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10 adorable Actresses from the cult TV series of the 90s


Nineties of the last century can without exaggeration be called the era of the series. Soap operas, situation comedies, action-Packed stories that stretch for tens of episodes, then enjoyed great popularity.

And of course, playing the main roles in loved mnogoserijnyj became the idols of millions. The names of the Actresses from this collection at the time, thundered to the whole world.

In the nineties they were known to even those who have not watched the series. Their on-screen heroine loved, suffered, amused and defeated the forces of evil.

They are so different, but each of them has made a very significant contribution to the development of world TV series industry.

10. Mayim Bialik, "Blossom"

Mayim Bialik is a famous American actress, remembered by the audience for her role in a TV Comedy blossom. This megastrike immerses the viewer in the story of a divorced single father, abandoned the mother of his children.

The heroine of the series, which was performed Mayim is the only girl in the family, watching what is happening around you, constantly makes lessons then she can be useful in life.

Mayim decided to devote himself to the world of cinema, despite the fact that a PhD in philosophy. Now the actress continues to delight his fans with new series.

In 2017, has played in 11 season of famous show big Bang Theory. Lately she almost never appears on the screen, giving much time to the children and their Hobbies.

9. Helen Kane, "Helen and the boys"

Helen Kane – popular in 90-e years, the French actress and singer, who gained international fame after the release of the youth television series Ellen and the boys.

Despite its mega, Ellen at some point became burdened by the fact that it has become hostage to one role. So she chose to focus on his favorite subject music and has released several albums in the 90s.

In 2018, the Roll continues to participate in the French music programs and talk shows. For Russian audience it is, of course, remained in the memory of that cute blonde girl from the show about the happy life of French youth.

8. Brett Butler, "grace on fire"

The American actress, widely known for the title role in Comedy series grace in the fire that went on for five years. In February 1998 due to completely uncontrolled behaviour Butler, is caused by drug addiction, she was fired from the television series.

Also, the actress has admitted that during the filming of grace in the fire, she was addicted to pain medication, which she had to spend some time in a rehabilitation center.

By the way, in the early 2000s, the Russian screens out domestic adaptation of this series called Luba, children and factory with Tatiana Dogileva in the title role. However, he was unable to repeat the success of the original and very quickly was closed.

7. Lucy lawless, "Xena — warrior Princess"

The story of the fearless Xena and her loyal companion Gabrielle dipped the entire world in the history of the battles, feelings and friendship. Strong, masculine and extremely charismatic main character, expertly wielding a sword, very quickly liked by the audience.

The series became a hit in many countries and brought the charismatic performer starring world famous.

In 2010 Lucy received the role of the wife of the owner of the Gladiator school of Lucretia in the show Spartacus: Blood and sand.

6. Melissa Joan HART, "Sabrina, the teenage witch"

The American actress, became popular for her role as Sabrina – a small witch. Also, she remembered the audience participation in the show Melissa and Joey.

In addition to her acting career, HART, along with his parents runs a production company and a candy store, as well as developing her own line of designer jewelry.

5. Heather Locklear, "Melrose Place"

A cunning schemer and the Heartbreaker Amanda loved by many fans of the cult series of the 90s, Melrose place. With the advent of this character, the ratings of the TV series skyrocketed up.

Locklear was nominated four times for Golden globe award as best performer of female roles in the television series.

The peak of its popularity began in 1994, when the actress starred on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and performed at the famous Comedy show Saturday Night Live.

It is known that in 2008, Heather tried to commit suicide due to protracted depression. After this incident, which almost became tragic, the actress for a long time came to himself in a psychiatric hospital.

4. Jane Seymour, "Dr. Quinn, a female doctor"

This British actress got fame thanks to his part in the serial drama Dr. Quinn: Female doctor.

In addition to this work, she was remembered by the audience for her role in the legendary film Live and let die on the adventures of James bond, and the political Thriller the French revolution.

The actress is the winner of prestigious awards: Emmy, Golden globe and a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

In 1999 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded Jane Seymour the title of officer of the Order of the British Empire.

3. Sheryl Lee, "Twin Peaks"

The American actress, is involved exclusively in independent film. To the mass audience she is remembered for her role as Laura Palmer in the cult TV series 1990-ies of the twin Peaks.

This series became a film debut. The success of Lee in twin Peaks helped her get the starring role in the mini-series Love Lies and Murder in the episode in the picture David Lynch's Wild at heart.

She, among others, was involved in several scenes for Vilma love You to death as one of a succession of mistresses of the protagonist. However, these scenes were later cut by Director during installation.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Buffy the vampire Slayer"

Who was a teenager in the 90s, he certainly remembers the TV series Buffy the vampire Slayer. In the beginning, the actress auditioned for another character, but instead, it adopted the role of Buffy girls, which every day packs exterminates a different kind of evil.

The popularity of this mnogoseriyki was high, so the series decided to go on 7 seasons.

Gellar was very popular among young people, filmography girls rapidly increased, however, her attempts to fall in love with the adult audience were unsuccessful.

1. Natalia Oreiro, "Wild angel"

Natalia Oreiro – star Latin American TV shows of the 90-ies. This is a charismatic and brilliant actress, gifted singer and model, she is also a goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

Most of all she loved by the Russian audience thanks to the participation in the TV series Wild angel.

In 2018, Natalia Oreiro recorded the single for the world Cup called United By Love, performed in three languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

In the video for this song Oreiro performs a fiery dance on the streets of Uruguay in the Russian kokoshnik.

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