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10 words that attract happiness


In the words of no special magic, and why so much they affect us and others – can be explained.

The word depends on how you perceive it – if it is "charged", that is decorated with a certain "thought" and you put energy into it, the word is able to program reality and modify it.

It affects the one who says "loaded" word and on the person to whom it is addressed. It's not the word, and that we put him in.

Of course, if you say, "I'm bad", presenting something unpleasant, thus even more will attract bad.

But once you start to say, "I'm good", imagining yourself healthy, full of energy and able to create a life around yourself, you will attract more of the good.

10. Destiny

This word every man for himself gives of his meaning. For some, destiny – these are things that happen with them, regardless of themselves – that is destined from above.

For others, the destiny means those actions that a person does in his life and gets results. What do you mean destiny?

This word is an impact on the attitude of the person, and with the help of it you can change your destiny.

But it's important to say it confidently, and understand that there is no higher power that somewhere "lead" you, only you create your destiny, and do it every moment.

9. Love

People are afraid to love because once burned. They think that if you love again, then get burned again. Yes, this is possible, but life consists of good and bad lessons. And who said that you need to be fixated only on love for another person?

Take a look at the world around you – you can love animals, nature, art, admire someone confidently goes to his goal – that is, to love not the person, and to provide for themselves and admire someone's qualities or talents.

The love and openness is the key to happiness. Say this word as often as possible and radiate the energy of love.

8. Happiness

The person makes you happy not the dream, and the movement towards it – don't forget about it. It is known that when a person gets their wish – he "blows", because all his energy was invested in the projection.

That is the person in advance of experiencing that feeling which is supposed to happen after the dream will come true, and when he gets their wish, then he is not experiencing strong emotions.

Therefore, your goal is to feel happiness from the process, from its movement, and do not forget to repeat to yourself that you deserve the happiness that you imagined. So you say: "I am worthy of happiness."

7. Passion

Passion is a very strong sense, it does not necessarily mean attraction to any man. Passion can be called a hobby, a fetish, a hobby, etc.

This word means immersion, passion for something or someone. This is not only a strong love and sensual attraction.

Use this word as often as possible, especially in those periods when in doubt – the universe, all of them will scatter.

In addition, the passion helps to overcome stereotypical thinking and open up new horizons.

6. Prosperity

This is an important word that I use often. Prosper in everything – in business, in Hobbies, in relationships of friendship and love, spiritually, etc.

In fact, we always thrive if the person consciously ruining my life – it's called self-destruction, this behavior is usually typical of people who have not found in my own life meaning.

Of all the failures you can get out, and stagnation need to fight – wish prosperity not only to themselves but to other people, the world – let the luck be on your side, and with it will come well-being and happiness.

5. Victory

Know why some athletes win in the Olympics? Of course, it's all in the preparation and honed actions, but, in addition, they always believe in their victory and say to myself "I will win", that's what makes them stronger opponents.

Imagine an athlete who would believe in your success, what would that have done? At least, because of his doubt, he would be less confident in the win, and it would have affected his physical condition.

Say to yourself: "I will win" more often no matter in what area.

4. Confidence

A confident person exudes a powerful energy, the one who knows what he wants and does something to implement desired – always causes respect and admiration.

In fact, we always know what we need, but don't always see ways of implementing the desired. It is sufficient to understand that the paths may be different, and one can choose the one that seems most acceptable and fast.

We don't want that. Want money? So you can figure out a way to earn them.

Want to prove some theory or other? You will find a way to do it. Ways are always there if you are willing.

Become confident in themselves and their abilities, you know that you can do everything, but if something you can not – then you don't want it so badly.

3. Hope

Many people live only with hope – they hope for a lucky coincidence, etc...

Bad any hope? If a person does nothing and just hoping for something – Yes, because it is no longer in control of my life.

But if you move towards the realization of their desires, making efforts and that magical sense of hope to you will only help.

It is impossible to do something without hope for a positive result – then people would do nothing at all. Miracles happen to those who at least knows how to recognize.

2. Trust

If you no longer trust yourself is a bad sign. To betray others is bad and yourself even worse.

What does it mean to betray yourself? This means stop to listen to yourself and your soul to do what you really don't need, and go on about society, friends, teachers, etc.

To be a happy person – you have to believe in yourself and trust yourself to know that despite adversity, you remain yourself. And it will lead you to the right place.

Trust yourself and repeat: "Everything will be as I want."

1. Thank you

Whenever you say "Thank you", then show the world how grateful for something. You must not only receive but to give thanks.

No matter what you thank close for their sage advice, weather, for being able to spend time in nature or the waiter for the delicious ice cream is important is the fact that you are expressing gratitude.

When you give, you get more surprises and wonderful things in life. Say "Thank you", never forget about gratitude.

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