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10 dangerous things to have everyone in the house


Home is the safest place on earth. So, at least, I think the majority of people. They come from the street, diligently wash their hands and think that more they are not afraid of any bacteria and germs. Indeed, they regularly put things in order in his apartment.

In fact, even in the cleanest apartment there are things that are a threat to human health.

No, it's not drugs and other chemicals, it is a common items that we use every day.

Below are 10 dangerous things to have everyone in the house.

10. Old sneakers

Most people don't think about the fact that the shoes also have a lifespan. Wear them until, until he collapsed. If you like running, remember that they should be replaced every 300 – 450 miles.

Perhaps the shoes will look pretty good. In this case, you will need to make a choice. Decide what is more important – economy or the health of your feet.

The fact that worn out running shoes lose their shock-absorbing properties. Is there an easy way that will help to check whether it is time to buy a new pair of shoes or you can do old.

Push down with your thumb on the middle part of the sole. If it is pressed, and visible folds, then sneakers are fine.

If not, then, the sole does not compensate for the shock and gives you a strong load on the legs, increasing the risk of injury. Such a sneaker is better to get rid of.

9. Old plastic containers

In every kitchen you can find plastic containers. Someone keeps them food, someone to carry lunch to work.

Not to say that they are absolutely harmless to the body. However, everything depends on the composition of the plastic. Most people don't pay attention to the labeling.

For example, there are containers which can heat food. Under the influence of heat from them will be allocated harmful substances. Bisphenol-a and phthalate are pseudohormones and is able to change the hormonal background of a person.

There is a risk of developing cancer. Prefer glass or ceramic containers. If this is too expensive to periodically change plastic containers and don't forget to read the labels.

8. Antibacterial soap

The producers promise that antibacterial soap on the skin forms a special film which protects the skin from bacteria.

In fact, in liquid antibacterial soap contains triclosan and lump – triclocarban. These antiseptics do lead to the death of bacteria, not just harmful. They destroy those, by means of which the protective function of the skin. It becomes vulnerable to fungus.

Antibacterial soap also suffers from the immune system, you may experience hormonal disorders, allergic reactions.

No need to use antibacterial soap daily, use it in exceptional cases.

7. Old spice

If you haven't done an audit in the kitchen, it's time to do it.

Mistress rarely look at the shelf life of spices, but if they are impregnated in a glass jar, know it's generally not possible.

Next time, when you buy spices, make sure to note the expiration date. Even if they didn't ruin the dish, it will turn out tasteless and bad. Old spices will not make any sense.

In addition, there are a lot of stories when expired condiments cause eating disorders. Again, we are talking about seasoning, not about natural spices.

It is hardly possible to get poisoned, old cloves or sage. The price of spices and seasonings is not so high so it is easier to buy fresh than to guess what was the cause of abdominal pain.

6. Air fresheners

Recently, the air fresheners are becoming increasingly popular. It is not just the cans, they have strange shapes and can be a wonderful interior decoration.

No need to believe the hype and get too caught up with air fresheners. They contain phthalates. This substance has a negative effect on the reproductive ability and development of the unborn child.

If you do not plan children, still limit the use of air fresheners. They can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions.

According to research conducted in the United States, people who use air fresheners constantly, are more likely to suffer from cancer.

5. Diet sodas

In recent years more and more people keen on proper nutrition. They're watching their figure, but resist the temptation, not everyone can.

A great way diet sodas. The producers promise that there's no sugar and they are absolutely safe for health.

Unfortunately, it is not. Sugar in them are really there, but there are substitutes. If too frequent use of such drinks increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Besides, for the figures, they are also not useful. According to statistics, people who drink diet sodas have problems with excess weight more often than those who are able to give them up.

4. Old cosmetics

It has long been known that the old makeup causes irreparable harm to the skin, but women continue to use it. They think that cosmetics can't go wrong. The most dangerous among them is mascara and lip gloss.

On the brush get germs and bacteria, and then placed back into the canister. Creates an ideal environment for breeding of harmful substances.

Change your mascara and lip gloss, at least once in three months. Dust and shadow can be stored for about a year, it is only necessary to keep them clean, frequently change sponges and brushes. In any case, any cosmetic product has a shelf life.

In any case do not use expired products, if you do not want to irritation and allergic reactions.

3. Old sunscreen

Old sunscreen is not effective, it does not fulfill its function. It contains special chemicals that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Gradually they are destroyed. If sunblock not stored properly, it also loses its protective properties. You can't leave him in the car and allow it to heat.

2. A container for storing contact lenses

With the contact lens is also not so simple as it may seem. Be sure to monitor its cleanliness.

Bacteria from the hands fall on the lens, then the solution for them in the container. Therefore, experts advise to change it once a month.

If you buy a new lens, don't forget about the container, it too must change. Do not put new lenses in old container.

If you do not follow all these recommendations, there is a risk of eye diseases. Redness, pain, blurred vision –not a very pleasant feeling.

1. Plastic cutting boards

There is a myth that plastic boards are much safer wooden. Scientists have conducted a number of studies, which found that it wasn't true. That's just people still think that plastic is safe.

On a plastic Board from knife scratches, which infest the germs. Detergents and hot water will not help.

Besides, scratched plastic Board does not look aesthetically pleasing, it is not exactly the place in your kitchen. Buy a good wooden Board. With proper care it will last you for decades.

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