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10 actors-gay, which go crazy millions of women


In our time when tolerance became a fashion in the Western world, the attitude towards people with a different sexual orientation changed from cautiously negative on friendly and even in some cases enthusiastic.

This is especially true if we are talking about the stars of cinema. Moreover, some men openly admitting his homosexuality, attract the attention of women from around the world and left far behind their heterosexual peers. It's about these actors today and we'll talk.

10. Matt Dallas

Better known in theatrical circles, Matt however, was a real idol among teenagers who once starred in the TV series Kyle XY," in which she played the main role.

Glory descended on the young actor suddenly. From an unknown he has become a real icon for the youth.

Needless to say that thousands of fans across America immediately began to send him letters with declarations of love, and the Matt was in the annual list of the most desirable actors.

In 2013, Dalass unexpectedly announced her engagement to composer, blue Hamilton, with whom he was in a relationship since 2009.

9. Jonathan Groff

Jonathan groff, better known as drew, is an American singer and actor, winner of many awards from the film Academy. Since

Groff, better known in the theater field, his career as an actor for a long time, proceeded quietly to a broad audience. His first major role he got on glee. And though critics have noted it is not the most compelling game, the female audience of the series was left in awe of his image.

After filming, the actor has been actively fighting for the rights of minorities and the end of 2017 became an honorary member of the international Association WAID.

After his engagement to photographer Dick Gracie the popularity of Jonathan among women is even higher because he distinguished himself as an exemplary father, to adopt a little boy.

8. Zachary Quinto

Model and actor as well as a very successful artist Zachary Quinto became known to audiences for her role of captain Spock in the sci-Fi action movie star Trek.

The image of the laconic and pragmatic alien liked the most fans of the franchise. And although his character was almost completely devoid of any emotional feelings, the feminine part of the audience found this image very attractive.

Zachary himself, a long time was in a relationship with Jonathan Graffam, which was also in our top. But a few years later, the couple broke up, and Zachary was free again, thus returning hope to their fans.

7. Kevin Spacey

On account of this actor a huge number of dramatic roles in various plays, movies and TV shows.

However, a wide audience is especially fond of his on-screen incarnation of Lester Burnham, the father of the family, who is tired from life's hardships and wants to start life with a clean slate. Received for this role was nominated for Oscar, Kevin, not only is among the most sought-after actors of his time, but immediately acquired an army of fans. Hundreds of women send him letters from all over the country, and this year's edition of the Independent newspaper has repeatedly named spacey in the list of most eligible bachelors.

Long time actor carefully concealed as your marital status, and sexual orientation. And only in 2017 Kevin has openly declared his homosexuality and with whom they have legalized their relationship.

6. Neil Patrick Harris

Star of the TV series How I met your mother Neil Patrick Harris from childhood was surrounded by the universal attention. His spontaneity and friendliness endeared himself to the people, and in recognition of the actor, he always loved to be in sight.

Once on TV, Neil initially starred in various commercials and a little-known series, until he finally got the role of Barney, a confirmed bachelor and playboy.

And although at that time, Harris was already openly gay, it did not prevent him from becoming a recognized sex symbol of the series, ahead of more famous colleagues.

In 2006 he confirmed his relationship with chef David Bardou, and the couple lived in one of the most expensive areas of new York.

5. Cheyenne Jackson

Jackson was born in the United States in Washington. From early childhood he was fascinated by the theater stage. Possessing a beautiful voice and a musical ear, the Cheyenne soon began performing in musicals, thanks to his artistry and ability to attract the attention of the public quickly began to get starring roles in such TV series as Law and Order and American horror story.

Securing the role of a charismatic and tough guy, Jackson became a favorite of women and was very popular among fans. In 2014 he decided to legalize their relationship with Jason Landau, and soon the couple became parents to twins Ethan and willow.

4. John Barrowman

This American actor known primarily for being the member of the LGBT community and actively advocates for the rights of sexual minorities. Faced early in his career with the intolerance on the part of some colleagues, John decided to fight discrimination. And it is worth noting that he has achieved in this field of considerable successes.

For example, in the TV series Torchwood, where Barrowman plays the main role, his screen image in the form of captain Jack Harkness is also gay, though initially the intent of the writers was supposed to be a real ladies ' man. However, this did not prevent John from entering the top ten most desirable actors in 2015.

3. Luke Evans

Another Englishman in our list, who also was a colleague of Lee pace in the movie the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug. Evans auditioned for the role of dwarf king Thorin, but in the end played a bard Archer, a great warrior and hero, who saved his hometown from a dragon.

This masculine image is so loved by a wide audience that Luke immediately got the lead role in the fantasy Thriller Dracula. And although the film flopped at the box office, Vlad Tepes performed by Evans immediately won the hearts of fans, who called the actor the main decoration of the picture.

It is worth noting the fact that Evans punctually is among the top most brutal and stylish celebrities of England.

2. Matt Bomer

The series White collar, was certainly worthy of the attention of the audience for a strong plot and great acting of the main characters.

But one of the most significant reasons why the series became so wildly popular, of course, was the way Neal Caffrey, played by Bomer. Charming and clever con artist played by Matt has won the hearts of the girls and went down in history as one of the most brutal and desirable men in the series for 2014.

He even predicted the role of Superman in the restart of kynoselen DC, but his busy schedule has made adjustments, and in the end the role was Henry Cavill.

1. Lee Pace

Lee pace is a British actor, first made famous on the stage of the Royal theatre, London. However, worldwide fame and status as a sex symbol for his role in the trilogy the Hobbit, where the pace has played a harsh but noble elf king Thranduil.

The militant and tragic image of the Lord of the elves immediately came to taste the fans. Millions of girls around the world began to Express their feelings to the Pace, not knowing that the actor already was in a relationship with a man.

Coming out there was only in 2018 in one of the press conferences.

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