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10 Russian films about the glamorous life


Young men and women attracted by the glamour, glitter, chic and beautiful life, but most of them can only dream about it.

Surprisingly, with age, the desire fizzles (not at all). People are starting to realize that they will never achieve such heights, and to live beautifully is unlikely. They realize that life will have to work to pay loans and mortgages, buy clothes in mass-market and save on foods.

That's only if interest in the beautiful of life is not extinguished, it is possible to enjoy it in the company of movie stars, because this topic is not deprived of the attention of filmmakers.

Russian Directors, too, are happy to take films about glamour and the good life, and viewers watch them.

Below are 10 of the Russian films about the glamorous life. After watching you will be able to understand whether it is good, and whether it is worth to dream about glamour.

10. Buy me 2017

The plot the story of three young girls. Lisa, Galya and Katya dream of finding their "place under the sun." Their methods are simple: a good figure, revealing clothes, the willingness to surrender to the first oligarch.

That's just the story is not as simple as it seems. If Lisa and she really dream of a beautiful life, cars and diamonds, Kate is a wealthy Muscovite is with them "in harness" by his own stupidity. She wants to get unforgettable emotions.

This film is not about prostitutes, but about little girls who are trying to find themselves in this world, even at this price.

9. Baker and the beautiful (TV series) 2018

If you want to watch a movie about the glamorous life but to laugh a little, stop your choice on the TV series "the Baker and the beauty". It premiered in the winter of 2018, it's loosely based on the Israeli series "She's with me."

Andrew is a regular Baker. On the anniversary of the relationship he invites his sweetheart to the restaurant. There, he met with the famous top model.

The young man is sympathetic, Sasha Larina, and she decides to show him a beautiful life. Now they will have parties, hangouts, and London.

Here are just offended friend Andrew just do not leave. And there appears on the horizon ex-boyfriend Sasha, who is willing to do anything to get her back.

8. Kept woman (TV series) 2019

The film wonderfully interwoven the fate of different women. Dasha Smirnova is an artist from Saratov arrives in Moscow for a better life.

Girlfriend Marina offers Dasha to plunge into the world of glamour and money. She's a kept woman, to succeed in life helped her with the main matchmaker of the capital, Alice.

Investigator Lena is far from this world, but soon it will have the opportunity to meet beautiful lives better.

In the restroom of an expensive restaurant found the body of a girl. Lena will need to solve this case and find the murderer. During the investigation, it will face with the ugly secrets of the inhabitants of the high society.

7. Lily of the valley silver 2000

Zoe Milochkina wants to get a job as a singer in a restaurant, but for this she needs to go to Moscow and to study singing. Her father is a police Sergeant against, he has several times removed the daughter from the train and returned to their Elbows.

The fate has taken pity on the girl and brought her to Moscow two producers, the services which just refused famous star Irma.

Left and Stas, hearing the song of Zoe, taken for its promotion. The girl becomes a famous singer, but not so good as it seems.

Zoe falls in love with Lev, and hoped to build a serious relationship with him. Came from London the son of Stas falls in love with Zoya...

The final scene of the film – Milochkina sings in the restaurant at the Elbows. She was able to fulfill his dream, but is she happy?

6. Star 2014

The young actress Masha dreams of becoming a real star. However, her life cannot be called beautiful. She unsuccessfully goes to auditions, caring for the lonely elderly man, and lays the money on plastic surgery.

Socialite Rita – mistress Deputy Minister are accustomed to luxury and wealth, but its position is under threat. After all, the Deputy Minister is the son Kostya, who constantly quarrel with Rita, and with her father. The young man falls in love with Masha. Another quarrel in the house of the Deputy ends with Rita being kicked.

By chance, she meets with Mary. Kostya, Masha and Rita are very different, but to watch these three very interesting.

5. Sweet life (TV series) 2014-2016

Drama series, season three, episode 21,. The series has received fairly mixed reviews.

The plot revolves around the lives of six successful Muscovites. The main character Sasha lives in Perm and one daughter. She works as a dancer at the club, but an unfortunate incident cancels all her plans.

Sasha went to Moscow, leaving the child to his grandmother. In the capital she has a friend Leroy, a long time ago, they together danced in the corps de ballet of the Bolshoi theatre.

As soon as he comes to the capital, the life of main characters changed 180 degrees.

4. Gloss 2007

This film is called "a bitter Comedy about sweet life". The main character, Galya comes to the capital, she wants to become a supermodel.

Her blue dream is to shoot for the magazine "Beauty". The editor of the journal on this account their opinion. The girl say that she had absolutely no data. Gal gets a job as a seamstress to the known fashion designer, but fate is once again preparing a surprise for her. After the Gale replaces one of the models, it is fired.

The girl manages to get the assistant in the Agency that selects the brides for the very rich. She also becomes "the elite bride".

3. Plato 2008

Plato – "the seller of happiness". This man finds beautiful girls and sells them to rich people. Plato satisfied with the status quo, for his work, he gets good money.

One day he meets a saleswoman Luba. They begin a relationship, but one of the customers of Plato Abdul asks him to arrange a date with this girl. After much thought, Plato offers any to make some money, she agrees.

The date of Abdul Luba asks him for a favor, she wants Plato killed. Abdul agrees to comply beauties ...

2. Duhless 2011

Psychological drama based on the novel by Sergei Minaev.

Max works leading top-Manager at a major international Bank. He luxury housing, expensive car, cheerful and bright life. Max earns the money spends on the attributes of a beautiful life.

Chic women, cocaine, parties, parties. One day, max visited the idea that he's doing something wrong. Yes, his life is enviable, but is this the ultimate dream? Max begins to reevaluate themselves in a different way to relate to my life.

1. Pop 2005

Lucky 18 years old, she dreams of becoming a famous singer comes to Moscow from a small provincial town. It had been a well-known producer, she left the girl card.

That's just Larisa Ivanovna absolutely did not expect the emergence Warblers on the threshold of his apartment. Yet the woman are unable to expel "young talent" on the street.

She went to work and took with them a Warbler. Talking Larisa Ivanovna realizes that she is not just a pretty face and a pleasant voice, but a strong character.

She agrees to undertake the promotion of Warblers, but only a year later, and now she needs to go to his hometown. Last night in Moscow the girl is his idol Vlad Boytsov ...

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