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10 stars who allow their young children to paint


A month is the Day of protection of children, so we are overdue one hot topic – and whether to allow makeup to their young children?

Increasingly, I notice the city is not only teenagers but also students, even kids with dyed hair, painted nails and bright makeup.

Where do you watch modern mothers and who are they trying to educate? The child "learns" to what is accepted in society solely on the clothes, and the spiritual qualities to look for not necessarily.

And stars do anything to the popularity of their young children every day increased. Of course, because they want heirs to continue his business and career successful, so teach "trading entity" from an early age. Shameless stars who use their kids for self-promotion and promotion.

Today we will reveal 10 mom-villains that encourage children to use makeup, paint and other cosmetic procedures.

10. Beyonce

Pop Queen for so long waiting for their first child that now spoils the daughter as best he can. In Hollywood I'm the "Golden child" who walks in the clothes of fashion designers, resting in the resorts and even has his own clothing brand.

Mom teaches blue ivy to stand out among the others hanging on baby a ton of accessories and fashionable outfits. Ivy herself is also accustomed to salon procedures – goes to styling and manicures, learn wear any make-up alone, to endure cosmetic procedures.

The grown girl can be found in the city with a noticeable makeup and styling, because her cute natural African hair quite unruly.

9. Kate Hudson

Famous Hollywood actress adores her son Ryder from her husband Chris Robinson. In the 9 years she decided to give the boy the freedom of choice in terms of star image.

Ryder, even though he was a kid, controversially, experimented with style and hairstyles. For example, he wanted to dye my hair in shades of green, blue and pink.

Kate made the comment to journalists, she was pleased with the ways of expression of her son. However, she should pay attention to the psychological problems of the child, because the son is by nature wants to imitate the power and logic of the father, not the whimsical and consumerism to the mother. What kind of questionable habits?

8. Victoria Beckham

Couple of Bekhemov loves all her 4 children and allow them to Express as they wish. For example, the Eldest son was strong-willed and difficult child, and in 15 years, first dye your hair blonde just for the reason that blondes are supposedly more fun live.

The first daughter and fourth child in the family is also a real favourite. Little Harper parents dressed in branded clothes and accessories, and even the Wiki allows her to wear makeup, including bright lipstick. Photographers have created a girl with bright manicure and highlighted hair.

7. Gwen Stefani

The singer believes that her 10-year-old son has the right look for themselves, despite the suspicious preferences in its own style.

Kensington since the age of five out on the street with painted nails, and later started dyeing my hair in pink, then blue, then bright shade.

Of course, the kid is the son of a rock star, but that does not mean that his image should be "women's stuff". Was very alarmed and saying to Gwen that she would have gladly accepted his gay son and would be grateful to God for him.

Sound sincere, psychologically healthy because every mother wants their child to create a healthy family.

6. Katie Holmes

A famous actress with a famous husband Tom cruise very much overall spoiling daughter Suri. Holmes postponed his career in order to devote herself to motherhood and begin to raise a daughter like yourself.

For example, she allows Suri to paint your nails, wear light in the winter shoes. Haircuts from child star not adults, and outfits.

At 10 years old, Suri is painted quite vividly, choosing a juicy and highly visible shades of lipstick. Manicure girls are also evident, for which Holmes is often subjected to the judgment of other moms.

5. Jessica Simpson

The singer told reporters that her daughter Maxwell began taking mom's makeup back in 2 years. The woman had indulged in the entertainment of the baby, with the result that she never thought of herself without makeup, especially lipstick or gloss on the lips. But the child is only 6 years old!

4. Angelina Jolie

Righteous Angelina, Angelina-philanthropist – that's what I think about the actress all her fans. Unfortunately, the past women were not so cloudless, and in spite of the good mission, it takes not the best example for foster children.

For example, Maddox 3 years already could "boast" blue bangs. Re-staining was 7 years of age. Where the parents are watching while the public is rightly angry?

3. Courteney Cox

Beloved daughter Coco with David Arquette a real favourite in the family. For the premiere of the movie little 10-year-old girl showed up with stained lashes and deep red lipstick. Critics, of course, said it's a parent's omission, but the Courtney sees no problem.

2. Ksenia Borodina

Does not lag behind foreign colleagues and Russian mom – show-diva Borodin. To the ceremony with her 8-year-old daughter Marusya didn't just makeup, and with a very heavy "paint": painted lashes, eyeliner and red lips.

Even ardent fans Borodina angry, why teach a child to cosmetics ahead of time, the more it ages the young and the delicate features of a little girl.

1. Jada Pinkett Smith

Mom star with a famous husband will Smith have strongly respoasible children, giving them the opportunity to find myself without any restrictions.

So, Jaden is 14 years old managed to paint the back of the head in the flag, and after 6 months it brightened and top. Far left, and sister willow, who at 8 years old attended the red carpet with bright makeup – the girl wore pink lipstick and blue shadow. 4 years later willow appeared with pink hair, then purple and green.

We sincerely deplore the negligence of the parents and permissiveness, which they use in the education of their heirs.

Children need to explain what is good and what is bad in this life. And change using synthetic means natural children's beauty – this is clearly a category of "bad."

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