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10 amazing things in South Korea that may shock foreigners


Amazing culture of communication between people in this country. Based on respect for person-to-person.

Modern, beautiful people. Friendly, grateful for the respect for the historical traditions of the nation. Persistent and hardworking, neat. Living outside their historic homeland, they are worldwide distributed collectivism and workaholism.

10. Ekzoticheskie Goodies

Gastronomic tourism is sweeping the planet. From the original dishes dizzy, and stomachs ache with longing to eat. South Korea will not be cooked tarantulas, dishes, monkey brains and shark meat and even bamboo worms.

As rare dishes a tourist will pogrustit appetizing fried pupae of the silkworm. The product has a pleasant fishy smell.

Lovers of wholesome food would Supplement the diet with vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, calcium, a small amount of protein.

Toasted larva for Breakfast will decorate not only the morning, but the evening brightened up a beer at a party.

9. Protection of trees

In the land of morning calm there is a "Day", chaired by the President.

Growing tree associated with growing hopes and dreams, and require diverse care. Especially in the colder months.

Winter months when continental climate is very harsh. The weather is dry with temperatures to minus 10 degrees. Protective snow cover on the ground, almost no.

In order to prevent freezing of the root system of trees and trunks, mandatory to cover them with special materials.

Here, surprisingly. Often, passing by dressed for the winter wood, it is difficult to guess. The love, sense of humor, care they are wrapped up man.

8. The tents shelter from the cold

Intended for those a long time in the fresh frosty air, and besides, blown by the winds.

Dank North winds makes the skin stiff. Usually this is not very hospitable weather lasts from December to February.

If you go to the tent-cover, it is possible to hide from the wind, the more tightly wrapped scarf and keep warm.

7. Pillow transport

Koreans are passionate people. The working day can often reach 10 hours. It could be overtime, which must be done during the holidays.

The concept of public holidays is very, very relative. To rest, recuperation time is cut in the shape everywhere. Including in public transport.

The benefit of glasses pads fixed. The slumbering man leans against the pillow without fear that during which the vehicle hit her head on the glass. To sleep in public transport extremely convenient.

6. Form in kindergarten

It sounds alarming. Small "beads", all with the same necklace taken. In fact, in this country there is a cult of children. They have always and everywhere the best.

In addition, Koreans are punctual, meticulous, and diligent. Korean mother every day not to walk with your child, especially in big cities. But the guys in kindergartens spend their time mostly on the street.

And it's not a walking area in the garden, and access to the city's parks and squares, where heals the little folk from another child Association. Each of them has its own color, and all in order not to confuse "Pets" for a walk.

5. "Gloves" for finger

Koreans are extremely ambitious. The word "no" does not exist. Always "Yes." But so as not to violate personal hygiene. All you can do, but protecting yourself.

Invented tool allows for the fingers to eat rather than processing hands. Especially after a snack, he took off his gloves for the fingers. People will neither stain your clothes or surrounding objects.

4. Strange gifts

South Korea is a country filled with sophisticated technology, beautiful, original, reveres traditions. Very practical, maybe due to this prosperous.

Korean or Korean to give things from natural raw materials, and therefore, quality. Russian chocolate, Russian manufacturers of cosmetics, decorations made of birch bark and wood, canvas shoulder bags, herbal teas, sweets.

Well, riding accessibility and joy will be toilet paper. This marvelous gift is not ashamed to give, for example, for a housewarming party. In addition, the receiver believe that the coil length symbolizes long life.

3. Double toilet, and the electronic scoreboard in the toilet

The man who invented the double toilet is a genius. Travelers with children appreciate the comfort of such deeply personal places.

Do not need to explain. Just that, and only going on a visit to this exotic place. In the eyes of the caring parent are comfortable all hygienic aspects.

Before entering hygienic room visitors will be greeted scoreboard, which is in the colours available will inform visitor about the employment of the booths.

2. Machines for sale socks

Socks called "Napoleon" the men's room. Written odes glorifying their importance. There are rules of wearing socks made of dress codes. Tedious, going on a trip, a shove is a color variety of the pockets of the suitcase.

Conveniently running past the vending machine that sells socks, to purchase the missing or suddenly your favorite pair. In the world there are collectors of socks. And who knows, maybe the couple brought from South Korea to satisfy someone's passion for this little piece of clothing.

1. "The shelves of the trust"

Wonderful trade, when the Windows are in the house of the seller. Here can be lined with cheap jewelry, artware, advertising samples of products, which can be ordered at the event.

Buyer chooses any products and leaves a specified cost. Perhaps the owner of the outlet watching the process out the window. But, as a rule, to interfere in the self-service process is not necessary.

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