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10 anime TV series similar to "MAG full time", 2016


The protagonist of the anime MAG full time a young man named Mohan. He is a pupil of the third grade, but not simple, and the one where they teach magic.

Once in the hills, the boy met an unusual old man who gave him the amulet that exuded a magical energy. After that, Mopan interested in magic.

But, unfortunately, he is in the eyes of their peers was a very mediocre young people, also from poor family.

However, due to the Dating of the father, he still managed to become a student of the Academy, where they teach magic, but there Mofan constantly suffered the taunts of classmates because of the meager magical abilities and his dishonest admission to the school.

But the guy did not give up, and with a huge effort, he managed to awaken his rare gift

The subject of magic schools and wizards are very popular in Japanese animation, so we present to you 10 more exciting anime, like a Magician full time.

10. Soul Eater2008

Almost every superhero anyway there are problems in the protection of its territory from a variety of evil characters. And the reason for all this is simply the deficit of education. Therefore, the God of Death was forced to learn their assistants to obtain divine weapons.

He created the Armoury Institute which is located in the Lost City. Here all the students are divided into two categories: those who have the ability to turn into an animated weapons, and their master-companions.

Weapon master should be trained in the pair, and the one who the results is more able, he is the Scythe of Death special weapon of God

9. Beelzebub2009-2014

The Lord of the Underworld personality is very busy so it made time for the education of his heir and youngest son.

According to the laws of Evil Ways to take care of their children not need them thrown out of the parental home and only the strongest of them will be able to stay alive.

The Lord of the dark forces decides to send their child to the human world. In this way, he wants to instill in him hatred of the human race, so he mercilessly killed all of the inhabitants of the Earth, when we become adults.

Courier alaindelon the Hell he sends the son to the human world

8. Split battle, the blue skies2017

For a very long time in this strange world there was no magic. All rules brute force, because only hard measures, it was possible to retain power. But if you're weak, then you can expect a portion to obey whoever is stronger.

The protagonist of the anime, Xiao Yang, was a very able guy. He had a very rare gift, so his powers are not found equal.

However, for several years, he squandered the former influence and power. But the worst thing is that he lost respect for his own mother. It killed the dark magic plaguing the land

7. Battle Academy city Asterisk2015

Many years ago the Earth was struck by a powerful meteor shower that destroys everything in its path. But soon the ashes of the old world a new. And with it was born the other inhabitants of the Earth

Technologically advanced academic city ricca, built inside a huge crater lake, turned into an arena for fighting. And it soon became known throughout the world under the name of the fest, or the Festival of Star Wars

6. The stigmata of quiserem!2010

The story takes place in the Orthodox gymnasium of St. Michael. At first glance, an ordinary school becomes an arena of battle the so-called faithful and the heretics who try to find the miraculous icon, though allowing you to appreciate the mysteries of the universe.

Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe subjected to derision and ridicule by the other students led by the daughter of the Dean of the school. On both sides of the confrontation are cuisery is a mysterious adepts of alchemy, they possess a certain natural element and use it in battle.

To maintain their power martial wizards can only succeed by consuming the drink Soma similar to breast milk, which is a strange way to have students.

Apostates would be able to quickly implement his plan, if not for Sasha hall, who came from Russia. He, together with Tomo, Yamanobe and Mafuyu Oribe initiates the crusade aims to clear the school from the dark forces.

Considering that they help them Teresa Beria, the enemies of the faith can just give up without a fight

5. The Last Seraphim2015

After the majority of the population of the planet was destroyed by a deadly virus, to emerge from the shadow of the vampires enslaved surviving children.

This is the story of Yui and Mika, two orphans who lived with dreams of a peaceful life without the power of the vampires in the circle of a new family.

But the rainbow of hope children gradually begin to dissolve in the air, and sometime the best friends are on opposite sides of the fence...

4. Overwrite2016

Kotaro Tennoji was an ordinary high school student, and only one caveat distinguishes it from the rest of their peers the young man had supernatural powers.

In the company of his five classmates, the boy studied the paranormal. Soon, however, he and his friends were drawn into the very epicenter of the confrontation between superhumans with summoners of demons.

Supermen was looking for the demon Kagari, who took the form of a young girl. But really, she was, in a sense, the key to destruction or, on the contrary the salvation of human civilization

3. My heroic Academy2016

Imagine for a moment that the basic principles of physics, people don't act and can turn into mist or dissolved in the air, the subject of one touch. And similar means are used by the majority of the population.

Someone uses their abilities solely with good intentions, and someone to become evil! In global terms, these changes led to an unprecedented increase in crime.

However, to protect the common people rose up, who thanks to his gift protect this fragile peace. These people have a special status in society and patronage of the government. Their profession now calls Heroes

2. Blue exorcist2011

For a long time, Okumura Rin was an ordinary man until he discovered her unprecedented gift. It turned out that he was a half-breed and one of the sons of the Devil that lives among ordinary people.

The demon Lord heir, but Rin, with in fact half human, is not going to become a pawn in the hands of Satan, and with his brother Yukio decides to go to a special school of demonobortsev who call themselves exorcists

1. Unlucky student in the school of magic2014

Here imagination is tightly interwoven with the truth of modern reality. Magic received the status of official science, therefore the approach to its recognition has changed dramatically.

Magic study and practise, and the most promising prepared in special schools.

In a school doing the brother and sister Sheba. And if Miyuki has some aptitude for magic, Tatsuya intelligent guy, but not a gifted wizard. But it is

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