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10 effects of the psyche, influencing our brain


Our brain is capable of amazing things, but somehow he often behaves in illogical and even wrong. In those situations where they have to make correct and reasonable decision, the brain may behave, shall we say, not very adequately... And there's nothing we can do about it – can only accept what is happening.

What is the reason? The fact that inadequate decisions provoke psychological effects – many people can't even realize.

What are these effects and how they are called, you will learn from the article. Perhaps some of them you someone remind me!

10. The effect of Dr. Fox

Have you ever noticed that some lecturers or people in the conversation are outright nonsense, but they are so charismatic that you can't get up and leave the room or end the conversation?

People makes you trust and convinces of the importance of his story, you become riveted to the stories that you get from this person – this is the basis of all sects and lectures pseudoscientific theories.

We looking the person who are skilled in speech, able to control facial expressions, and gathers the people also become slaves.

But if someone has a really important knowledge, but do not know how to properly present, they do not seem important to us – it is minus our psyche.

9. The Effect Of Dunning-Kruger

Have you ever noticed, as an experienced expert in any field, was hesitant in decision making, considering himself the mediocrity, and those who have experience behind them was no, he fancies himself in any field a real expert?

The effect of Dunning-Kruger is a misconception about their abilities.

This distortion is expressed in situations when an inexperienced person starts handing out tips and I am sure that they are correct. Man considers himself a true genius, but he's wrong and his advice failed.

Experienced professionals are always doubts herself, and despite the praise and applause, said that he knows very little.

8. Comfort zone

Almost everyone has heard this phrase, which sounds at lectures, seminars, it is often used in books: "Come out of comfort zone to achieve their goals", but if you need to get out of it?

Comfort zone is a place where people feel comfortable and safe, and the level of performance can be called average. When a person enters a new environment, it begins to include the brain.

There is negative moment in the comfort zone of concern, and a person can easily learn. When he gets to new conditions, then it increases anxiety, and its performance falls.

But when you extend the comfort zone expands and the area of study, capturing the area of anxiety. So, exciting things are also part of the training and overcome.

7. The effect of a bucket of crabs

This effect is familiar to all. Remember how you shared with your buddies about the desire to change their lives, to try to engage in some interesting Hobbies, or tell your family that want to move to another town and start a new life.

What you got in response? Most likely, the following: "Why..." "What's the difference where and how to live", "so good."

The effect is to experiment – when a single crab put in a bucket, it could easily get out of it, but when the bucket was filled with a great number of crabs – they are unable to get out, clinging to each other.

What does it mean? When you tell friends that want something new, they are afraid of exiting their comfort zone and want you to stay with them in one place. Listen to them in this case is not recommended.

6. Emotional proactive

Each of us making plans and dreaming about something. In childhood, everything was simpler – it was enough to ask my parents for an expensive toy and to wait for his birthday to gave her.

But have you noticed that even a very big dream after its implementation has disappointed you and did not bring the joy that you've been waiting for? This can be explained.

When you set a goal and work towards it with all our efforts, all of your thoughts about your dream, you have a lot of fear, anticipation and hope. Are you sure you will get the desired.

But you reached an emotional peak because you know that the dream almost came true – at this point, you are full of happiness. When the dream came true – the peak of joy has already passed, so emotion is weakened.

5. A Sense Of Deja Vu

All the familiar state of deja vu – you find yourself in any situation and think that's already happened.

In fact, this condition is due to a sophisticated game of our brain that gives us the current memories in the past. This effect mainly occurs in active people or, on the contrary, tired and ill.

Deja vu is a glitch occurring in the hippocampus (part of the limbic system of the brain). Responsible for the formation of emotions and memory consolidation.

The bottom line is – in the event that happened to you a second ago, the brain finds a piece of flashing in the past, and events seconds ago, we begin to wonder how long the incident.

4. Restriction of choice

Have you ever noticed how you go to the store to buy new jeans, but there are so many that it is difficult to make a choice?

If the choice is still made, you are not satisfaction with thing, and you will remember other jeans, which you seem to be, better would be appropriate. But when the choice is very small – you buy the thing and be satisfied.

From this effect to get difficult. It is difficult for us to choose from a large number and stay happy.

Maybe you should make the choice more limited, not to worry? Visit more small shops in advance and write lists. After buying try to find advantages and boldly rejoice in his new costume!

3. Error survivors

This effect is very common, and it catches a lot of people, which later can happen something bad. It is based on the story of a person who has experienced a good experience.

For example, one man decided to cure cancer with their ways, without the help of doctors, it creates its own channel on YouTube and talks about it to his followers.

In what here a minus? It is that a person has followers, people follow the advice of cure, refusing medical care and dying. This successful experience is only one person, this does not mean that others will do the same.

This effect is used in all spheres – business, strategies to conquer a loved one... you Have your experience, and if someone has something happened – it doesn't mean you will succeed. You have to figure out what to do.

2. Blind spot

Was there ever such a situation where someone worked hard to give advice and guidance? Most likely, this man felt almost a visionary and thought she knew more, having extensive experience and knowledge.

That's only if this person to point out his mistakes and make notes – it will start to defend, being confident that doing the right thing.

According to studies, everyone at least once faced with this effect. People tend to see and notice mistakes in life and the behavior of other people, but somehow ignore (or not see).

In this case, you can advise only one thing – do not listen to those who you are trying to teach, and do not interfere in the lives of others.

1. Ominous valley

This effect is likely to felt not all, but it is very interesting. You love robots, animals or dolls?

When a person sees an object or a living being, like him, has great joy. But at some point a person notices is not perfect, and too many similarities... there is an effect of the valley is a scary man.

We see that in front of us, but we realize that it is a wrong. I have this thought: "What is it..." This technique you can see in thrillers and horror films.

Now scientists create a robot like a human, but their movements are still different from the human – unnatural causes anxiety and fear.

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