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10 proven skoronski rituals and techniques for the fulfillment of desires


Skoronski rituals is a special magic that can change every life for the better. Rituals invented by Ukrainian psychologists, you can use them regularly – in the magic included a fun, experimental and truly effective action.

Skoronski rituals can attract in life, luck, love, wealth, to assist in the implementation of desires and gain health.

Main task – using techniques to get rid of inner tension, which prevents to live and get what you want. This can be done by using positive thoughts through which we create our own reality.

Simianity means to find a way out in comic form, taking advantage of the exciting ceremonies. It will help to look at the situation from a different angle.

10. Happiness in the platter

We used that to get what is difficult and energy consuming. Remember how in the childhood we easily got what I wanted, what's the secret? The meaning of the phrase of Ostap Bender "on a silver platter" is that the desired can be obtained without effort.

The essence of this ritual is – you need to hold it in comic form, and the desired will come true.

Take the saucer, not forgetting that it must be a blue platter and place on the bottom of the object, symbolizing the desire: for example, money or an engagement ring. It is necessary that at your request it was donated.

To enhance the effect of the rite cut foil star of any size and hang it where you often visit.

9. Ritual "Appear"

When you do the visualization, it is advisable to look up – not down, not sideways, and upwards. For starters you can practice on your lost things – maybe you lost a scrunchie or house keys?

Try the following. Focus your gaze upwards, eyes closed. Clearly imagine what you want, and make it, in the case of the lost thing, say: "the Scrunchie, let me find it!"

Ask with enthusiasm, with joy. This ritual you can try to use a more global desires.

8. Stick a limpet

"Stuck like a limpet" – probably each of you heard this phrase. Her talking about the man who imposed on, and get rid of it pretty hard.

A property of the sheet to adhere to you, it's in favor. Cut a sheet of paper, a prototype of the bath, write on it his dream, and attach to the desired point.

In simmonscom ritual uses the leaves of oak or birch – they write with a marker your goals. To apply such a "tattoo" for a few hours.

7. Magic mirror

You have to take a powder compact and clean the mirror – use the water with salt. Salt water cleans the surface from the negative, problems and failures. Cleaning should hold necessarily.

Then write on the mirror (glass) positive words, for example: "I'm happy," "I am loved" "I am full of creativity!"

After manipulation done mirror transformerait your thoughts in favorable events. Staring at his own reflection, repeat your wish out loud. And use technique every time when you open the mirror.

At the time of the ritual is prohibited to remain in a negative state and is skeptical about the action.

6. Ritual on the Day of birth

The day before her birthday (or the birthday) purchase a jar of raspberry jam. Raspberries are considered the berry of optimists, symbolizes the sweet life of love and wealth. It is this berry, and will help you in execution of secret desires.

The outside of the jar, attach a sticker with the following content: "No chief, and raspberries". After a certain number of days – 27, (this number is considered magical in skoronski magic) eat the contents. After that, expect nice changes that won't make you wait.

5. Ritual "25 dreams"

For this technique there is a prerequisite – all the desires you need to write twice, that is 25 desires, and each of them 2 times. Then say in a whisper: "All my desires are fulfilled without effort, as if by themselves, all will be just the way I want!"

In the following days (approximately 10 days) don't deny yourself anything, try to pamper yourself – eat your favorite food, buy nice clothes, enjoy the little things.

Experts have noticed that most of the wishes come true to those who is often in a euphoric state and does not refuse treats. That is, those who looks at the world positively.

4. Ritual "Magic potion"

If you are used to buy pot red– buy it as you need it. Put a pot of water on the stove, prepare the spices, herbs and garlic. Adding to the water magical ingredients, visualize your desire, and pronounce them aloud with each added serving.

Each phrase is desirable to complete so: "I Agree to any positive result". It is known that the voice vibration able to create a certain energy field, and it is implemented in life.

Add to soup or cream sauce, not forgetting that you have to eat. At this point, the desire talked again. Pour the soup into a bowl (better if it is a gold band) and eat 3 tablespoons.

3. The ceremony of "Jumping tiger"

In the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh" Tigger jumped up and down on his tail, use this idea – look in your closet for something striped. In addition to the image shake their hair.

Jumping in high spirits should be accompanied by the following words: "On your tail I can to the sky to fly, and soar and along the way lots and lots of money will cover!"

For each request, choose the right rhyme. Do not forget about the number 27 is the number of jumps you have to make. It is best to carry out a fun ritual in a circle of people – collective energy can work wonders.

2. A dream come true for a couple of days

May be worth checking out? You will need only 20 minutes. Make your wish and write it on a piece of paper.

Go in the bedroom and throttle down the door. The post fix adhesive tape to the wooden wall, door or bed. Read the writing on a piece of text with a special inspiration and proudly step out. Go back and do that again – at least 27 times.

You need to create a relaxed atmosphere, and the door portal will symbolize new life as a conductor, where everything desirable is implemented.

1. Tie-dye magic

You may wear shoes or sneakers, tying their shoelaces. This can be used for wish fulfillment. Importantly, the lace was not black.

The rite is very simple – take out the Shoe laces and take them in hand, pronouncing aloud his dream. Eliminate the word "want" and the negative particle.

You must make your request to the Universe, and to finish it the following phrase: "How to tie this knot, and my desire is tied to me".

Tighten the knot, and the rope hook so that it hung down – for example, on the handle or chair. Eyelets need to link as much as you desire.

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