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10 outstanding scientists who have left Russia


Americans are proud of their contribution to world science. Many famous scientists have been able in this country to be realized, to make the most important discoveries that changed the world.

But in our country also there are smart, capable people. But due to the fact that at the time, for these were not normal conditions, they chose to emigrate from Russia.

10. Boris Aleksandrovich Bakhmetev

This is a known public figure, scientist. In 1917, the Provisional government entrusted him with an important job. He was supposed to meet with the us government to borrow money for the purchase of equipment and machinery. He showed himself as an intelligent man.

In June of the same year was formed the Russian Embassy in America, and Boris Alexandrovich was appointed Ambassador. After the October revolution he decided to stay in the United States. He helped in the regeneration of the immigrants who arrived from Russia.

He went into business and was interested in hydrodynamics, conducted research at Columbia University, and in 1931 even became a Professor.

He first began to apply the techniques of aerodynamics in fluid dynamics, he has written several scientific papers, which received wide acclaim. Earned many awards.

9. Vladimir Kozmich Zworykin

He is considered one of the founders of the television. He was born in a wealthy family. His father traded grain, owned a steamship company. But Vladimir himself with a childhood interest in physics, helped her father that repaired the fault in the mains courts.

He became an engineer-technologist, graduated from the Institute in St. Petersburg, continued his education in Paris. When the civil war began, was hiding in Yekaterinburg, Omsk.

In 1919 he went on a business trip to new York and stayed there, because return has been nowhere. In 1923, he, after some research, filed a patent application: TV, which was working on the electronic principle. And in 1929 Vladimir Kozmich has developed the kinescope, and later IKE in 1940 got a color TV.

8. Otto Lyudvigovich Struve

It is one of the most famous astrophysicists of the twentieth century. Born in the city of Kharkov in family of astronomers. His great-grandfather founded the Pulkovo Observatory, and his grandfather, uncle and father continued the family dynasty.

Otto graduated from high school, entered the University of Kharkiv, but then on the advice of his father moved to the Mikhailovsky artillery school. He fought in the army of Anton Denikin against the Bolsheviks, was wounded.

In 1921, Struve moved to new York, where he received his doctorate at the University of Chicago and also worked in Yorkskoy Observatory. He has long studied the spectral double star, designed and built the spectrograph, etc.

7. Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky

All over the world know the name of this aircraft, which was created in 1913, the airplane "Russian Vityaz", and in 1914 – "Ilya Muromets", a seaplane and a helicopter single-rotor system.

He was born in an intellectual family, she studied first at the Naval Academy, then at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, he attended there the circle "Aeronautical section".

Their first helicopters invented in the years 1908-1911. But none of them could fly with the pilot. Then Igor decided to make a plane in 1910 he was able to lift it into the air.

"Russian Vityaz" and "Ilya Muromets" was created from 1912 to 1914, they won all the top prizes at the competition aircraft. After the revolution, he flew first to London, and then moved to Paris in 1919, moved to the United States.

There he founded an aviation company and he worked on the construction of helicopters. In addition, he was fond of theology, philosophy, headed Pushkin and Tolstoy society.

6. Stepan Prokofyevich Timoshenko

This is a famous scientist-mechanic who has made a significant contribution to the development of the theory of elasticity. He was born the son of a surveyor, he studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of ways of communication, became a Professor at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

In 1919, when the famous scientist, academician, decided to move abroad. In 1922 he was invited to the USA by his former student Seelow. In 1927 he became a Professor at the Department of mechanics of the University of Michigan and then Stanford University.

He wrote many works on continuum mechanics and mechanics of materials, worked on a number of theories. In modern structural mechanics continually refers to "stove Tymoshenko." He also created training manuals for those who receive engineering education.

5. Georgy Antonovich Gamov

The famous American theoretical physicist born in Odessa in the family of hereditary nobleman. Father encouraged George's fascination with science helped him to enter the Novorossiysk University.

Later, Gamow decided to get an education at the University of Petrograd. There he went to the circle of physicists-minded, they are together called "the jazz gang".

In 1928 he went to Germany for an internship. As the mainstream has chosen the theory of the atomic nucleus, namely alpha-decay.

When the time trip was up, he went to Copenhagen. There he was able to talk with Niels Bohr. He invited him to stay at the Institute and arranged for Gamow scholarship.

In 1931 the scientist returned to Leningrad, worked in nuclear physics. In the autumn of 1933 he went with his wife to a Congress in Brussels and decided not to return to the USSR.

He became a "defector." But these years were fruitful for him. He proposed a model of "hot Universe", has contributed to molecular biology, etc.

4. Theodosius Dobzhansky

The famous American geneticist born in Ukraine. He's still in his childhood decided to become a biologist, was fond of collecting butterflies. After studying, he became acquainted with G. A. Levitsky, through which he has developed an interest in genetics.

He became a famous scientist, wrote about 35 scientific papers on genetics, zootehnice, entomology. In 1927 he went to the United States, receiving a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship.

In 1931, he decides to stay here, and by 1936 became a Professor. There he finished his main book "Genetics and the origin of species" and even became an honorary doctor of divinity.

3. Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov

He was a famous French mathematician of world renown, Nobel prize winner, made a great contribution to geometry. Became a doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences in the USSR, but in 1974 he left the country on an Israeli visa, and later moved to the United States.

Was a Professor at the state University of new York and the University of Paris, etc. he is Now 75 years old, he has earned many titles and awards.

2. David (Dmitry Aleksandrovich) Kazhdan

Born in Moscow, defended his thesis. In the mid-1970s moved to the USA, became Professor at Harvard University.

He was a Jew, therefore, decided to change its name and in 2002 he went to Israel. He became a Professor at the Hebrew University. Laureate Of The Israel Prize. He is now 72 years old.

1. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Voevodskii

Born in Moscow, into a family of scientists. He spent his childhood in a communal apartment. Studied at Moscow state University, was fond of algebraic geometry.

In 1990, his colleague Mikhail Kapranov issued instead application for admission to Harvard University and he was accepted, he was able there to defend his doctoral thesis.

Provincial made a great contribution in algebraicheskoi geometry and foundations of mathematics. Died in 2017.

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