the mouth. In this age it is better to give preference to muted deep colors.

Absolutely is to abandon the glitter of bright pink, crimson or scarlet. Makeup artists recommend to pay attention to the sheen of light red or peach with soft pink shimmer.

1. Dense Foundation

In an effort to make the skin perfect, many women get carried away and applied too thick a layer of Foundation.

This tool highlights all the minor flaws of the skin on the face, for example, wrinkles, a slight peeling, etc.

To avoid this, you should purchase creams lighter textures, for example, in the form of a fluid.

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