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10 anime like "Sailor moon", 1992-1997


Many girls have grown to a very popular anime series, which aired on Russian TV channels in 90-e years of the last century. There is still a great warrior in a sailor suit with her enemies scattered right and left.

If someone suddenly realised that it is about the remarkable and exceptional "Sailor moon". Many fans, and maybe fans, after watching just got so excited that he had set out to look anything like this masterpiece of anime.But I didn't know what to take.

In this top 10 presents the anime series, the plot and the concept which is close in spirit to the many beloved "Sailor moon".

10. Sakura – catcher cards1998

The main character of this anime, as the name implies, the girl, or rather ten-year-old girl named Sakura Kinomoto.

By accident (as often happens) she finds in the basement of some magic book and some Clow cards. Subsequently, it appears that these maps were created many years ago, the powerful sorcerer Clow reed.

Sakura, led by their curiosity, trying to open the book, but it is locked, and the actions of girls "afraid" of the Clow cards, and they are scattered throughout the city.

Time published of books the guardian gives Sakura magical powers and obliges to find all of the lost Clow cards. But this path will not be easy.

9. Tokyo Meow Meow2002-2003

This is the name of a scientific experiment, which was started by Professor Shirogane, and was dedicated to the crossing of human and animal DNA.

During the accident, the Professor and his wife died, but their son decided to continue the experiment. The purpose of this experience is not accidental: Tokyo is threatened, and to prevent it will be only five girls whose DNA is randomly mixed with several animals, namely: iriomotejima cat blue Lori hermit bisperas sea pig, Golden tamarins and the wolf.

Girls are completely different, both appearance and character, but this does not prevent them to unite into one bold command to give evil a strong resistance.

8. Knights of magic1994

And again the plot revolves around a schoolgirl. Only now they are not five, and three. One bright day, Hikaru Shido, UMI, and Fu ryuzaki Haozi decided to go on a tour. But not just anywhere, but a very tall TV tower that is located in the heart of Tokyo.

Suddenly, three Schoolgirls see a strange flash of light, hear the call for help and automatically moved to another dimension.

I don't understand, girls see in front of the Master Mage Clef, who tells them that they were in another world called Cephiro. And I called, them here the ruler of Cephiro emerald. She asks the girls to help save this wonderful place.

7. Pretty cure2004-2005

And again, school girls, where do without them. Nagisa and Honoka accidentally find themselves embroiled in a battle with magical creatures. "How would they know that?" you can ask the inquisitive audience. It is very simple.

The girls met two of magical creatures, arrived on Earth from the garden of Light. Name these babies Mepl and Mipl. They had to flee from their world to be saved and try to save at least a few Prism Stones, which support power Garden Light.

Mepl and Mipl asking for the help of Nagisa and Honoka, because most of them do not appeal to anyone. The girls have to agree to form a team of "Pretty cure" and send to save another world from evil forces.

6. Mermaid melody Petey Petey2003-2004

Falling in love is very dangerous. Especially in guys. Especially if he's a guy and a girl – mermaid. Here the situation is much more complicated. However, Lucia is not just a mermaid but a real Princess of the underwater Kingdom.

Once upon a time she gave her the jewel (talisman, which has each mermaid), a boy named Kaito, saving his life. But without the talisman Lucia to live a long time can not.

She has to get reacquainted with Kaito, posing as the name Nanami and try to establish a relationship with him. This would be Oh how difficult, because Kaito has changed, become a lady killer and NAS much in love with him.

5. Earth maiden Arjuna2001

No one knows what awaits him after death. It is possible that heaven or hell. Or maybe pitch black. But in the case of Junai Ariyoshi situation unfolded in a completely different way.

During a trip to Japan with my boyfriend it happens unexpectedly and Jun dies. Being a spirit, she watches the planet from the inside devour creatures like worms.

Before the girl appears Chris, a strong spirit in the body of a little boy. He promises to revive her if she will compete for the planet and try to save her.

4. The dog demon Keeper2000

Not quite a typical representative of the top, but certainly, many people very much enjoy it. The main character Kagome, as many of her ancestors live in Shintoism the temple. There she lived in peace, while the younger brother asked her to look into the pit, which failed their pet cat.

In the well on a girl attacked by a scary demon socionika, threatening to kill and requires Four Stone shower. Not knowing what was going on, Kagome fighting off the demon, but after getting out of the well, is no longer in modern Japan, as in medieval.

Looking around, she finds under the big tree sleeping boy with dog ears. After some time it turns out that Kagome – reincarne the previous Keeper of the Stone of Four souls, and many years ago it was destroyed. And now, its protection falls on the fragile shoulders of Kagome and the boys with dog ears who is a demon.

3. Knights of the zodiac1986-1989

This anime series, though not new, but the story will definitely find its fan. In the beginning of the event a hundred orphans were elected and sent to different parts of the world to become great warriors. They are called saints.

Each of them is a warrior, the Greek goddess of wisdom and strength of Athena. Also, each Saint is associated with protecting its constellation.

The main character, Seiya, already trained, and returns to Japan. There he was horrified to learn that on the day of departure from the country, lost his sister.

Seiya draws to people who have a direct relation to his learning and in response to hearing a proposal to participate in the tournament, "the Galactic war". If he wins, will help him to find his sister.

2. Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind1984

A masterpiece from a brilliant Japanese film Director, Miyazaki Hayao. Every anime that creates this man – undisputed hit, but if you compare his stories with "Sailor moon", the "Nausicaa" would be the closest.

All events occur after a global catastrophe – industrial world collapsed, and now the planet is inhabited by giant trees and mushrooms, which are released into the air poisonous spores.

The remnants of humanity huddle in the settlements, someone is trying to live peacefully, and someone is at war with its neighbors for the remains of food.

But there is a separate area, the Valley of the Winds, the inhabitants of which are not going to enter into any conflict. At the head of the valley is their Princess Nausicaa is a young and kind girl who understands the nature and even giant insects that now inhabit the Earth.

1. Slayers1995

Lina Inverse, a mighty sorceress and cheerful, the storm all of the bandits quickly gained popularity and love of the audience thanks to the TV anime series "Slayers".

Like "Sailor moon", the story saw the light of day in the 90-ies of the last century. Perhaps the "Slayers" were at one time also popular, although now there are enthusiasts who wish to get acquainted with Lina Inverse, her adventures and fun with friends.

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