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10 clubs from the lower divisions that once were giants


Looking for some football clubs who are now playing in the second or even the third power division of the country, it is hard to imagine that once they become Champions of the main event and fought for the victory in the competition.

Let's remember 10 half-forgotten teams which are not only rich in history but also have a handsome trophy in the club Museum.

10. Leeds United

Football club "Leeds United" from the eponymous small town was incorporated in 1919 and is currently one of the most famous in England. This does not prevent even the fact that the team has more than 10 years not playing in the Premier League, pitching in the championship.

Now Leeds is in the top three, which was a significant breakthrough, as previous seasons they finished in the second half of the table.

But in 1968 they won the UEFA Cup and the English League Cup, in 1972, took the Cup of England, and in 1975 reached the Champions League final. In addition, on account of their 3 League titles in the top division.

9. Nottingham Forest

Another English club (today the majority) which year in a row hangs the second half of the tournament table of the championship, and his fans sadly remember times when it was at its peak.

For two consecutive years, 1979 and 1980 "Nottingham" had won the Champions Cup, won the European super Cup 1979 and became national champion in 1978.

In addition, the team scored two wins in the FA Cup and four League cups.

8. Kaiserslautern

The German club was founded in 1900 and during the first 3 years of existence, it was formed from 5 different clubs by the merger.

In the 50's and 90's "Kaiserslautern" was one of the leaders of the Bundesliga, taking the gold medal at the "Bavaria", and is under force not to everyone.

Club champion 4 times: 1951, 1953, 1991 and 1998. In 1990 and 1996 he took away the German Cup, and in 1991 he was subjected to and the super Cup.

In 1982 and 2001, the Kaiser reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in 1999 and reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

As for the current situation of the team, they sad: middle of the table in the third Bundesliga, in which she will spend at least next season.

7. Blackburn Rovers

This club is among the teams that founded the Football League England until 1936, he was one of the giants, twice winning the League title.

This was followed by a strong decline, prolonged for more than a century, until in the 90s in Blackburn do not come investors, invited for the post of coach Kenny Dalglish. He, and then the brilliant Alan Shearer and David Batty managed to raise the club from the bottom and again to make him the champion of the Premier League in 1995.

Thus, in the asset of "vagrants" has 3 wins in the main championship, 6 FA Cups, one super Cup and the League Cup. And now they are in the second half of the championship table, not appearing in the Premier League.

6. Sheffield Wednesday

At the beginning of the 20th century "owl" was one of the major forces of English football along "Blackburn", four became Champions of the country three times and lifted the FA Cup and once won the super bowl.

At the same time, they played well and in the international arena, even to win a single trophy and failed. After the war, "Sheffield" became much fever, so that they become the norm to not even fall in the second and the third English division.

Their last trophy dates back to the 1990/91 season: then they could win the League Cup. Besides all the above, the club is a champion long ago sunk into oblivion Football Alliance season 1899/90.

5. Bolton Wanderers

"Trotters" are just another club among the founders of the Football League, and one of the oldest: it was founded in 1874 (then had the name "Christ Church", as it was created by members of the local Church).

In its history, Bolton was able to achieve good results in the domestic arena: 3 titles in the First League, 4 wins in the Cup, one super Cup, and a scattering of silver and bronze medals.

Now the "pilgrims" are middle of the championship and have long been seriously not even pretend to qualify for the Premier League, not to mention some significant trophies.

4. Ipswich Town

If you are interested in English football, then a team could not even hear. It really is a modest club from a small town with a small stadium is only 30 000 people, but with quite a rich past.

In the middle of the last century "tractor" played in the European Cup, beating giants such as AC Milan, real Madrid and Barcelona. In the end, Ipswich still managed to take victory in the final, winning the UEFA Cup in 1981.

Three years earlier they had also taken the FA Cup, and in the 1961/62 season and were winners of the First division. Now the club is in last place in the championship and next season will begin the division below.

3. Sunderland

Whereas the people of Sunderland are already there, which will leave Ipswich, keeping the chances of a return to championship.

"Black cats" for a long time held the record for number of seasons in the top division without crashes: the club hasn't left the elite for 68 seasons, from 1890 to 1958.

At the moment that they have with a whopping 6 League titles, but they were all won before the war, some even before the First world war.

For the first time, they were the winners of the tournament in 1892, he defended his title in 1893, then won it again in 1895, 1902, 1913 and 1936.

2. Deportivo La Coruna

This Spanish club was founded in 1906, is now in the top ten of Segunda (the second power of the Spanish League), demonstrating recent years been very weak.

In memory of loyal fans still fresh memories of season 1999/00, when the blue and white managed to snatch a fight first and only championship (5 times they were Vice-Champions, a bit reaching the first line). Also on account of the 2 Cup and 3 Spanish super Cup.

1. Wolverhampton

We conclude with the team though, and spends this season in the EPL, but she returned there recently and no one will be surprised when the "wolves" again will fly.

Founded in 1877 the club's present name was given only in 1923, having by that time already to get two FA cups.

In 50-ies of the last century, "Wolverhampton" three times champion of the country, and, among other awards includes 4 Cup and super Cup and 2 League Cup.

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