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10 unusual but effective ways to save money


Planning your own budget is almost an art, especially when it comes to saving mode. It seems that in order to save income, you need to tighten the belt and to the necessities of life.

There are, however, very unusual life hacks that can help without much damage to stomach to limit yourself to extra spending.

If you are interested, then learn 10 ways not to throw money to the wind.

10. Take care health

As you know, health is the most expensive, so to save on it is not exactly recommended. It is equally important to pay much attention to prevention, because curing is always more expensive than warn.

The ability to provide proper attention to their health is an important factor in quality of life. Besides, if you now change the way of life in favor of healthy, it will likely help you save a lot of money, which you then could spend on treatment.

9. Do not skimp on education for themselves and their children

This is another equally important item of expenditure, the savings which is highly not welcomed.

Remember, personal and spiritual growth is the most effective investment, which in any case, sooner or later will give positive results.

8. Don't buy household chemistry

Now it is possible to use organic cosmetics, foods and household chemicals to replace what is at hand. You think it's impossible?

You will not believe, but a good alternative to synthetic washing and cleaning agents are natural products that are in any kitchen.

For example, ordinary baking soda can be used as Laundry detergent for dishes. For the same purpose it is also possible to apply the mustard. Thus you will save and take care of health.

7. Do not buy perishable food for the future

Of course, the product with attractive discount it's hard not to buy, however, if you decide to seriously engage in a rational planning of the budget, from purchases of this kind it is better to refuse.

Remember, to store for future use to only those products that do not require any special storage conditions and have a long shelf life.

Don't go on about his painful Thrifty, bordering on greed. Do not turn into a hamster, and thus not only to patch holes in the family budget, but may throw off a few extra pounds.

6. Start a "days without spending"

At least once a week, each of us can arrange this sort of fasting day. Yes, spontaneous purchase some cute and not very useful trifles may briefly lighten the mood, but no less pleasant then it will calculate the profit from such days without spending.

You do not even suspect how much money is spent on the nice stuff. If you limit the sowing in these expenses, it is quite possible for not a very long time to save the amount sufficient for making any serious purchases.

Think that is more important than a bunch of junk or a valuable and very useful thing?

5. Threaten your mobile operator

Because of this psychological technique, already many have achieved significant reductions in spending on Telecom services and mobile Internet.

Call your mobile operator and ask him a question as to terminate with his company the contract. Most likely, after some time, they will give you a good discount for the fact that you continue to use their services.

The same rule applies to companies that connects cable television services.

4. Use Bank transfer

Only this does not apply to credit cards. First clearing involves a variety of bonuses that can also help you save on other costs.

And secondly, cash is much easier to spend on anything unnecessary if the purse were not very much proven that the form of paper bills awakens in us the Shopaholic much more than just the realization of being able to pay for the purchase card.

3. Don't tease your "inner shopper"

We live in a time where in order to pull a tidy sum it is not necessary to leave the house. Featuring all the shops on the couch, online shopping, etc.

E-mail Inbox may be clogged with spam with all sorts of great deals, and the page in the social network and it appears advertisement, attracting potential customers.

Do not push yourself. Knowing our weaknesses, rarely turn the TV on channels with similar gear, and when they begin, do not hesitate to switch; not come to the online stores, convince yourself that you just view.

It would also be useful to install the ad blocking in the browser you normally use.

2. Use the services of professionals

Famous saying: if you Want something done right, do it yourself, in practice this rule does not always work. Most often in such situations, by entering the expression: the Avaricious pays twice.

So do not overestimate their strength wanting to save money on the repair of complex machinery such experiments usually cost too much.

Believe me, it is better to pay a professional for his services, than to overpay for something that it will eliminate the results of your initiative.

In addition, the time you'll spend to repair or fix equipment, can be used with greater benefit, such as tuition, earnings on your job or just for vacation it is sometimes equally important.

1. Don't buy on sale

Perhaps, the recommendation at first seem illogical, because everyone knows that the best way to save is to buy the most necessary things it is on sale and on black Friday.

However, psychologists argue (and the statistics agree with them) that purchases for the full cost of the goods tend to be more aware and need.

Remember that sales is still a riot of greed. From colorful price tags with attractive prices will lose the head of even the most stubborn of us, therefore, in such situation it is very difficult to use common sense and rational approach to the development of the family budget.

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