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10 real snakes in nature that look fantastic


Beauty always attracts people. Many say she is a terrible force, and this is especially true if we are talking about snakes.

These reptiles are terrifying people is one of its kind, however, could not agree more with the fact that many of them are very beautiful.

This article lists 10 snakes that look fantastic.

10. Rainbow boa

The scales of this snake is metal, it sparkles with rainbow colors. It looks particularly impressive when the reptile is moving or is the sun. The more it shines, the brighter shines the scales of a rainbow boa.

This snake is not poisonous, moreover – it can even be called peaceful. This reptile is often kept at home.

Rosy Boas are safe for people, but they are predators. Such snakes usually eat small birds and rodents, and the young of the species it is better to give newborn mice.

9. Horned Viper

This snake is referred to as one of the most dangerous in the world. Due to the small horns protruding above the head, this Viper looks very threatening. It resembles a dragon.

Its venom is very toxic, he quickly deprives a person of life. However, this does not prevent some extremes to keep horned Viper at home.

The snake dwells in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa. Horned Viper feels great on the sand dunes, hot deserts.

They usually hunt at night: burrows in the sand and waiting for prey. If the snake is threatened, it scares your opponent: begins to RUB against each other scales, and as a result you hear a very specific sound.

8. Uzkogolovyj Mamba

This is a very beautiful reptile from Africa. It is dangerous for people, but not to admire her grace and aesthetics is simply impossible.

Color scales uzkogolovyj Mamba is a very bright emerald. Some specimens reach a length of 2.5 m.

These reptiles large dark eyes, graceful narrow head and smooth scales. These snakes are usually active day and night they rest in some cool forests.

Most often, they are waiting for their prey, but they can also chase prey. These reptiles have a small hunting areas and feed mainly on them.

7. California garter too

This really is also called a "garter". The color of these snakes is unusual and very diverse. This multi-colored strips that are located along the body of a reptile.

Garter snakes generally prefer to live near the homes of the people: I am glad that they are not poisonous.

However, these snakes can effectively defend themselves in case of danger. They excrete cloacal fluid, characterized by a very unpleasant smell. These reptiles kept in the home for both experienced and novice breeders snakes.

6. Blue racer

The name of this snake is quite significant to explain the speed of movement and very beautiful scales are a bright blue color.

Unfortunately, the blue racer is close to extinction.

These reptiles are safe for people, but they try to avoid them (and rightly so). If threatened, this snake can begin to respond to her is quite aggressive.

5. Striated king snake

This reptile is also called "milk". It may seem that striated king snake poisonous, because its color looks like a "warning": a combination of white, bright red and black colors immediately catches the eye. However, it is safe for humans, it can even hold it in hand.

These reptiles are often kept in terrariums. In the wild, these snakes spend a lot of time in the water usually are nocturnal and prefer to hide from danger, not to seek adventure.

They eat large insects, various amphibians, birds, lizards, small rodents.

4. Green Python

The serpent represents nobility and tranquility. She has a very beautiful "key lime" color scales.

Green pythons are fairly small (when compared with all pionowym): the largest specimens are up to 1.5 metres in length. The spine of reptiles such acts, and quite strongly, so they can look skinny. However, this is only the distinguishing feature, not a pathology.

Paradoxically, green pythons are not only green. Among the representatives of this breed can be found albinos and black-and-emerald specimens.

3. Tiger Python

Like all pythons, tiger individuals are different sedentary lifestyle and calm personality.

This is a fairly large reptiles, they reach between 1.5 and 4 metres in length. Female tiger Python is usually smaller than the males.

Shades such reptiles is quite diverse. The background is usually light, yellow-brown, and scattered large brown or white spots of different sizes and shapes.

These reptiles often use during photo shoots and kept in terrariums. The young snakes are shy and nervous. They need to provide a special cover. When the snake grows up, she will get used to people and will no longer constantly hiding.

2. Dominican red mountain boa

These snakes are rather slender, but they can be very large.

The red boa is trying to avoid meeting people. In moments of aggression these reptiles vpryskivat liquid having a very unpleasant smell. However, have not been documented cases of attacks of the red boa on the person.

Typically, these snakes feel their best in humid forests. Their lifestyle is relaxed, calm. Color red boa can be very unusual: for example, white background, red head and bright spots all over the body.

1. Grassy green Plitvicka

This snake is one of the most unusual in the world. The body of this reptile resembles a tropical vine that winds around the tree. It is very long and thin. Color scale – bright green.

Grass-green of plitvicki prefer to dwell in trees, on the ground, they feel very insecure. The pupils are horizontal like this snake, snout – narrow, pointed.

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