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10 biblical miracles, which have a rational explanation


The Bible is one of the oldest books ever written by mankind. It is filled with stories that often seem to be inventions. So previously, scientists believed the lie described in the sacred book of the event. But probably it was not fiction. Many dowry there is a rational explanation.

10. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Even those who do not read the Bible, know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. In these cities reigned debauchery and Vice. God decided to wipe them off the face of the Earth, sending residents sulfuric rain and fire from heaven.

Archaeologists believe that in Sodom and Gomorrah there was a powerful earthquake. These cities are located on two lithospheric plates, which 5000 years ago dispersed in different directions.

In addition, settlements were located in the wrong place. Dead (Asphalt) the sea was full of lumps of bitumen, and there were a lot of oil and methane fields.

During an earthquake all of these substances are ignited, and the bitumen allocated sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. Hence, the Bible came from the mention of burning sulfur. Besides, burning the hydrogen sulphide is converted into acid. She poured on the inhabitants with the rain.

9. Manna from heaven

The prophet 40 years, Moses led the Jews through the desert. All this time they ate manna – food that God sent. A small white grain, melting by noon. Mention of this food is found in the Koran.

It is most likely that manna is a waste product of the tamarisk tree. This plant secretes a drop of sweet juice, deterring aphids.

SAP falls on the earth in the form of small white grains, which melt by noon or eaten by ants.

According to another version, the manna was grains trehalose – sweet carbohydrate secreted by some bacteria, fungi, plants or bugs. The locals still use trehalose as a sweetener.

8. The conversation between God and Moses

According to the Professor of psychology at the Hebrew University, the conversation between God and Moses occurred under the influence of a hallucinogen Ayahuasca. Indian tribes used this substance to communicate with their gods.

7. Burning Bush

According to legend, this is the Bush that burns but is not consumed. It on mount Sinai God appeared to Moses.

In the past the mountain of Sinai was a volcano. Likely, his mouth grew a Bush of acacia. This plant is used for manufacturing special "fireproof" charcoal. Thus, the Bush was on fire, and his frame remained intact.

Also a scientist from the Hebrew University claims that the Sinai area, some species of acacia contain psychoactive alkaloids, similar in composition to the above-mentioned awasom. So the conversation with God has occurred under the action of the emitted substance.

6. Water from a stone

In the desert people desperately needed water. Moses struck the rock and out poured liquid.
This is because not all the stones are monolithic.

In some breeds there are many pores and cavities in which moisture accumulates. Moses struck the rod, knocked the outer layer of the stone, and from within poured out the water accumulated in the rock.

5. The ten plagues of Egypt

According to the Bible, the Pharaoh refused to release the enslaved Jews. Then God sent down upon Egypt the ten plagues. These include the transformation of water into blood, invasion of frogs, insects, murrain, an epidemic, "fiery hail" and lightning, Egyptian darkness and finally death of the firstborn son of Pharaoh.

The red water is algae blooms that produce toxic substances. It causes poisoning of the fauna and the escape of frogs. Dead frogs and fish bred flies. Infected with the disease of SAP Midge causes death of livestock and ulcers in humans. Fiery hail – the eruption of the volcano. After him followed a volcanic winter, during which the sun never shone through the smoke. Red water is often accompanied by an eruption.

The Jews who kept the cattle do not eat meat, and gave all to the ruling family. In Egypt was made the first to feed the Pharaoh's firstborn, and give him a double portion of food. Because the cattle were infected, the firstborn ate the meat and died.

4. The Fall Of Jericho

Jericho was impregnable. During the siege synchronously blew 7 trumpets and the people shouted at the same time. After this wall collapsed, and the Israelites took the city.

However, according to studies, in fact, the walls of Jericho were destroyed by the earthquake still 150 years before the coming of Israelis.

3. The transition of the Jews through the Red sea

Moses led the Jews through the sea. The water parted before him, opening the passage on the ground. Following the people's army of the sea flooded.

Stretch of water on the shore was shallow, the bottom was hidden reef. In 2010, scientists created a computer model, which could be, described in the Bible "a miracle".

A very strong wind could bare plot of land under water and to open the passage. Besides, at the bottom of the red sea, archaeologists found the skeletons of five hundred people and their military equipment. That is, the Pharaoh's soldiers would actually die in the middle of the sea when the wind has abated and the sea returned to its "normal" form.

2. Immaculate conception

The conception of Mary – one of the most controversial and disputed episodes in the Bible. Humans, unlike some animals, are capable of parthenogenesis (conception of a child from an unfertilized egg).

And even if that happened, born an individual (in this case Jesus) had to be identical to the mother.

1. The tower of Babel

According to Genesis, after the flood the people were one people. They created the city of Babylon and decided to build a high tower to exalt themselves. God did not allow them to finish the construction.

Besides, after heavenly punishment people began to speak different languages. Not knowing each other, people dispersed around the world to build their cities.

Some scientists see a connection between the tower of Babel story and the construction of ziggurats in Ancient Mesopotamia. It is a high tower.

Babylon was located in the high – Etemenanki ("the house where heaven meets the earth"). The building was several times destroyed. Presumably, at a time when Etemenanki was rebuilt again arrived Jews considered her to be destroyed.

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