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10 things that are dangerous to keep in the nursery


The world of children-boggling interesting. Often, buying a particular educational game, the adult begins in the first place to satisfy your research interest.

For their own hobby, along the way, not paying attention to the safety of the child.

10. Rocking chair

At first glance, a convenient and functional item. Exempt the hands of their parents to rest. Because the kid grows, the body weight increases.

Placing a child in a rocking chair, you can come up with various educational games, and the older child to feed. It is also convenient to transfer to the College the whole family, to join the joint communication with older children.

Afraid this invention is its fragility. Consequently, the danger of the child's injuries. Bright, elegant details draw the baby, cradling parent wary.

The growth of the child is accompanied by physical activity. It may happen that fastened the man will turn together with the restraint design.

And what else is important. The rocking chair is already furnished. And often in a small or crowded apartments hard to find such a place that it does not interfere with other family members.

9. Slide in the children's

Modern designers are incorporating it in homemade sports complexes. Usually made of colored plastic, it is pleasing to the eye. And a pleasure to watch as is the little man with an adult, pumping the muscle strength, developing the imagination.

But this ideal, as these designs are convincing light. They are attached to the floor, walls, real, not stylized sports parts.

And you always need the presence of an adult. One gets the impression that in the fresh air better and more fun to ride. Especially when mom and dad close by.

8. Hammock

Associated with sleep. Sturdy, and refreshing. Whether so it actually, we can tell only the owners of the hammocks. But the spines do have difficulty.

For children, a hammock is preparing its dangers. He can strangle a helpless victim when twisting.

Slycontrol mesh, then tightened the knots can get little arms or legs that also does not seem comfortable little family member.

7. Pool balls

Also displayed in the category of unwelcome to. Medical indications for this equipment in the house is enough.

Swimming in a dry pool strengthens the muscular system of the child develops fine motor skills. They can walk, dive, hide head.

Everything seemed to be fine. But not considered next detail. Namely, the insemination of balls microbes. In some instances, dangerous to the health of the baby.

After all, during the games, to the surface bubbles of saliva, food particles, juices, stool. Time has not treated, they create ideal conditions for the development of bacterial associations.

6. Huge soft toys

Through toys the child learns. Large, stylishly made, heroes of your favorite movies and cartoons, which you can actually create the game, repeating cartoon themes and their reprises.

Every self-respecting child knows, toys do not happen. Unfortunately, real life is harsh. The bigger the toy, the more the dust collector.

The greater the likelihood that they inhabit dust mites. Unfortunately, effectively removed the house with a toy. After three years of cohabitation with soft toys, their infection can be 100%. And it threatens the whole family allergic diseases of different severity.

5. Kinetic sand

It is composed of ordinary quartz sand and silicone polymer. According to one and for others it includes more boric and oleic acid.

Suitable for sculpting and allows you to create magical toys. Removes negative energy from the child.

Been and will be folks who take in a mouth your creations. It is undesirable to swallow, as the product of creativity is not included in the diet of the child.

Buying kinetic sand, the parent should pay attention to the country of the manufacturer. Better if he comes from Europe.

4. Trampoline

Sports equipment for jumping classes, which strengthens the muscles of the back and legs.

For children is a life-threatening pastime. In the first place – injuries. And if you believe the statistics, it affects every second child.

In the fall a possible concussion of the brain and spinal cord, while getting thrown or falling from the trampoline it is possible to injury in the form of fractures.

You also need to monitor the safety of the hull. Cracking of the material, fading is inevitable must be eliminated, otherwise be misunderstandings.

3. Glass gifts

There in order to give them more than enough. If it figures out of thin transparent glass, the danger is that during the game not radvilas toy in his hands.

If the product is covered with paint, there is a high likelihood that it contains lead, which is dangerous for the respiratory system.

Shiny sprinkles dangerous, as it can often contain harmful substances. Glass gifts, like things that are not intended for children, do not pass the appropriate checks and certification.

Caution in handling such things do not hurt.

2. Swing

Required attribute childhood memories. Feeling of detachment from earth, flight, incredible freedom. Unfortunately, overshadow the memories of falls from them. Or at the time of the sitting or at the time of return to earth.

They knocked down. And the blow falls on the head of a lying child. Often on the head.

At home the child swing also should not. If the parents bought a heavy and stable construction, mounts to floor, locks and brakes – not so bad.

If you have not guessed weight and growing or hero or bogatyrka here, they can not withstand. To rocking swing pediatricians have also become stricter applies. It is believed that they disrupt the natural sleep of the child.

1. Hydrogel, hydrogel beads

Fun, little, colorful, elegant, pleasant to the touch, with a passion to increase 200 times in contact with moisture.

Know how to jump. Attractive to interior decorators, lovers of flowers and small children left unattended.

To cause the tragedy, it only takes one ball. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, it begins to increase due to the absorption of gastric juices.

The baby becomes lethargic, nausea, with the development of intestinal obstruction – vomiting.

Complicating the diagnostic problems and the fact that the gel is not radiopaque on the one hand, with other circumstances of ill health are not known.

To save the life of a child, only the operation for removing a foreign body from the stomach or intestines.

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