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10 major mistakes in hair care


Every woman dreams of a beautiful and healthy hair. No matter which hairstyle is in fashion, long and thick hair are always in trend.

Here are just a few decades ago women easily without salon treatments, hair dryers and irons. They washed your hair with bar soap, rinsed with chamomile, and the shampoos have not even dreamed of.

Surprisingly, but in those days it was a lot more women with long thick hair, and it's not just in fashion. This fact is easy to explain – the hair had to "endure" the effects of high temperatures, they are not tormented by various miraculous means.

Of course, no one encourages modern girls to return to the soap and chamomile. They just need to understand that the enhanced hair care is not always good.

Most women are not even aware that every day cause severe damage to your hair.

Below are the 10 major mistakes in hair care. Try to remember them and never to repeat, then your hairstyle will be the envy of all the girls.

10. Do not hide your hair from the sun

Our grandmothers did not go outside without a scarf or hat. Of course, they did it not only because of the careful attitude to the hair, but you can't say that this is not reflected in their appearance.

The modern woman knows that UV light adversely affects the hair, but won't wear a hat even in extreme heat.

Sun's rays capable of deforming the protective layers of hair and internal structure. The hair becomes weak and lifeless. Also do not forget about the harmful effects of ultraviolet light on the scalp.

Overheating can cause hair loss. The sun contributes to loss of color, hair fade. Want to keep their health and beauty, buy summer hat.

9. Confused balm with conditioning

Among girls, many of those who do not see fundamental differences between the balm and air conditioning. It is not only in the name, they perform different functions.

The objective of conditioning is to reduce the negative impact of high temperatures. This tool glues the scales of the hair, removes static electricity.

Balm acts on the same principle, but unlike air conditioning, it consists of useful substances. Balm can cope with a certain problem.

If the girl does not know what is the difference between shampoo and conditioner, about proper hair care, however.

8. Not to tie your hair while swimming in salt water

Sea water is very dry and tangled hair, so before swimming in the sea, take care of your hair. Hairdressers advise to braid a tight braid or make a bun. It is desirable that the hair was on top.

After bathing, you should immediately untwist hair. Be sure to wash them with shampoo and apply a conditioning balm or mask.

7. Too rare to cut off split ends

Women who want to grow long hair, often avoid hairdressers. Every girl needs to know what haircut is not only shortening the length of the hair, but also their recovery.

To hairstyle looked attractive, it is necessary to cut off split ends. Don't believe advertising and rely on hair products.

No shampoos and conditioners are not able to rid you of split ends, just cut.

There is also a view that bobbed hair grow faster. It is not devoid of common sense. Do not worry for long, just enough to cut the hair a few millimeters. Hair will look much neater.

6. Often to straighten your hair termopribor

Of the adverse effects of high temperatures on the hair, but the girls continue to use the irons. The structure of the hair damaged, they become dry, brittle, lifeless. There is a risk to burn the scalp.

If you do not abuse the termopribor not straighten your hair every day, their health can be maintained without much difficulty. Need to monitor the temperature, it should not exceed 200 degrees. You also need to use spray for thermal protection.

5. Spinning a towel like a turban

This mistake is made by almost all women. They don't think about the fact that it causes great harm to their hair. Can not long hold wet locks in the towel. Creates a sauna effect, glands begin to work actively to allocate sebum.

In addition, wet hair is very vulnerable, they are easily damaged, so twisting is not exactly is good for them.

Pat dry with a towel, this will be enough. Do not RUB or twist the strands. If you need to quickly dry your hair, use a trick: heat a towel on the battery and wipe them out.

4. To keep the hair dryer at the right angle

A lot of mistakes women make while drying with a hair dryer. Many people prefer not to use a nozzle, explaining that without her hair dried faster.

It is not, a concentrated stream of air promotes a more thorough and rapid drying. A big plus of using the nozzle: it produces a basal volume.

There is one more important detail – the correct location of the Hairdryer. In any case do not keep it at the right angle. Blow hot air perpendicular to the strands, and on their surface. So less damaged hair structure.

3. Rarely wash combs

This is probably the most common mistake. Women care for the hair, buy expensive tools, allow yourself a salon treatment, but not care about the cleanliness of combs.

It is recommended to wash them every two weeks, and for those who daily uses styling products once a week. If you look at the comb, you can see grey deposits. It's dead skin cells, sebum and germs.

Now imagine that every day all this stuff touches your hair. They quickly become dirty, there is dandruff or irritation. Weekly dipping your brush will protect you from all these problems.

2. Overheating tongs or straightening irons

If styling needs to be done quickly, the girls put the maximum temperature on the forceps or otuzco. They are not afraid of even the fact that the hair is still very dry.

If you want your hair healthy, forget about haste, treat them with care. Maximum heating temperature – 200 degrees for dry hair, 140 – wet.

At higher temperatures, they lose moisture and change their structure. Hair become weak and brittle. Don't forget to use heat styling products.

Twisted curls-if you already sprayed them with varnish. The alcohol heats up, the hair begins to melt.

1. Not to care for the scalp

There are few people who do not pay attention to your hair, and those who know nothing about the care of the scalp very much. The condition of the hair depends on the condition of the skin, so she needs very careful care. Raduyte its peels, masks.

To determine the type of the scalp is not difficult, usually it coincides with the type of skin. If you are not experiencing any problems with the skin, it is enough once a month to do the peeling.

Very useful head massage, it helps to fill the hair with oxygen and nutrients.

If the skin is problematic, should be paid to care for her a little more time. If dandruff, itching and irritation use medical means. Regular shampoo is not an assistant. Peel will have to do more often 1 – 2 times a week.

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