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10 creepy creatures of Japanese folklore


In Japanese mythology a lot of unusual demons, ghosts and various terrible monsters.

Such beings are divided into two types: ghosts (zombie) and other supernatural creatures (youkai).

Their appearance and purpose can be confusing and obscure to the people of Europe.

Below you can find a list of the ten most creepy and unusual monsters from Japanese folklore.

10. Gasadalur

Gasadalur – huge skeleton made from bones of people who died of starvation. In height it surpasses man 15 times.

It is believed that these beings are invisible and indestructible. They hunt people at night, grab their bony hands, completely suck the blood of the victims and tear off their heads.

To discover such a monster before his appearance, need to listen to the sounds in my ears. If one hears a bell ringing, it means that gasadalur soon.

To protect yourself from such a monster, you can use special amulets.

9. Obama

Obama – entity appearing in the form of a pregnant woman, naked to the waist. Below the belt her clothes stained with blood. She is holding a baby, wrapped in swaddling cloth.

Obama, walking the streets and coming across persuades her to take the baby in his arms. When someone agrees and takes the child from the woman, she immediately disappears.

Then the baby starts to rapidly grow heavy until, until it becomes a rock or a heavy boulder.

It is believed that in Obama become women who died during childbirth. In order to prevent it from turning, you need to remove from the womb of a dead child and buried along with the woman doll. She will be replaced by the unborn baby.

8. Garaguso

Garaguso – seductive, very attractive woman who has limbs of a scary spider. She lures men into secluded places and playing a musical instrument called the Biwa.

Beautiful music always quickly fascinated every listener, and a monster immobilizes him with spider webs and eaten. He can summon and control spiders.

While hunting, Garaguso uses poison. With it, he makes the victim weaker, longer to watch her torment.

7. Bake-kudzira

This monster looks like a whale skeleton. It is believed that it appears next to the Shimane Prefecture, the Japanese coast. The monster is accompanied with various ominous fish and birds of unknown species. Bake-kudzira embodies the hatred the animals to people who love to hunt.

Kit-Ghost often appeared near the coastal villages inhabited by whalers. This usually happened on rainy nights.

Early in poor Japanese villages whales hunted very often. Fat and meat of these sea creatures bring people great wealth.

However, it comes at a price: "ghostly whales" want revenge. They bring fire, plague and famine.

6. Casa monster

Casa monster looks like a one-eyed old umbrella. Distinctive features of this creature – a big tongue and one leg. This mythical Ghost is often found in various video games, films and comics.

Usually Casa monster is a harmless, good-natured and rather naughty. Such umbrellas love to jump on one leg, fooling around and playing pranks on people.

5. Akanuma

It's "lick the dirt" bath spirit that looks like a humanoid frog. In some cases, it is the Redskins, and red-faced.

Such a creature represents fear, at night attending superstitious people in the dark non-residential premises. At night, akanuma cleans various contaminants unwashed containers, bathrooms and public baths.

You should not take a bath immediately after she licked this creature, otherwise, anything to get sick. So, akanuma demonstrates that the rules of hygiene cannot be neglected, otherwise it will affect the health.

4. Katabira

This creature appears as a black pig or black pig adult. It usually has only one ear, sparkling eyes reddish color, it does not cast a shadow.

It is believed that katabira appears only in large settlements, and it happens only in the dark.

Big black animal running under people's feet and stealing their souls. The man who became a victim of such a monster, turns into a horrible zombie.

Return the stolen souls of a demonic pig leaves his body in his likeness. To save your soul, you must hop on one foot.

3. Umibozu

Umibozu – creature living in the ocean. It overturns ships. To avoid this, it is better not to treat the spirit at the meeting: any conversations with him are perceived as a personal insult.

Head umibozu round, large: externally, they are somewhat similar to Buddhist monks. It is believed that the monks drowned.

These spirits can look like they are praying. Umibozu has duplicatable limbs and black or gray body, resembling a cloud.

If this spirit is angry, he will require the barrel. When his request is fulfilled, he will fill the capacity of sea water, and the ship will sink.

To avoid death, it is better to give the monster a barrel is bottomless.

2. Rokurokubi

Day these monsters are similar to ordinary people, and at night they greatly stretch their necks, it looks absolutely terrifying.

Rokurokubi, very aggressive: they cruelly make fun of passers-by, scaring them to death, in some cases, even kill themselves.

Before these creatures were ordinary people, but they have changed because of violations of any religious commandments or terrible crimes.

1. Jubako

This is a tree that grows in the fields, which often took place the bloody battle. It grows at the expense of what is happening around murders. Jubacca, feeds only on blood, and it very quickly begins to crave.

At first glance it's a perfectly normal tree. When an unsuspecting person approaches too close to it, it grabs it, kills and sucks it dry.

It is believed that with the help of the branches of these trees can heal wounds.

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