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10 cases of blatant plagiarism in rock music


Plagiarism in the rock music business everyday. Brutal rockers sometimes behave quite blatantly, copying the introduction or the chorus of peers.

Admit that courage enough not at all, so the scandals on the basis of musical theft has happened, happens and will happen.

10. Bon Jovi and Bonnie Tyler vs Ankie Bagger

In 1986 singer Bonnie Tyler recorded the song If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man), the chorus of which in the same year, used Bon Jovi in his song You Give Love A Bad Name.

In this case, no plagiarism was not and it was by agreement of the parties. Both songs were quite successful (although the version Bon Jovi still won), so the producer of Swedish singer Ankie Bagger decided to take a cool motif of the chorus and record for his ward single, Where Were You Last Night.

This case is one of the most outrageous, as the singer Ankie Bagger became famous for this single. It is popular even now, and covers him present in the repertoire of many artists, such as Nightwish.

9. Breaking Benjamin vs DEATHGAZE

The guys from Breaking Benjamin knows every self-respecting fan of alternative rock, but it was not always so: in 2006 it was not easy to famous all over the world as it is now.

The band released the track The Diary of Jane, and the home of artists hit did not, and in Asia and it does nobody heard, as the Internet at that time was not so common.

This took advantage of the band DEATHGAZE, cleaned slazav the whole song, giving her his calling and Forsaken.

Many are still the audacity with which it was made: the Japanese have not even tried to disguise the theft and shred music.

8. The Offspring vs. Ranetki

All previous and subsequent cases of plagiarism seem not so terrible, as if to ignore the fact of the theft, that song was good. But this ...

To take is probably the main group hit The Offspring Pretty Fly, and create on its basis "We are Ranetki girls" this is how to steal a Lamborghini design and create on its basis "Zaporozhets".

7. "The king and the Clown" vs Scars on broadway

It is considered that Russian rockers like to borrow a motive from the Western colleagues, but sometimes (rarely) it happens the opposite. It happened with the song Insane group Scars on broadway.

The composition of a side project of the guitarist Of System Of A Down Daron Malakian of very much like a "Reflection" of our keisha.

Introduction, the connections to the verses, the drum beat and lost in the middle of the song wrote is clearly not Malakian.

6. New Model Army vs "the king and the Clown"

And in this case the Pot and companions can safely be accused of plagiarism. One of their biggest hits, the song "the Northern fleet" almost entirely "stripped" of the track group the Vagabonds New Model Army.

Even people on the ears which are regularly walking bear, easy to notice the similarity. Quite funny when listening to a foreign song you so tempted to shout "Hoi" because the motive is familiar.

5. Sunny Day Real Estate vs Marilyn Manson

You hardly ever heard about the American indie rockers Sunny Day Real Estate, but who was definitely listening, so it's a great and terrible Marilyn Manson.

In his song Putting Holes In Happiness it does not just refer to the track SDRE Killed by Angel, and blatantly copies the entry, the motive and the chorus. Due to the fact that the victim indie band nobody knows nor remembers, plagiarism was not accompanied by scandal.

4. Linkin Park vs Axxis

The Germans from the band Axxis playing music in the style of power-metal for three decades, and despite the fact that the global popularity they have gained locally, the team is quite recognizable.

They differ in the identity and in their work there is no hint of plagiarism with the exception of one case. For your track For More Than One Day they totally copied the chorus of Leave Out All The Rest Linkin Park rockers. It's funny that in the rest of the songs have nothing in common: Axxis wrote the song, but for some reason, put it to music from someone else's chorus.

3. The Beatles vs Chuck Berry

This story has more than a dozen years, but fans of early rock ' n ' roll must have heard about it. Chuck berry, common is considered one of the founding fathers of the genre, often served as a role model: everyone wanted to be like him, so he wrote things very similar, but still their.

The cult group The Beatles went further, borrowing for your songs Come Together a lot of creations You Can't Catch Me Chuck berry.

In particular, the latter has the line "Here come a flat-top, he was movin' up with me", Lennon sings "Here come ol' flat top, he come groovin' up slowly".

The plagiarism was obvious, but before the trial is not reached because the parties were able to resolve the conflict and reach an amicable agreement. Apparently, the Beatles paid a decent amount as compensation.

2. Spirit vs Led Zeppelin

All over the world now not many people who remember or at least just knows the Spirit group, and even fewer of those who heard their instrumental song Taurus.

But once upon a time, in the 60-ies of the last century, the legendary Led Zeppelin played Spirit's opening act.

In the 21st century surviving members of that group suddenly get the feeling that Jimmy page stole the guitar too much for the song Stairway To Heaven from their track Taurus.

By the time both groups have not appeared, and Randy California, Spirit frontman, has died. The court left the plaintiffs with nothing, finding that plagiarism in this case was not.

1. The Hollies vs Radiohead

Underground rockers "Masha and bears" in the late 90s, notably noise in Russia with the song "Lyuba", which was then known as the chorus.

Not immediately, but gradually, the fans noticed that the arrangement is very similar to the Creep from Radiohead, but this is not the most interesting.

Known in the 70s band the Hollies sued Radiohead in court, as he felt Creep plagiarized from their track, 1973 The Air I Breathe.

Even more interesting, this case makes the fact that the court did not reveal the winner and true of the author: both teams were deemed equal authors of the songs, so the revenues from it are now rewarded equally.

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