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The 10 best spaghetti westerns for a fun-filled evening


Spaghetti westerns is a sub-genre of Western films that emerged in Italy, as you can guess by the title.

Appearing in the 60's, it quickly gained popularity, but also quickly lost. Perhaps the reason for this was the fulness of the audience with the same type of pictures: some 10-15 years during the period from the 60s in the 70s it was removed about 600 movies.

By the master of the genre is Sergio Leone, who made a splash in 1964 when he shot the iconic story of "a fistful of dollars" and its continuation.

Now, spaghetti westerns are a niche film, so recommended viewing we'll tape from the Golden era. Not all of them are widely known, but each will give an hour or two of pleasant emotions.

10. Once in the Wild West 1968

Let's start with the work already mentioned Leon, which he took after completing his dollar trilogy. Among all the westerns in the IMDb rating it is second only to the previous film "the Good, the bad and the ugly."

The story tells the classic story: the Wild West lonely attractive female mercenary kills her husband and his three children from his first marriage, and the impure into the hands of the businessman who ordered the murder, wants at all costs to have inherited the farm and land.

To protect women and their own interests raises the bandit Cheyenne, who is trying to pin the murder of her husband and a mystery man, constantly playing the harmonica.

9. And the Lord said to Cain 1970

The events of the film Antonio Margheriti takes place for just one night, which turned out to be a hell for the main characters.

Gary Hamilton is granted a free pardon in the prison labor camp and sent to visit people who framed him. The city will be a stormy night, when Hamilton will take revenge.

Starring Klaus Kinski popular actor of those years, and the father of models and Actresses Nastassja Kinski.

8. Rope and the colt 1969

Director Robert Hossein at work on a painting inspired by Sergio Leone movies, so don't be surprised that there is similar style. Hossein even managed to convince Leone to shoot one of the episodes, so there is no doubt that the Maestro has approved the Western.

As for the plot, everything is a little more interesting than it was before: a widowed woman with her lover avenges the death of her husband by kidnapping the daughter of his killers. It seems that with such a trump card in the hands she will be able to play a winning game, but the reality is much more complicated and confusing.

7. Face to face 1967

A former teacher arrived in Texas to relax, but instead falls into the hands of a notorious thug who was wounded.

Under threat of death, the master heals his wounds, and all of a sudden begins to feel the craving for life outside of the law. As a result, he from the insecure intellectual becomes the leader of the gang, which turns the daring robbery.

To see "face to Face" directed by Sergio Sollima is at least for two reasons: excellent acting of Gian Maria Volonte as always, brilliant music of Ennio Morricone.

6. Have matalo! 1970

The film is considered one of the most original works about the West in Italy. A distinctive feature is the superiority of psychology over action, an almost complete lack of dialogues, an innovative soundtrack and the use of the main character in boomerang as your only weapon.

Well, great game star of that time, Corrado Pani.

5. Keoma 1976

Movie 1976, directed by Enzo G. after with Franco Nero in the title role. It is often referred to as the best "twilight" spaghetti westerns, as it is one of the last films of its genre and known that it included the latest cinematic technology of the time (slow motion, which became the ancestor of "slomo" and shots from close / medium panning), and vocal soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis.

4. Partners 1970

And again Franco Nero in the title role and Morricone as a composer, and in the Director's chair Sergio's Corbucci.

The story is not about the classic robbers, and the criminals in uniform: during the Mexican revolution, a peasant named El Vasco starts a revolt in his town by killing the army Colonel.

Rebel leader and self-appointed General Mongo soon arrives on the scene and hires El Vasco to his revolutionary gang. However, Mongo is more interested in getting good luck for themselves than for their country.

Later in the narrative woven mercenaries, pacifists and, of course, beautiful women.

3. The great silence 1968

Here again the familiar names and faces: Sergio's Corbucci, Ennio Morricone and Klaus Kinski.

The direction of the plot is also familiar to all fans of the genre: due the snow storm many people are starving, so the desperate are going in gangs and begin to earn one robbery. Over their heads is assigned a reward that attracts bounty hunters, including Loko psychopath, rejoicing in the opportunity to kill with impunity.

Relatives of the victims turn to an arrow with the nickname of the silent type that has to Loko your claim.

2. Bullet for the General 1967

Cold-blooded American William Tate joins the gang of train robbers under the leadership of Concho, but his goal is not to loot from raids. He wants to help the bandits to get to the General, who stood at the helm of the revolution and to kill him in exchange for a handsome reward from Mexico.

Proof that the General had been killed, he will be the Golden bullet that he only had one and he saves her for his victim.

1. Django 1966

This spaghetti Western of Sergio Corbucci with Franco Nero had a great influence on the genre, creating many unofficial remakes and sequels.

The main character, seeking revenge for the death of a loved one and help good people, two gang, divided influence in the city, a corrupt Sheriff all in the best traditions of the genre.

The "trick" of painting, which distinguishes it from the General stream transcendent level of cruelty shown on the screen. Now this is no surprise, but in 1966 it was a controversial release. A scene in which monk cut off his ear and make him eat for a long time dreamed of in the nightmares of impressionable viewers ' 60s.

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