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10 life hacks for lazy girls who want to be beautiful


The resourcefulness and ingenuity of the modern members of the fairer sex can only envy. To the wonderful look, women quickly come up with something effective and very simple.

Men can't even imagine what kind of unusual techniques ladies use to emphasise the dignity of the figure, face and hide all the flaws.

This article describes the best life hacks for lazy girls who want to become more beautiful.

10. Hide straps

Many girls have dresses with open shoulders and back. Such outfits usually look very nice, but their main drawback is that it is impossible for them to wear bras: the image spoils the protruding straps.

However, the bra can be transformed specifically to wear it under a backless dress.

Take the scissors and cut the side pieces of the bodice bottom edge of the straps. Cut one strap before connecting the circle and thread it through the other strap.

To strap entrenched, hem the edge using thread. After that linen will hold only one strap around the neck. To change the length, you can use one of the remaining sliders.

9. Clean combs

It is not only important to regularly care for your hair with high quality masks, balms, shampoos, but also not to forget about the condition of the combs.

If you do not clean and wash the comb, you may encounter such problems as loss of hair, appearance of various skin defects. Such items are easily cleaned with an ordinary toothbrush and a mixture of soap and water.

The brush will allow you to not only remove dirt from the bristles, but on the lower lining of rubber. There is a more effective way to clean combs: apply men's shaving foam. This tool will fill all hard-to-reach places.

8. Most importantly safety

Not pleasant, when absolutely no time missing necessary things. As example is the case when a person is planning to take a trip razor, but suddenly disappears the protective cap.

To unprotected razor no one was hurt, apply a small amount of glue. When the mass hardens, the blade will be perfectly safe. When necessary, the adhesive can be easily clean off with a razor.

7. More order

Some women like to randomly throw makeup brush and cosmetics on the table. To have everything in its right place (and at the same time not lost sight of), you can make and apply aesthetic and an unusual stand.

Take the chicory coffee and half pour it into a rectangular vase, a jar or other suitable container. Insert brush handles in coffee: so they won't disappear or fall. Is coffee bean you can use colored beads or beans.

6. Recover corrupted powder

Women very often drop your favorite powder. It's a shame when quality care is sent to the bin just because of the awkward movement. However, such problem can be overcome quite easily.

Collect the destroyed powder and knead her large pieces with a fork: the result is a homogeneous mass. Take the perfume and sprinkle liberally dust the top layer was a little wet.

Cover cosmetic with a dry cloth and press it with a spoon. When you remove the cloth, you will see an almost perfect powder.

5. Feet without calluses

Unfortunately, due to uncomfortable shoes very often be a very unpleasant blisters. To avoid this problem, use a regular gasket and the dailies.

Take it, cut a small piece and stick it on the inner side of the Shoe. Gaskets soft, so the skin will be protected and will not be corn.

4. The beauty of the lips without makeup

To lips was beautiful, it is not necessary to use for care of the purchase cosmetics. If they started to peel off, turned pale, use to care regular toothbrush.

Moisten lips with water, take a brush and carefully, without sudden movements massage them for 10 seconds. This time is enough to make your smile shone again with beauty and youth.

3. Fashion beam with a sock

To create a beautiful hairstyle you will need a normal sock. He very easily turns into a good scrunchie. It can be used in order to make the nape a delicate beam.

Cut the sock toe, then roll it from one edge to the other. Gather hair in a ponytail and put on his gum (towards the end). Gradually wrap the hair elastic, and thus it will need to scroll. Elegant beam ready. It will appear larger than it really is.

2. Glowing skin

To get rid of black spots on the face, you can use the magic tool that is very easy to do with their hands. Take a teaspoon of tooth paste, a tablespoon of baking soda and a small amount of water.

Thoroughly mix above ingredients, put the resulting tool on a toothbrush and RUB the skin with it. Much not need to press. The mixture will act very quickly: all the dirt will disappear and the face will become radiant and pure.

1. Big Breasts without surgery

Chest – the part of the body, which can be called one of the most attractive women. Unfortunately, in some cases, nature is not generous and the fair sex remains very unhappy with the size of their Breasts.

You can start to work out regularly at the gym, or purchase push-up bra, but usually all of this have to spend quite a lot of money. There is a more economical method of breast enhancement: just arrange the accents, using conventional cosmetics.

Take the dark Foundation and over the chest apply them in a semicircular line. Focus on the neck with V-shaped lines indicate clavicle double straight lines.

In the middle of the chest, between the second and the first lines apply a light concealer. Thoroughly blend cosmetic – and as a result you will get a wonderful play of light and shadow, visually adding another dimension.

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