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The 10 most important exercises for women


Women who intend to exercise should take into account that there are no such activities and programs by which it would be possible to deal with a narrow problem.

You cannot lose weight only in one part of the body, the load must be comprehensive and regular. The only way to achieve a result close to desired, and note that it will take several months.

Consider the most effective exercises for women that improve health, improve the figure, to burn fat and build muscle.

10. Step-exercise

These exercises enable women to achieve really good results. They are quite a bit inferior to run in energy consumption and are less tiring than jumping rope.

Exercises on a step-platform makes it very good to work out legs, both hips, and feet. Loaded belly and gluteal muscles.

This exercise normalizes blood supply of organs of small pelvis, which is very useful for the female body.

However, be aware that classes with a step platform to increase buttocks, hips, muscle growth in the lower part of the body.

9. Leg swings back

Performing leg swings back, woman takes, the body, which in itself is very helpful for her body.

From the pelvic region starts to withdraw venous blood, thus preventing the emergence of problems with the female reproductive system, and stagnant phenomena in the kidneys, hemorrhoids. "The cat position" useful to take during carrying a child.

As for the exercises – it allows you to effectively load the muscles of the back and abdomen, buttocks. Leg swings back increase stamina, strength.

8. Stretching arms forward, legs back

For this exercise, you must also accept "the cat position", but it has a greater energy cost than the previous one.

With it better muscles worked shoulders, back. This exercise will activate and press.

7. Pushups

Push-UPS exercise which can be attributed to the army. Thus it is well suited not only for men but also for women.

If you have never trained this way, to be wrung out first, will be difficult. To minimize the load, a novice can do push-UPS on knees, not on the toes of the feet.

Then will need to go to a traditional option exercise.
Pushups allow you to effectively pump the chest muscles.

Through this exercise, considering also the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, legs, buttocks and press.

Pushups are encouraged to include in any training program.

6. Leg raises from push-up position

This exercise is called the "owner". It is well suited for women who have mastered the pushups.

Wrung out, people working on mostly upper body and leg lifts is highly efficient to pump the thighs, buttocks, lower back and abs. "Owner" gets rid of body fat, promotes weight loss.

Since the lower part of the body is loaded very moderately, the volume in these zones increase slightly.

5. Raising the legs in the supine position

It is a fairly easy exercise, it can easily perform even the untrained women who were not previously engaged in sports.

It is working muscles of the inner thigh press. For the inner parts of the legs and so there is very little exercise, therefore dilution is recommended to carry all the girls.

Raising the legs in the supine position is also very useful for women, the bearing of children. It eases the burden during pregnancy, allows you to maintain physical activity during this period, and also helps to speed up the generic process.

4. Plie squats

Such training can effectively develop inner thigh. These muscles are usually very poorly developed, so they need to constantly swap.

Plies is not too much load external femoral and gluteal muscles, which cannot be said about regular squats. It is very important for women because few of them want to have a massive bottom.

This exercise is energy consuming and not simple, so it is best to perform with weights: with dumbbells in hand or with a light barbell on shoulders (will be enough for one neck).

3. Lunges with dumbbells

Such training contributes to the rounding of the hips, buttocks, a quick burn fat.

Outdoors or in the gym when there is a place in order to continuously and dynamically move, attacks make the body more stable, effectively working the muscles of the body.

This exercise does not require special physical training, so it is quite suitable for beginners. Once you have mastered lunges with dumbbells, you can move on to more significant power loads.

2. The bridge on the shoulders

This exercise allows you to work the muscles that support the spine and buttocks, stomach and lower back.

Such a bridge is to carry people who spend a lot of time sitting or you have any problems with posture.

Exercise make, relying on the lower limbs, therefore the load on the spine is minimal. Prevents injuries, intervertebral hernia.

The bridge on the shoulders of perfect workout, even for those people who are recovering from operations or injuries of the spine.

1. Breeding dumbbell in hand

A classic exercise for the upper back and shoulders very well suited for all ladies.

For most women, the shoulder belt is loaded insufficiently, which could lead to the development of osteochondrosis, pain in the upper back.

Pump the shoulders, back should be at least once a week. This will avoid many health problems and give the upper body a beautiful shape.

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