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10 anime TV series similar to "Master evil cult", 2018


"Master evil cult" is the series, released in 2018 and filmed on the eponymous novel written by Mo Xiang Tong Xu.

The main character named Wei Wu created a Demonic cult and brought into the world of chaos, for which he was hated by millions.

However, it was not always so: the plot tells the story of 18-year-old, when a young and talented guy is just starting dangerous experiments.

Only 1 season of 15 episodes, released last year, has attracted a lot of attention. The series immediately gained its fan base that looks forward to the continuation, is scheduled to appear this summer.

To wait was not so agonizing, we offer you 10 anime similar to "Master evil cult".

10. Hakkenden: Legend of the dog Warriors1990

The series, also known as The Hakkenden: Shinsho, was released in 1990 and was at that time largely innovative.

The plot is based on the novel Kakuta Bakin "Satomi and the eight dogs" and focuses on the Sengoku Jidai Period (although in the novel was the second half of Edo).

The story revolves around the eight warriors who came to light thanks to the magic Princess, Fuse from Satomi clan. Each of them has a birthmark in the shape of the emblem of the house of Satomi (peony), which easily will know each other.

Now they have to come together to fight the enemies of the Princess. Altogether 13 episodes, divided into 2 parts of 6 and 7 pieces.

9. Contract shower2016

Family Jinghua was once a very influential and powerful: it was the exorcists, magicians, and other miracle workers of enormous power.

Yang, the last representative of the great dynasty, which nature had not endowed abilities and did the typical loser eking a pretty miserable existence.

Everything changes in that moment, when the hero dies. Being the most usual in life, after death he becomes special and remains in existence in spirit form.

The trouble is that after 7 days it should disappear and that did not happen, Ian makes a deal with the exorcist, pledging to help him fight the evil force.

The series was released in 2016 and consists of 32 scenes, which will please every fan of the genre.

8. Incense burner2017

The main character by the name of Wei Xian Have led quite a normal life and do not suffer from an overabundance of adventures, till accidentally his hands do not hit the strange object.

Found in a pile of trash the incense burner, had an unusual power: the ability to enter the dreams of other people. Now about boredom Wei Xian Have long forgotten.

7. Man-devil: Crybaby2018

The series is rated R (there is a scene of light erotica) came out in 2018 and tells the story of a person possessing demonic power.

Ryo Asuka convinces his friend Akira Fudo that in the near future, the demons will return from oblivion and mankind will not stand a chance against them.

The only way that sees Re to unite with one of the monsters. That's how they do, causing Akira gets the power of a demon saving the human heart with all its inherent weaknesses in the form of feelings.

6. The story of the Country of Coloured Clouds2006

On the shoulders of girls SURESNES is responsible for the whole state country of Coloured Clouds which is in decline due to constant wars. She, being the daughter of a provincial ruler, is extremely humane and tries to help everyone, but our resources are sorely lacking.

Once it comes to the envoys of the Emperor with an offer to become the wife of His Majesty, to which she agrees. She understands that such a favorable party will help her to establish a business in his native land, but this marriage is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

5. Dropkick evil spirit2018

This anime series tells about a girl named Urine Hanazono, who loves all mysterious and mystical. Being kinda special, she decides to bring to life the crazy idea to summon the demon.

It was, and the house of Urine appears demoness Jashin that is not pleased with my move from hell. She wants to go back, but Urine does not know how to arrange it, but she knows Jasin: she just needs to kill the girl who caused it.

If she will or between a human and a demon was born a friendship? It can be found in 11 episodes of the only season released last year.

4. Our brother-mentor in the head hole2018

Another series 2018, but in this series more as many as 26. The viewer will observe the adventures of four students who strive to achieve perfection. This is probably have to happen, but that's the most senior of them, acting as a mentor, suffers from the abundance of cockroaches in the head, so always act crazy.

3. Hobo Kenshin1996

Anime from Watsuki Nobuhiro introduces us to a character named Himura Kenshin, who for many years did not take his faithful sword-sakaba. He lives a quiet life with his family, but the man with his past is doomed sooner or later to face problems because of past actions.

He will have to remember all your skills and collect all the power as his opponent is young and extremely strong.

2. The pick of destiny2015

According to ancient Chinese legend, fell to the Ground, meteorites, one of which was depicted strange characters.

People began to venerate the stone, and he has given them the power to control the natural energy, if to achieve the desired level of spiritual concentration.

In one of the schools where such teaching, a teenage boy orphaned at 16 and learns the terrible news: he is terminally ill and there is no salvation.

Realizing that he had nothing to lose, he decides to challenge the Fate and outwit her. This will be for 49 a short series for 16 minutes.

1. The Emperor's Strategy2018

Finish the selection of another project in 2018, which in an unusual style shows the backstabbing politicians of Ancient China.

Young Chu yuan, who has only recently ascended to the throne, is not very popular at court and is considered to be weak and unreliable, while the Prince of the South-Western territories Bai Yue Duan on the contrary, all love and respect.

Wanting to pit the two men to sit on the throne a convenient ruler, schemers are not even aware that they are actually best friends.

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