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The 10 most important exercises for men


The most effective and important for the stronger sex are activities that are time-tested.

These exercises are universal, they focus on the study of a variety of muscle groups. They allow to achieve very good results in the construction of musculature, getting rid of excess body fat and increase muscle mass.

Consider 10 exercises that are the most important for men.

10. Deadlifts

This exercise is a staple in bodybuilding. With it comprehensively worked out many of the muscles of the body.

Deadlifts involve the arms, back, legs, shoulders, buttocks. During its execution, the body produces a lot of testosterone, which allows you to build muscle with maximum efficiency.

There are different types of the deadlift, but the most popular is classic. This exercise allows you to not only build muscle, increase strength, but also to strengthen the spine.

To achieve good results and avoid injury, one should always pay attention to the technique of the exercise.

9. Squats

This exercise is also one of the basic. During these sit-UPS involved are small and large muscles.

This exercise is intended to form the buttocks and legs. If performed correctly, also involves the abdominal muscles and spine.

Squats not only help build muscle, but also improve metrics such as jump height and run speed.

8. The bench press

This is another basic exercise that is liked by many representatives of the stronger sex. It allows you to effectively work out the triceps, the muscles of the shoulders and chest that forms a strong and wide chest.

Bench press speed up the production of testosterone, and therefore muscle mass of the athlete increases not only in certain parts of his body, but also throughout the body.

7. A press of a bar standing

Many experts believe that this exercise is much more effective develops upper body than the bench press. It allows you to work the muscles in your upper chest, shoulders, deltoid muscles.

By performing a "military press", the athlete to the maximum load the triceps. The point that is greatly reduced triceps, coincides with the moment of maximum stretching. This contributes to weight gain and muscle strength.

6. Mahi weights

This exercise is very popular in kettlebell lifting, martial arts and crossfit.

Now Mahi weights include in the training program, and even some bodybuilders. This is not surprising: these exercises increase grip strength, endurance, develop explosive strength of the legs.

Mahi weights significantly improve strength military bench-press, squats, deadlift and other exercises. The athlete develops the shoulder girdle, makes the legs stronger and also gets a good cardio.

5. Pull-UPS reverse grip

Thanks to this exercise you can effectively work the biceps, back muscles. Changing the position of the body, the athlete gets the opportunity to concentrate the load on the bicep or back.

Thanks to pull-UPS of the forearm, wrist and hands become stronger. They improve strength in such exercises as deadlift barbell, deadlift and so on.

4. Pushups in TRX

TRX – suspension straps, allowing the owner to lock in a certain position. This instability makes the exercise most difficult – and it is very effective.

It is believed that push-UPS with these straps make it much faster to achieve the amount of muscle fibers and strength gain than the classic.

Experts examined the results of push UPS in TRX and regular workouts. The experiment involved 11 young athletes who regularly perform strength exercises. They first wrung in the usual way, and then I was out with suspension straps. To the bodies of athletes attached special sensors that tracked and recorded the data.

The experiment proved that the simulator is much stronger than the load of the latissimus dorsi, and the stomach.

3. Lifting legs in vis on the crossbar

Such training the abdominal muscles is one of the most effective. Thanks to her, the main abdominal muscle fails to work completely. If this also to change the angle of flexion of the pelvis, well, "pumped" back and oblique muscles.

Because the athlete's body stretched, muscles are very heavily loaded when lowered the legs.
Lifting legs in vis on the crossbar performed by few, because the strength of the grip is insufficient.

You can perform exercises that will strengthen the grip (for example, training with weights), or the use of special bandages for the hands.

2. The slopes through the goat

This basic exercise is essential, useful and simple. Many athletes refuse it, because it does not enjoy such great popularity as squats or deadlifts.

However, this attitude is undeserved: this workout makes it very good to study the muscles of buttocks, back of thigh and back. While the slopes through the goat the load on the spine is minimal.

These exercises relieve back pain, strengthen the body, improve posture, increase endurance.

1. Strap

The plank is a static exercise that allows you to very effectively develop the muscles of the abdomen. It contributes to the development of the internal muscles of the body, makes your tummy fit and relief.

To stand in the strap need to correct: wrong technique this exercise can lead to the development of chronic pain in the lumbar and cervical spine. Always ensure that during the execution of the buttocks straps did not fall down or went up.

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