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10 ordinary things, which, it turns out, have an expiration date


All are used, shelf life is an important parameter exclusively for food products, especially dairy and meat products.

If lying around in the fridge expired jar of yogurt, then she would go in the trash, but almost nobody even thinks that a mattress or a comb too, maybe it's time to throw away.

Things that usually change only when they are worn, too, actually have a shelf life.

After reading this material, you will surely think how long ago I bought shoes, a pillow or bath towel.

10. Slippers

Slippers, if they are of good quality, can last for years, although they need to change every 6 months.

Think about how often you put them on dirty socks, wet feet, and even let me wear the guests? Such treatment leads to the appearance of germs and bacteria that can cause fungus.

Washing, which seems like the obvious solution to this problem, in fact, is not a panacea, as many of the microorganisms will still be alive.

9. Sunglasses

As a rule, sunglasses are changed for 4 main reasons: broken, lost, scratched, or just want a new.

On the streets you can often see seniors who wear glasses, made in the Soviet Union, but what quality stuff then did it's time they throw.

Ultraviolet coating on glasses that protect your eyes from the sun completely burns out in 2 years, after which the points become useless. Simply the accessory that allows you to not squint in the sun, but the eyes are not protected.

8. Cutting boards

Cutting boards, especially wood, is a real Paradise for different kinds of bacteria.

From regular use them scratches in which dirt accumulates, and the regular contact with water only makes it worse.

No matter how carefully you wash the Board, make it safe still will not work, so if the product more than 3 years it is time to replace a new one.

The plastic, incidentally, is more practical and durable.

7. Comb

Any comb, whether it's a massage brush or a simple comb, needs weekly brushing.

This rule most respects, but there are two: to buy a new hairbrush at least once a year.

From the frequent use on the surface of the accumulated sebum and small fragments of dead skin cells which, of course, can not lead to anything good.

The use of very old comb face not only hair loss, but alopecia: partial or complete hair loss.

6. Blanket

Modern quilt made from synthetic material can last up to 10 years, but only if it is thoroughly cared for.

Otherwise think about replacing is already after 5 years, because it also accumulate germs, which during sleep can migrate to your body.

The most harmless that in this case the itching and redness of the skin that is quite unpleasant, but may develop more serious problems.

5. Pillow

Pillow, which is one of the most important components of a comfortable sleep, can not boast of such longevity as a blanket.

Regardless of, from which it is made, it needs to be changed every 2 years. Even if you carefully looked after her and went to bed with dirty hair, it still in that time loses its shape, and inside the plant microbes. They, as in the case of a blanket, use you precisely will not bring.

4. Mattress

Mattress and blanket with pillow, is the thing durable. In theory, and in practice too, it can be used for decades, but if you look at it from the point of view of hygiene, the numbers are quite different.

Modern frame-less mattresses "live" not more than 10 years. This age ceiling for expensive and high-quality products, and if you had bought a simpler version, and dump it cost to send this much earlier.

3. Bra

Every girl has a favorite bra that is comfortable, beautiful and generally perfect.

Some ladies (for example, with curvaceous) to find such a great success, why change it does not want.

Alas, but once in a year or two of doing it is still necessary. The fact that the cups accumulate potiranie deposits as well as pieces of dead skin tissue which cannot be removed completely in the wash.

In addition, a couple of years, the bra loses its shape, stretched, and does not look like once.

2. Bath towels

Despite the fact that the bathroom is designed to give the purity, it is one of the most polluted places in the house.

High humidity, which is aggravated by poor ventilation and temperature extremes, creates the perfect conditions for reproduction of various parasites. Favorite habitats are crevices and other hard to reach places, and from what I seen, they are very fond of towels.

Only one way out: to frequently wash them using qualitative means. Unfortunately, this even helps, but causes another problem wear and tear of the fabric. The pile becomes rough, the towel begins to "thin out" and fade, so using them becomes unpleasant.

100% effective solution to all one change it at least once every 3 years. If you are a man with one towel for all parts of the body, then you must do it more often.

1. Sports shoes

If sneakers few years, many consider it a sign of quality and do not even think to go to the store for a new pair.

In fact, you can't do that, especially if this Shoe you exercise.

Sneakers or running shoes, no matter how firm they may be, will eventually lose their shock-absorbing properties. This means that joints that sports shoes need to protect, remain vulnerable.

In addition, wear and the insole, or rather it ceases to absorb moisture, which can develop has repeatedly referred to the fungus.

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