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10 celebrities that have died, wanting to be beautiful


Celebrities never suffer from lack of attention. Fans interested in their creative work, personal life and, of course, appearance.

Appearance – this is a separate issue. Star always has to look perfect in this closely watched not only fans, but also journalists. Has to fit.

Many famous women and men believe that in the pursuit of youth and beauty any good. They sit on a hungry diet, use of medicines, agree to plastic surgery and injections of beauty.

Few people realize that all of these methods cause great harm to the body. Health problems of the stars are not afraid, they are always the best doctors. Only that even they can't always help.

Below are 10 celebrities who died wanting to be prettier.

10. About Jean Harlow

The first "platinum blonde" of Hollywood, the sex symbol of the 30-ies. Harlow childhood was full-bodied, but the girl managed to control myself. She kept restrict your diet, her figure was the envy of many women.

When Jin felt bad, she went to the doctor and did not do a break in work. The actress did not attach importance to the disease.

Unhealthy appearance did not prevent her from acting in films, as we know, makeup does wonders.

Banal flu has caused the death of a talented actress and just beautiful woman. Jean, kidney failure. She was only 26 years old.

9. Natalia Krachkovskaya

Well-known Soviet actress and comedienne was always full. This fact it did not disappointed. Always liked her myself, she had a lot of fans.

With age, the extra weight made itself felt, began the problems with the joints, and emphasised decided to lose weight. Natalia though has stated that he loves every kilogram, sometimes she was visited by a desire to bring the figure in order.

The actress chose the easy way out. She bought a "miraculous" tool and lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks. Before Natalia could celebrate, the weight came back.

Health has deteriorated significantly. Emphasised long and was seriously ill, a few years later her heart stopped. The doctors said that diet pills strongly influenced by the health of the actress. If not for them, Natalia would have lived more than one year.

8. Lyudmila Gurchenko

Great actress my whole life chasing youth and beauty. She has done a lot of plastic surgeries. Numerous face-lift, cheekbones, eyelids, nose.

The doctors forbade the actress to go under the knife, but Jack couldn't stop. She really wanted to be beautiful. Operations had a negative impact on the immunity of the actress, she had serious health problems.

She also tried to prolong youth through stem cells. It was not scared of the fact that their effect on the organism is poorly understood.

The official cause of death was heart failure. Shortly before his death, father fell and broke his hip. She came through the surgery well, but three weeks after discharge, suffered a heart attack. The actress could not be saved.

7. Lyubov Polishchuk

Famous Soviet actress, too, tried to keep youth in an unconventional way. Love participated in the experiment with stem cells. She even decided to become the face of the clinic.

Most likely, the actress did not expect that this method will lead to such tragic consequences. She's very ill back. Was conducted a number of studies in which vinilos that the actress malignant tumor of the spine.

The doctors confirmed that stem cells could cause such a serious disease.

The other version is to provoke the disease could have a car accident, in which Love came a few years ago. Although it was rumored that even cancer Polishchuk tried to treat with stem cells. All to no avail. The actress died at the age of 57.

6. Oleg Tabakov

Great actor and Director died of a heart attack. Before he died, he fell ill and spent in the hospital for about six months. He was diagnosed with blood poisoning.

One of the reasons called infection transferred during prosthetics. Oleg has also suffered from prostate cancer.

He carried out the chemotherapy, which in any case cannot be combined with implantation. Apparently, the actor didn't say. A regular trip to the dentist is Oleg Tabakov life.

5. Roman Trachtenberg

The comedian decided to have her figure, I could not find his clothes. Trachtenberg turned to the professionals and started to lose weight.

He lost 40 pounds in 2 months. The novel is not long happy the new figure. During the next broadcast on the radio, he felt ill. The lead nobody was able to help, he died of a heart attack.

No doubt that such rapid weight loss had a negative impact on the body of the Novel. Besides, doctors do not exclude that he can use drugs for weight loss.

4. Vladimir Turchinsky

Vladimir never complained about his health. He played sports, watched over his health, and not even thinking about death.

One morning showman became ill, he lost consciousness. The actor failed to save, the cause of death was a heart attack. Later it turned out that Turchinsky underwent the procedure rejuvenation.

Plasmapheresis is blood purification, which is held for the collection of donor plasma or rejuvenation. After the procedure, Vladimir felt not very well, he went to the hospital, but all the tests were normal. Turchinsky has died at the age of 46.

3. Natalya Gundareva

Natalia was never happy with his appearance. She has always dreamed about having the perfect figure, though fans repeatedly told her that she was a very attractive woman.

Gundareva decided on plastic surgery. She was hoping that the new figure will help her to obtain interesting roles.

Natalia changed 56 size 48. However, the actress did not think that her health is absolutely contraindicated to go under anesthesia.

The actress had problems with pressure and weak blood vessels. Effects – hypertensive crisis, stroke, coma.

2. Julia Nachalova

Julia was a beautiful woman, but all the time tried to improve myself. In the early 2000s, the years she began to have serious health problems.

The singer tried to lose weight, I was diagnosed with nervous anorexia. After 7 years, she has made a plastic surgery breast augmentation. The implants did not survive, began blood poisoning.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the singer was suffering from gout, diabetes, and lupus erythematosus. For some time she tried to fight disease.

In 2018 Nachalova injured leg, but didn't want to go to the doctors. She has gangrene. The state of the singer has sharply worsened. Julia died at the age of 38 years.

1. Brittany Murphy

The American actress died at age 32. She worked hard and did not give proper attention to their health. All your strength Brittany gave work.

Last year, Murphy was often sick with colds. Besides, the girl was obsessed with the idea of losing weight.

Weakened by diet and stress the body could not cope with the disease. The actress died from cardiac arrest. The official cause of death: pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia.

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