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10 actors who started his political career


Not every person can definitely say about myself that's assigned sphere of activity to the end of his days. People grow, develop, change the circle of interests and acquaintances, and therefore their career path is subject to change.

So is it any wonder when you will know the history about how actors or Actresses go in a completely different field of activity. For example, in politics.

10. Kal Penn

American actor and producer Kal Penn has managed to Shine in many large-scale projects, such as "Harold and Kumar go to white castle", "Sabrina the teenage witch," "house" and "Buffy the vampire Slayer".

Cal was very busy with youth education, so he studied a few years in a Specialized Training Center of Fine and performing arts, studied film and sociology and also played on the saxophone, as a member of the jazz band.

Perhaps it is a busy life and has led Penn in 2009 to the post of assistant to the head of Department on public relations in the administration of Barack Obama. Currently, the actor is back to its core business.

9. Shirley Temple

Mom began to develop singing and acting talents daughter is already three years, and a year later it drew the attention of the agents from the Studio "Educational Pistures". Subsequently, many studios are "rented" Shirley to participate in their projects.

The first major film for the girls was the painting of "Rise and Shine!", the young actress at the time was only 6 years old. In 7 years, she has won the so-called youth "Oscar" for his outstanding achievements in film.

Unfortunately, to pursue an acting work over the years became increasingly difficult, but Shirley was not taken aback, ceased to act, went into politics.

In 1969 President Richard Nixon appointed Shirley U.S. representative to the 24th session of the UN General Assembly. When Gerald Ford she has become the Ambassador of America in Ghana.

8. John Lodge

The whole biography of the family of John Lodge led him to political activity. Even education, which John sought to obtain after graduation, it was legal.

He acted in films in the 1930-ies of the last century and was lit in such significant films as "Little women" and "Slutty Empress."

40 years John served in the naval forces of the United States, and also worked as a liaison officer between the American and French fleets.

In 50-ies John Lodge becomes a member of the U.S. Congress from Connecticut on the Republican party. He also happened to be U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, Switzerland and Spain.

7. Vladimir Zelensky

General Vladimir Alexandrovich Zelensky for many years of his career, the Russian and Ukrainian viewers perceived as an actor-comedian. And this is no coincidence, after all, he took part in a huge number of comic: good and sincere, somewhere vulgar, projects.

In the works of Vladimir everyone will find something interesting. Be it musicals a Christmas theme, or a new arrangement familiar to all subjects, or a small humorous sketches.

So would Zelensky and engaged in a familiar and favorite activities, if in 2014 not happened the events on the Maidan. Actor hooked on this story for a living, and he decided to act to help their fellow citizens.

During the conflict, Vladimir performed, supported the actions of the Ukrainian army, donated money for the military battalions. In 2019 she ran for the office of the President of Ukraine and won.

6. Eva Peron

It is unknown in what capacity the Eva perón is better known as an actress or the second wife of the 29th and 41st President of Argentina. One thing is clear her personality was very colorful and brought a great contribution to the development of both film and radioacoustic and the activities of her husband, Colonel Juan perón.

Before Dating with the future husband Eva worked in radio, and her career went uphill. In 1941, she stopped performing on the stage and focused entirely on the radio shows and radio advertising.

With her light hand on the radio the transfer went about great women such as Josephine, lady Hamilton, Catherine II, and many others.

After Eva married Juan Peron, she leaves this activity and fully surrenders himself to politics, working for the good of the political campaign of a spouse.

5. John Gavin

Last year was not a brilliant and charismatic actor John Gavin. Many remember his work in films such as "Psycho," "a Time to love and a time to die," "Spartacus" and "the love Boat".

But this is not the only merit of John, who will be remembered long after his death.

During the service of President Ronald Reagan Gavin was appointed Ambassador from the United States of America in Mexico. This activity he devoted himself for 5 years.

Later retired from politics, he began his business and social activities.

4. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan is known more as a politician than actor. Nevertheless, he began his career as a radio host. Now it's weird to hear, but once early in his career, the future President received $ 10 for each report.

To politics he has always been interested. He was a member of the Democratic party, Reagan always was particularly attracted to the activity of one of the past presidents, namely Franklin Roosevelt.

For the first time took in the 80-ies of the last century, thus becoming the oldest President of the United States (69 years).

3. Clint Eastwood

A powerful figure in Hollywood. Is an image of a strong, tough and dangerous men, who, meanwhile, is always ready to help in difficult times.

There is hardly a person who at least once watched the films with the participation of Clint. But in addition to acting, in his life, there were other spheres of activity. For example, political.

So Eastwood from 1986 to 1988 was the mayor of Carmel, California.

2. Cicciolina

Real name is pornodivi Anna Ilona Staller. Her biography is very interesting: during his long and eventful life, she managed to star in several porn films, and to make the song numbers, and be a member of the Italian Parliament from the radical party.

It is worth noting that she invested in this work diligently and with total dedication. Some however suspect that Cicciolina somehow always gave a preference to their home country, namely Hungary.

For 5 years she personally initiated the review 12 legislative acts.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Iron Arnie was never afraid to take on conquest of new tops. Behind his shoulders already had a lot of successful careers, which would be more than enough for a few people.

A natural bodybuilder, talented actor, successful businessman and filmmaker. Since 2008, Arnold became actively interested and participate in politics.

Have a strong Republican views. In 2003 he was elected Governor of California. Currently thinking about the President of America.

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