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10 American actors of Russian descent


Hollywood has long been a place where traditionally gather all the eminent actors, not only the US but around the world.

The stars of the first echelon have not only imposing fees, but also an impressive list of awards, among which are the most desirable for any actor Oscar.

Today we will focus from the world of celebrities in film, which, despite the fact that he became famous in America, have Russian origins and don't hide this fact, but proud of this part of its history.

Let us examine the most eminent representatives of the profession.

10. Michael Douglas

The recipient of many honors and awards Michael Douglas in most people is strongly associated with the image of a true American strong-willed and calculating.

But in fact, the actor has a small part of Russian blood. The native great-grandfather Michael had left Russia during the Russo-Japanese war, not to get to the front.

Originally his name was Danilovich-demski, but once in America, he decided to change this unusual sounding for locals name for the widespread Douglas, so as not to attract too much attention.

After a few generations of the Douglas family was established on American soil, but also founded the famous acting dynasty, one of whose representatives is Michael.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow

The name of this American actress is strongly associated with Hollywood. Nevertheless, she has Russian roots.

Father of actress was a descendant of a noble family of Petrovicha that before the events of the October revolution, lived in St. Petersburg.

Once in the U.S., the girl's parents were forced to change their name to Paltrow, to give the similarity with the us.

From a young age, Gwyneth was brought up as a true American and only in adulthood learned about his ties with Russia. But that did not stop her to accept his ancestry and called himself half-Russian.

8. Mila Kunis

Mila kunis was born in 1983 in Chernivtsi, a small town in the South of Ukraine. When she was seven years old, she and her family moved to Los Angeles.

Being at such a young age in a foreign country, Mila initially had a very hard time adapting to the new conditions. Because the family spoke only in Russian, kunis and had no idea that telling her peers at the new school.

But after a few months the language barrier was broken, and she became actively interested in theatre and cinema.

After receiving her first significant role just 14, Mila plunged into a career. The actress still remembers his native Russian language and enjoy speaking it in the family.

7. Robert Downey Jr.

The highest paid actor in recent years and bessmennyi the performer of the role of iron man, Robert Downey Jr. also has Russian origin.

His father was Jewish, left the USSR in search of work. Once in the States, it all of a sudden decided to become an actor and enrolled in an academic center for the performing arts in California.

This decision was influenced by Robert Downey Jr., who followed in the footsteps of his father and went to conquer Hollywood.

And though the actor does not speak the Russian language, quite often on various press conferences with Robert pointed to the fact that Russian approach to acting is the closest to him.

6. Winona Ryder

The father of a future movie star was born in Minsk into a family of Jewish immigrants. Mother of Winona was a native of Botosani, located in the Romanian province.

At the age of five years she moved to California in Petaluma, where she spent most of her childhood. It was there that the young Winona, and instilled a love of theater and art, offering to visit the local drama club.

After graduating with honors arts high school, Ryder went on to conquer the world of cinema. And his first starring role, the actress received the film Flower of the desert", ironically playing there, a young Jewish girl, protesting against the war.

Now Winona most of the time in California, occasionally leaving the United States.

5. Harrison Ford

Become during the life of a true legend, Harrison Ford was in the world a great movie by the will of blind chance.

And if at one time in the humble carpenter who worked on the set of Star Wars", did not pay attention the entire franchise Creator George Lucas, who knows who would have embodied on the screen the role of the famous bounty hunter Han Solo.

Great-grandfather of actor was born in Minsk and moved to the USA in 1907. Ford himself is not particularly spread about his Russian roots, saying that feels wholly American, and sees no need to reminisce about the ancestors.

4. Natalie Portman

This fragile and talented girls also have Russian roots.

Great-grandmother on the maternal side was Jewish, which in 1903, emigrated from Odessa, first in Israel, and several years later moved to Washington.

And although Natalie has never been in their homeland, in the house of the parents often spoke in Russian.

In addition to a successful acting career, the girl combined studies at Harvard and graduated with a bachelor of psychology.

Although she is fluent in four languages, Russian, unfortunately, is not among them. Nevertheless Portman remembers and honors the Russian-Jewish roots and considers them an important part of its history.

3. Milla Jovovich

But who can really call himself a Russian and not to palter, it is Milla Jovovich.

The future Hollywood star was born in the Soviet Union, and her parents instilled the girl love of Russian literature and cinema.

After moving to new York in the age of reason, mill at first and never dreamed of becoming an actress.

The unusual appearance of the girl noticed one of the agents modeling Agency and offered her an exclusive contract. Soon the mill became very popular and during the next fashion show held in Paris, she became interested in the famous Director Luc Besson, which became for the girls pass to the world of cinema.

2. David Duchovny

Got mikrovoloknistoy for the role of Fox Mulder in the TV series the x-files.

Instantly becoming the sex symbol of America, David has regularly focused on the fact that his ancestors came from Russia.

In some cases, such frankness demolished the plans of the actor. For example, passing the audition for the lead role in another sitcom, Duchovny was refused just because he positioned himself as a native from a Russian family that, in the opinion of the producers of the show, could affect the ratings.

However, this did not prevent the actor to gain universal recognition. Moreover, in 2014, David has starred in commercials Russian beer Siberian crown with the slogan In Russia to eat than be proud.

In his own words actor, he always felt more Russian than American.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most popular actors of our time Leonardo DiCaprio, by his own admission, is more than half Russian.

His grandmother was born in Odessa and emigrated to the United States in the early 1950's. Being a big fan of system of Stanislavsky, Leo tried to learn from the basic principles of acting, studying at the Russian theatre.

And it came to fruition. For several years, the actor became famous for his virtuoso ability to try on the widest range of roles.

In addition, DiCaprio is a fighter for animal rights and several times visited Russia with official visit.

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