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10 rockers who successfully starring in advertising


Advertising is, as we all know, the engine of progress. It attracts attention to innovations and products, informs the world about the innovative technologies allows you to make profitable or stupid purchases.

Global corporations compete for the commitment of the consumer and are ready to use all possible means. For example, they continually invite media personalities (celebrities, sports stars and show business), to those with TV screens shill fans to buy the product or use the service.

This method is very effective, especially with the emergence and development of social networks. But earlier stars good for a fee did not hesitate to participate in the advertising company.

Today we make a review of the 10 famous rock performers who during his career managed the marketing projects.

10. Elton John

Sir-knight started his career with the first advertising project that allowed him to spin a popularity, and continued to participate in them further. However, his image has changed since vintage ad the ' 80s, to modern refined classics.

You can see pictures with smiling Elton, as well as amusing commercials where he quite skillfully beckoning fans to purchase products. Especially the epic can be considered the poster where another young singer in Paita with the fashionable life-affirming inscription Canada advertises the slot machine.

And yet the singer could appear in a Pepsi commercial 2012 (by the way, the concert is famous for the fact that constantly attracts popular personalities to promote the product).

9. Bob Dylan

This famous rock musician decades starred in commercials for various products. He advertised luxury Chrysler and Epplovskoy products, the same notorious Pepsi, and even the famous lingerie firm Victoria's secret.

So, 4 years ago in the fall was captured last is his participation. There the singer was filmed for IBM, which offered in the mass market a new product.

In the advertisement we can see how Bob is talking with a smart machine which is quite active and cheerful supports dialogue about the work of the singer.

8. David Bowie

Elegant appearance and image of the famous artist fits perfectly into the concept of status and stylish clips.

Bowie was photographed for the fashion house Louis Vuitton in 2013: the video turned out crazy delicious and truly luxurious.

A middle-aged rocker proved himself as an actor and gave a brutal punch stylish roller.

And in the 87th year of the rocker you can see the plastic in the dancing and the young in the Pepsi commercial. Then by joyfully singing a duet with no less famous and fascinating Tina Turner.

Oh, it's Pepsi spend so much money to attract celebrities!

7. Iggy Pop

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the image of the rocker is the desire to be naked to the waist. But then you feed from the fashion house H M, who managed to force the Priest to wear the top clothes, and even to urge the roller to use it again.

Then Iggy appeared in commercials for the insurance company, but this experience was not successful, as fans were moaning and screaming during the broadcast: "he sold out".

As a result, insurance firm refused to invite celebrities for their advertising campaigns. The very same Ass as always still someone else's opinion.

6. Alice Cooper

Outrageous, colorful and unpredictable rocker, which is both shocking, and appalling their fans.

Heavy metaller, which is known for its brutality, starred in a video touting the mascara. And Cooper would like to announce that our products are suitable not only for women but also for men.

Advertising occurred in the spring of 2016 and received mixed reviews from the audience.

Alice also received an offer from Apple to do a commercial brand of the Apple Watch. Rocker, part-time bad golfer, rolls in the frame the ball in the hole and checks how many calories are had to lose.

5. Ringo Starr

The singer is also no stranger to the world of advertising and even earned himself the image of the such humorist in the frame. Everything that he sold, is presented in an unobtrusive, easy and fun.

In advertising of an alcoholic beverage Starr jokes on their appearance, and in the video for Pizza Hut, he tried to reunite the broken band, The Monkees.

One of the most touching commercials with the singer is a project for the automotive company Oldsmobile. The character of Starr must apply the skill of running fast, but in the end to get in the car girl, which happens to be a native daughter of the artist.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

Even the most "terrible" refused the easy money that can be obtained for shooting in advertising. In the frame it ironic and humorous.

For example, recall the overall project with Justin Bieber, where, according to the story, the latter is more talented and popular than the "aging rocker".

And then there is the phone, which is extremely hard to sort out what rocker mutters under his breath.

3. John Lydon

The best performers of punk rock also feel very confident in the advertising business. Brutal Lydon optimistic claims in the frame, as he likes butter firm Country Life. And this artist, which the whole world sang about anarchy in the State, was cursed monarchical power.

John for his role in the is received a fee, which allowed to revive the band Public Image Ltd. John himself with irony and a healthy share of humor recalls that the dairy company asked him to advertise their products.

2. Dave Gahan

Party rock project Depeche Mode received offers to appear not only in advertising but also in movies. In the pursuit of good money Gahan has a preference for working in the frame for Volkswagen. The singer is well advertised not only products of concern, a new version of the Golf VII, but also his band, performing the song People Are People with the promise that despite the difference people in the world, the machine is able to please any request.

1. Gary Newman

In the noisy world of advertising business brought this rocker when he was at the peak of his fame. Remember the movie where he acted as a man-robot for advertisement of Parco supermarkets.

30 years later, Newman again starred in advertising, this time driving the automobile orchestra and using the DieHard battery. Also during the movie sounded the theme song by the Cars, written in 1979.

So famous rockers conquered the world of show business and contributed to the development of trade. And how not to take advantage of the fact that your life is following the crowd?

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