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10 common myths about birth that scare expectant mothers


Most pregnant women think with horror about the upcoming birth. "How can you fear what you do not know?" — talk the bravest, and they are partially right.

Still, the greatest fear is the unknown. Girls do not know what awaits them outside the hospital. They begin to gather information, the benefit of maternity leave time is more than enough.

The easiest way – forums in social networks, stories friends and acquaintances. By the way, not always on these forums are "sitting" women who have children. Some do not even think about the baby, but give advice and provide implausible information, because they have nothing to do, and they consider themselves experts in all fields.

So there are myths about the hospital and that it is unclear who and when invented. Pregnant girls believe them and are afraid to get to the hospital ahead of time. In this article, you will learn how actually things work in the hospital. Maybe it will help you to dispel your fears and create a positive attitude to childbirth.

10. The ban on mobile phone

Women are afraid to remain without a connection when they are put in pathology. Should not be afraid, no one will take away your phone. He will be with you and in pathology, in the delivery room and postpartum ward.

Doctors are loyal to mobile phones and do not forbid to use them. In the process of childbirth, many girls listen to soothing music or calling friends. Such calls help to endure the pain during labor.

When the active labors you will never phone. After childbirth you will have the opportunity to tell about the joyous event husband and family. In the postpartum unit of a ban on the use of mobile phone either.

9. Caught in pathology hold until the birth

Every pregnant woman dreams of is not to get into pathology. If during pregnancy there are any health problems, we have no other choice.

No one will keep you there if it's not necessary. If the period is small, after treatment you go home.

Girls who ended up in the hospital for a longer period, is also released. Of course, only if prior to delivery there is still time.

If the deadline has approached, and no harbingers of birth no pregnant then put in pathology. These women are discharged after delivery.

8. The queue in the treatment rooms

Not to be confused with the hospital and the clinic with his grandmother. Those lines you just do not see it. If to speak about the Department of pathology, the small queues can occur, but there you have nowhere to hurry.

In the delivery room you will have to observe the midwife and the doctor on the line there, however. In the postpartum unit, you will have to go for the procedure.

As a rule, doctors try to do everything faster and release the moms to the kids. Usually patients call at a time, so as not to create a flea market.

7. Arrived ahead of time to stimulate contractions

If you need to come to the hospital ahead of time for any reason, do not be afraid of stimulation. Doctors will not carry out this procedure if the time has not yet come.

Stimulate will be the case if the child is not in a hurry to be born, and have passed all the set deadlines.

If you have this situation, it is not necessary to withdraw from stimulation. If a woman in labor perekashivaet, this is a threat to her life and the life of a child. Trust the doctors, they won't impose upon you something that is not necessary.

6. Visitors are not allowed

In the selected hospital do not allowed visitors, but lately they are becoming less. Now many say that after birth, the child needs to see not only mom but also dad.

In conventional hospitals men are allowed to visit in designated hours. The husband must have fresh x-rays and observe a number of additional conditions.

Do not forget that each hospital their own rules. You will be much more likely to visit, if you choose a paid room.

5. Poor conditions

Women who at least once was in the hospital, I think that in the hospital the same conditions. In fact, everything is done to comfort women in childbirth.

Some perinatal centers in each ward there is a separate toilet, shower and even a TV. Even if you don't find yourself in such conditions, you will not have to stand in line to wash.

If you're worried about food, the food there is also pretty good. Again, newfound mom will have to think what is possible and what is not.

Sometimes in the menu you can see the soup or puree, which will cause gas formation in a child. Of course, if mommy is breastfeeding.

In any case, you can ask relatives to bring you something to eat. Don't forget that there is a specific list of approved products.

4. In the prenatal patient alone

When it starts labors, the patient is escorted to the delivery room, where she awaits the birth of a child. Really, all this time the woman is alone, but it is constantly looked after.

Come obstetrician and doctor, checking her condition. When attempts to begin, with the patient must be the doctor, obstetrician and neonatologist.

Unfortunately, if the hospital is too large the flow of expectant mothers, doctors simply do not have time to give due consideration to all women. Don't worry, during labor (if all goes as it should), the doctor you do not need.

If you are afraid that you start attempts, and no one else is around, consider delivery partner. Then at the critical moment you will not stay alone. It doesn't have to be a husband to attend childbirth can your mom or sister.

3. Wild pain in childbirth

Women, after hearing horrific details from those who are already lucky enough to give birth, are in a state of panic. Of course, birth is not pretty.

Is going to hurt. That's just not the day and not 12 hours straight, says your friend. First you start the fight. Every woman carries it differently, but usually they are more or less tolerable.

The closer the moment of delivery, the harder it will be. The main thing is to follow the doctors ' advice and do not panic. If possible, can attend classes where you learn to breathe correctly during childbirth. Anyway, think about that very soon you will meet your baby, and that's worth a little wait.

2. The child immediately taken away from mother

A few decades ago the children were taken from their mothers. Now doctors recommend mothers to put the baby to breast right in the delivery room. After giving birth with a baby carry out all necessary manipulations.

If the health of the child is not in danger, leave it for a couple of hours with mom, then they transferred together to the postpartum Department.

Women who gave birth by caesarean section, is taken to intensive care, then the child really taken away. If that happens, you will still give to see the baby and then take him to the nursery.

1. Can confuse children

This is the most common fear of new parents. The doctors laugh at him and say it's impossible. Now both hands crumbs immediately after birth wear bracelets with the name and surname of the mother. Can be removed with some effort.

Besides, if the delivery was by natural means, the baby and mother together after delivery is taken to the postnatal ward. Mothers usually take photos of their newborn babies, to send a photo of dad and other relatives.

If you have any suspicions, will be able to check photo. Particularly alarming is mom looking at the child's body birthmarks or other unusual marks by which it can be read.

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