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10 stars who the beard is, of course, to face


Do you have a beard – I'll tell you, "Yes." Pretty cliche from the stupid songs, but still some truth there. Like it or not, but this attribute of appearance, as a beard that can give its owner confidence, radiation to the eyes and seriousness of face.

Lovers smooth men's cheeks indignantly claim that a beard adds to a man age. But this can hardly be called such a global problem, because many men, like wine with age becomes only better.

10. Jake Gyllenhaal

Certainly, 38-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal charming always: even with the beard, even without it. But the way the face changes depending on the presence on it of vegetation, draws on actor attention.

Without the beard, Jake's face seems too thin and a bit childish. It seems that the look is more boyish and girly.

Conversely, the presence of a beard adds Jake with all necessary seriousness, the eyes seem wiser and even, as if looking into the very essence of the human soul.

9. Liam Hemsworth

The Australian actor, who became recognizable and well known worldwide thanks to the film adaptation of the bestselling book "the Hunger games", definitely knows how to please the female half of the audience.

Its impressive Australian appearance sinks into the hearts of many fans. Without the beard, his image seems incomplete, perhaps because he did not shave.

Fans don't mind because with a smooth face, Liam looks so young and helpless. Meanwhile, he is already 29 years old, and last year he even managed to marry his longtime sweetheart Miley Cyrus.

8. Chris Hemsworth

Yes, Australia is clearly rich in beauties. Moreover, on the beauties within the same family. If you look at the three Hemsworth brothers, you can not hesitate to say that each of them is filled to the brim with crazy energy, charisma and endless charm.

Especially the middle brother Chris is well-known to spectators on such films as "Thor," "Avengers," "Cabin in the woods", the "Heart of the sea".

I must say that Chris is beautiful in any way. But the presence or absence of a beard changes him dramatically from the brutal and severe to comely and charming.

7. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck strongly stands out from other Hollywood stars. And it's not even in his appearance, although the beard definitely adds the actor of brutality.

Ben is definitely a very talented man. But whether the Muse visits him with varying degrees of success, whether there are other reasons, but the development of his career occurs very abruptly.

Then it got nominated for Oscars for the screenplays for the films "Good will hunting" and "Operation "Argo", the award "Golden raspberry" for roles in the films "Armageddon" and "pearl Harbor".

Then Ben again admired for the embodiment of the roles in the movie "Disappeared", again blamed for the "Batman vs. Superman". In short, not to notice Ben Affleck is difficult, especially when it's sparkly beard.

6. Chris Evans

Chris Evans, brightly lit up in the film world in 1997. And continues to Shine until now. In 2005, fate brought him to the cinematic world of superheroes, and Chris got the role of Torch in "the Fantastic four".

Many years have passed, and Chris from the Torch turned into a favorite of many Americans, namely Captain America. As a franchise "the Avengers" has gained enormous popularity, and Chris Evans was at times more popular.

Of course, he looks equally as cute with a beard or without, but the beard gives it a seriousness and manliness.

5. Ryan Raynolds

Another Hollywood cutie. It is impossible not to fall in love with Ryan, and it's not just in his appearance. He was insanely charismatic and charming and it is visible to the naked eye.

The role of Rainolds nor take in each of them he literally pulls his charisma with the chain and fired her audience with a machine gun.

Ryan's face without the beard is the most boyish and young and the already mischievous eyes dancing imps. With a beard he immediately adds to the image of a stern but playful brutality that so many women appreciate in men.

4. Will Smith

Hard to remember at least once when will was seen in public without a beard or at least a light stubble. The presence of vegetation on the face adds to it's charm and given the nature of the charm is revealed with even greater force.

Charming smile will have never been on his face. If someone is very curious want to see how it will look like will Smith without a beard, it is best for him to revise the cartoon "shark tale," because the main character, Oscar fish, the spitting image of will.

3. John Krasinski

John Krasinski is a vivid example of a man who a beard not only is, but also strictly required to wear. Of course, to say that without her, John looks unsympathetic, impossible. Only his cunning eyes with a sly able to attract the attention of the casual observer.

But without dense vegetation Mr. Krasinski is like a child-age. Who only wants to be like an adult. But with the beard he immediately turns into a handsome and full-grown man of 39, whom actually is.

2. Tom Hardy

And Tom hardy isn't ever shaved. Or it's just carefully hidden from the paparazzi? In any case, to imagine Tom without even a small facial hair is quite complicated.

In addition, Mr. hardy is already pretty firmly entrenched image of the mother and severe man, which you can always turn in hard times. This image is cool, much to their liking, and therefore whether to abandon it?

1. Jason Momoa

That's certainly the actor, whose place in this top should be the first. After filming in chipawa and megabrutal the TV series "Game of thrones" Jason Momoa became famous around the world.

Its large height, gorgeous muscled, with a MOP of hair and a gorgeous beard turned him into a pet more than half of both female and male part of the audience of the series.

And although at the moment, Jason shaved his beard and is quite pleased with herself, fans secretly hope he will change his decision.

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