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10 tips friends that don't need to listen, if you care about your man


In every woman's life play a great role of a friend. Well, when I have with whom to talk, discuss the latest gossip or just a good laugh over a Cup of tea.

It often happens that the friend is the closest person you trust the most confidential. Perhaps the most popular topic for discussion is relationships with men.

It would be better if you are not going to tell a friend about his personal life, especially about the relationship with her husband. There are many stories where best friend betrayed, hoping to possess the object of discussions, that is the same man.

Even if not to take into account such cases is to admit that they usually give very bad advice. Perhaps they mean well, but if you follow their recommendations, will soon lose his chosen.

Below are 10 advice of friends that don't need to listen, if you care about your man.

10. It is better to discuss relationship issues with friends than with her man

In such a situation happens, probably every woman. If the partner did not meet her expectations or he had bad habits, the girl will not talk with him, she goes to complain to her friends.

Very difficult to decide on a conversation with a man, to Express their grievances. It is much easier to discuss it with other women and get valuable advice. Often advised to leave and find "someone better".

In the world there are no ideal people, and your partner most likely did not even realize that you're annoyed by his habits or addictions. To solve this problem very simply. Talk to your lover and continue to try to discuss the issues with him.

9. Man must everywhere pay for you

Most Russian women believe that a real man will never let a lady pay the bill.

If your partner is not, and prefers to pay equally, this does not mean that it is time to quit. Each person has their own views on financial matters.

If the friends are trying to impose you my opinion, don't listen to them. Let them deal with their men.

If you don't want in your couple had problems and disputes over money, discuss in advance who pays for what. What matters is that you feel comfortable and not worried about monetary issues.

8. Call it jealousy

Women hard to survive that period in a relationship when romance gives way to life, and a man in love is not looking enthusiastic eyes. The relationship becomes smooth and quiet.

In this case, her friends advised flirtation with another man. They say that jealousy will ignite the fire of passion, your partner will understand that you are a unique woman.

Do not rush to use this method. Some men really fall asleep his chosen flowers and gifts, compliments and gentle words, if only she didn't look at the others. Unfortunately, such units.

Most men will make a scene or just pack up and silently leave. Appreciate what you have. There are many other ways to refresh the relationship, jealousy is not the best and effective.

7. Better to be half a man, than one

Never listen to friends, if they say it is better to endure unworthy of man than to indulge in the free swimming.

Perhaps they speak so well. It is known that women are very afraid of being alone. They want to get married, have a baby, but that doesn't mean you have to miss the first man and put up with it for the rest of my life.

If your partner is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, allows himself to raise a hand on you, offends, degrades, drop it immediately.

Do not waste time on him, don't be afraid to be free. So you will have a much better chance of meeting a decent man who will make you happy.

6. Why doesn't he make you an offer? Put him an ultimatum

You've been Dating for quite some time, but the man does not hurry to make you an offer. Friend suggest to put it before a choice: either you marry, or move on. This is very bad advice.

You have to decide what to do in this case. If you are satisfied, then do not demand from their partner an engagement ring. Most likely, he's not ready and need to wait a bit.

If you don't want to see again, and the dream of marriage and children, tell your partner, not friends. If he loves you, then be sure to make an offer.

5. He's older than you/younger. Why do you want that?

If your friend's worried about the age of your partner, let them know that this is only your business. Often they don't think what I'm saying. They are advised to find a younger, older, richer, more beautiful.

It's your choice, nobody can affect him. We all have different tastes and preferences, but love does not ask passport. If you do not mind the age difference, experience is not necessary.

4. It needs to give you expensive gifts

In recent years, people pay too much attention to finances. If the man does not give gifts, then he's greedy, and it should not have anything to do.

Women are to blame that their gentlemen come out with empty hands. They can't enjoy the gifts. Even if a man did to you the worst gift on Earth, take it with enthusiasm. Be sure to thank him for the attention and generosity. Then the next time he wants to make you happy.

Do not ask men flowers and gifts. He may be in financial difficulties and maybe in his family it was not customary to give gifts.

3. You have to spend all the time together

Cost you to say that your man went fishing, went on a camping trip or somewhere else, on you from all sides overwhelm criticism. If a friend said, what you need the weekend to spend together, most likely, they are alone.

Close friends need to rest from each other, to give time to Hobbies, friends. This has a positive effect on relationships. People have topics of conversation, some even have time to get bored.

Besides, it is unlikely your man will like it, if you want to deprive him of communicating with friends and will control his every move.

2. Scandals – the best way to achieve your

If you have the same opinion, get ready for what can be left alone. Men can not stand women's tears and tantrums.

If you are satisfied with the scandals on every slight occasion, your partner run away from you at the first opportunity.

If your man you care, learn to negotiate, to compromise. Don't listen to the stories of friends who keep their partners on a "short leash".

1. Tell him about the successful husband of a friend

To motivate your man enough to tell that a friend's husband much better his. So consider all your girlfriends.

In any case, don't do it. Your man will be very unpleasant, you are comparing it with anyone. If you still doubt that this method doesn't work, imagine yourself in the place of your husband.

If he's going to put you in the example of the wives of his friends, what will you do? Most likely, you slam the door.

Never compare your loved one with other men. You chose it, and he did not have to change whenever you wish.

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