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10 signs that a husband is happy with you in marriage


Every woman tries to do everything to make her husband happy. Of course, if they have strong feelings.

Unfortunately, there are situations when a happy man (so at least thinks his wife), leaves the family or gets a mistress.

It turns out that the woman did everything wrong and her partner did not dare to Express their grievances.

If you value the relationship, you should often talk with her husband. That's just not every man will openly say that he is not satisfied.

Do not despair, you can easily understand how it feels to be your husband, if you're a little careful.

Below are 10 signs that a husband is happy with you in marriage. If your favorite makes at least something of the list, so he is good near you.

10. He regularly kisses

A man who's happy in the relationship, happily kisses his wife. And not only kisses.

He is tender, he wants to embrace you, to sit, to hold his hand.

Physical contact in the relationship between man and woman is very important. It is not just about sex, although without it a happy marriage is impossible.

If your man is offended or dissatisfied with something, he would not want to touch you. Again, kisses and hugs for some men is a matter of habit, "that the wife doesn't suspect anything".

So first of all note that, whether you like your husband to touch you, to hug and kiss.

Duty hasty kisses and hugs (just behind) don't count. No wonder they say that the first sign of a dying love – no kisses.

An unloved person does not want to kiss. What kind of happiness there may even be a question?

9. Calls and writes

Of course, over time, the passion subsides. There is no longer the romantic messages and long phone conversations.

But a loving husband will never forget to call or email your wife especially if she has any problems.

Of course, all individually. If your husband has no opportunity during the working day talking on the phone or send messages, it does not mean that he is unhappy with you.

Representatives of some professions really can't find a free moment to get to the phone. In this case, do not be offended and accuse your man of indifference.

But if your partner went on a business trip and didn't even call you, it's a red flag.

If you road your man, he will report their arrival and ask if you were well.

8. Says he loves

Yes, many men do not like to confess his love. As they say, out of the pincers will not pull.

But even the sternest man will not hold back his feelings and tell his beloved that he loves her, if will feel happy.

These moments can be rare. The man say about his love, when he'll respond to any situation. Yes, it can be enchanting sex, hot and delicious, and a sweater knitted by your hands.

The rest of the time he will be silent. Most men believe that if they once said about his love, no need to repeat.

7. Does not play a role

If your man was faking and playing a role, he cannot be happy.

So what happens if a woman makes too high demands and trying to change it. Maybe he loves you and wants you to be happy. This quiet home a male would pretend to be independent, macho, and regular guy, far from high society, will learn not to be afraid of Cutlery in the restaurant and even read a book about the rules of etiquette.

Yes, love can work miracles. That's just hard to pretend all my life. The man who plays the role, can not become happy. One day he would throw off the mask and go to the one that will love him with all flaws and virtues.

6. Shares intimate

If a man tells you his secrets, means he trusts you. He talks about his plans and dreams, not worry about what will make a negative impression.

He is not afraid to be weird and funny. He knows you are with him "on one wave", so I will support all his initiatives. Your partner feels comfortable around you, so don't let him down.

Don't miss his stories on deaf ears, to avoid any awkward situations in the style of: "I told you".

5. Help around the house

Happy husband is happy to help his wife around the house. He'll do the dishes, vacuum the living room carpet and even cook dinner. He wants more time to spend with his beloved wife, so he is ready to do everything to facilitate her life.

Unfortunately, in this situation, most women admit a fatal mistake. They begin to criticize her husband: "Not washed, not prepared". Comments like this will discourage all desire to do anything.

So, if your man helps you around the house, rejoice, and say words of gratitude, cheer for him. He is well with you, even a couple broken dishes and the soup is too salty will not be able to prevent your happiness.

4. Watching them

If your man is happy with you, he will never forget about their appearance. He wants to please his beloved, so don't ignore the bathroom and razor.

If you notice that your partner pays little attention to looks, not necessarily that love is gone. He may have problems at work or age-related crisis. In this case, will only straight talk.

3. Tells you compliments

Your husband regularly tells you compliments. You are the luckiest woman in the world, and he is the happiest man.

There are in the world are men who notice the slightest change in appearance of his wife and admire them. They compose poems, sing praises, and all that every day not on time.

It is a pity that very few of them. All the rest can only banal: "You are the most beautiful."

If your husband does not know how to speak beautifully, humble. Inept compliments – that's fine too, as long as they were spoken from the heart.

2. He respects you

If a man loves and cherishes, if it is okay with you, he will never allow himself offensive words in your address.

A loving husband will not be mean to the woman who makes him happy. Of course, much depends on education and from the behavior of the woman.

A man with strong and hard character will be sweet and tender, if his beloved takes care of him, reads him a lecture and does not require a diamond necklace and a mink coat.

Even the quiet and unassuming husband couldn't stand it if his favorite is too often the scandals.

1. He simply is well with you

A man will be most happy if he feels good next to the woman. If he knows what's at home waiting, happily go back.

He does not seek to run away from the cozy nest wants to give you more free time. He can say: "I feel good with you."

If this is your situation, then your relationship can only envy. If you notice that your husband is growing more distant not wait for the sea weather. Take matters into your own hands.

Perhaps you still have a chance to change everything, and you will be able to make her beloved the happiest man on earth.

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