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Top 10 largest turtle in the world


Turtles – some of the most ancient species of reptiles. This unique animal is able to survive in the harsh conditions of existence. Some species are well adapted to low temperatures, others to high. A separate subspecies of reptiles can live without food and water for several years, and some can live without oxygen for more than 10 hours. Striking in their size, which can be as few inches, and reach 1-2 meters or more.

The ranking presents the largest turtles in the world by size and weight.

10. Snapping turtle35 cm

Common snapping turtle (35 cm) is one of the smallest sized turtles, among the biggest. Their length can reach 35 cm, Weight is 14 kg. animal, Some specimens can weigh up to 30 kg. This species is distributed in Canada and in the Eastern and Central regions of the United States. The habitats are water bodies where a lot of sludge. This makes it easy to dig the turtles for the winter, where they hibernate. At the same time, this species is resistant to cold and can move under the ice and on the ice in the cold season. They feed on small species of underwater life, including carrion. On snapping the species is often hunted in the United States, as the meat of these turtles are edible and quite popular among the locals.

9. Trachemys37 cm

Trachemys (37 cm) species of freshwater turtles that is widespread in America and Mexico. Females are considerably larger than males: length of carapace in females is 37 cm and males 20 see the name of the turtle was named for the red spots on the side of the head. The habitat for the animal chooses a swampy, dirty water. Turtles prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle, but if danger quickly react and quickly disappear. They are easily adaptable to life in captivity and with proper grooming can live up to 50 years. To support them, will need a tank of 200 liters.

8. Fringed turtle40 cm

Fringed turtle 40 cm belongs to the family of snake-necked. This species is rather peculiar and bizarre appearance: a large, triangular head, a nose like a long process, a thin and long neck, and carapace (karapaks) is a pyramid-shaped growths. Carapace length reaches 40 cm, and the weight adult 15 kg. Another name for the turtles sounds like Matamata. The species is distributed in South America, Brazil, Peru and many other Eastern and Northern countries. Habitat selects ponds with stagnant water. This species prefers to eat only fish. In ideal conditions, mats-mats can live up to 40-75 years.

7. African spurred tortoise75 cm

African spurred tortoise (75 cm) is one of the largest land turtles. The average size of the carapace of this species is 75 cm There is evidence that the turtle can reach 1 m in length of carapace. Weight females about 60 kg, males – 100kg. Habitat for amphibians giants are the deserts of Africa. In General, these herbivores, which can easily go without water for a long time. They grow very fast and to 20 years reach specified sizes. The number of species in recent time is reduced because of hunting and destruction of habitats. In captivity, turtles can live over 50 years.

6. Arrau (Tartaruga)1 meter

Arrau (Tartaruga) (1m) one of the largest freshwater animals found in Brazil, Bolivia and other Northern countries. Adult length averages 1 meter or more. The tortoise feeds on various plants and insects. Arraro weighs about 70 kg. This species is now actively studied in the wild, but data on life span of Tartaruga yet.

5. Giant Seychelles tortoise120 cm

Seychelles giant tortoise (120 cm) a rare species of tortoises. The average size of a terrestrial animal is 120cm. Habitat is the island of Aldabra. There you can find them in the vast, covered with tall grass and shrubs. Giant tortoises eat mainly grass. In captivity, turtles can live up to 150 years. Turtle Advaita is the oldest representative of this species: she died at the age of 250 years. Therefore, it is not only one of the largest species of turtles, but one of the record's longevity.

4. Loggerhead turtle140 cm

Loggerhead turtle (140 cm) looks similar to the Cayman, but much larger. The average size of the carapace of the animal 140 cm. the Species is distributed in the South-Eastern United States. Their mass is relatively large and reaches 60 kg. Feed on freshwater animals mostly fish. In favorable conditions, certain species live up to 80 years. The turtle is considered to be very aggressive, especially males during the breeding season. If giant something not like it, he could bite. The meat of this species is used for making turtle soup. This is one of the largest, but small turtles.

3. Green turtle150 cm

Green turtle (150 cm) opens the three leaders of the giant tortoises in the world. Marine animal length is 150 cm and weight can reach 200kg. The name of the animal was due to the olive green in color, but often individuals and with dark brown colors. Live giants in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The turtle is also called the soup, as its meat was used to prepare first courses. But due to aggressive hunting, their numbers decreased significantly. So currently hunting for green turtles is prohibited. The average turtle lives to 80 years.

2. Ivory Galapagos turtle180 cm

Ivory Galapagos tortoise (180 cm) current land giant. Its length exceeds 180 cm and weight up to 400 kg! These turtles live on the Galapagos Islands and feed on plants and shrubs that are considered poisonous. Currently this species is listed as endangered, it is endangered. Until recently, there were 11 subspecies of this animal. In 2012, died the only representative of the eleventh subspecies, who was nicknamed Lonesome George. The turtle died at the age of 100 years, without giving offspring. Members of the species ivory turtles can live up to 200 years of age.

1. The leatherback turtleis 2 meters

The leatherback turtle (2 m) the biggest species of tortoise in the world. The average length of this species is 2 meters. The body of one of the specimens when measured was 2.6 m! Mass turtle reaches 600kg. Lives a giant in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It feeds mainly on marine life. With such impressive sizes, the life span of animals is relatively small: 20 to 30 years. View the largest turtle in the world listed in the Red book and is protected.

In the Guinness Book of world records listed the species, which scientists have given the name Arkhelon. Length arkhelona was more than 4 meters, and it weighed about 2 tons. This is the great turtle, known to the world.

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